Episode 381

Holding Tanks 1 and 2 continue to drain even as I fill Tank 3, and the result is an interesting flow that weighs a bit heavily on the dark, quiet side. Some of this music has sat waiting for me to get to it for a year or so — but thankfully, good music doesn’t have an expiration date. Dig in and enjoy.


Start      Magnofon, Terra, Terrarium
5.10       Dylab, Electronic Intelligence, Atoms for Peace*
11.28     Cor de Lux, Whose Side, Media
15.20     .cut., 200 Dead Bodies On Mount Everest, Sinistre
18.54     ‘t Geruis, Verzengend, Slow Dance on Moss Beds
22.25     Orogen, Canopy, Societal Eye
28.02     B. Ashra, Emu In Mc Pomm, Satellites
37.29     Corrado Maria De Santis, Standing under Storms, Ruins
46.57     Brett Colombo, I Don’t Want To, Wings Sprout from the Ears, the Brain Flies into the Sun
51.57     Jens Pauly, Slope, 1989
57.46     Bernd Scholl, Seduction, Quiet Time
1.05.02  Adrian Copeland, If This Were My Body, If This Were My Body
1.10.36  John Puchiele Ensemble, An Alternate Green World, Change
1.15.55  Ed Bazel, Old Friends, The London Sessions
1.18.51  Carlos Dengler, Summit Bid, Ecospheres

*Who switched up the track and album names in the voice-over? That would be me. 


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