Each new episode of the Hypnagogue Podcast reaches more than 1,000 dedicated and music-savvy listeners a month through a wide array of podcasting apps and aggregators, along with direct site visits and email subscribers.

The Hypnagogue Podcast is open to submissions for possible inclusion in upcoming episodes.

Please consider and abide by the following, if you would be so kind:

  • Please — and this is important, my friend — LISTEN to the show before sending your music. Make sure this is the right show for your art, reaching an audience likely to enjoy your music.
  • Please do not use ANY form of social media to tell me about your music or send me links. I won’t use them. Reach me at the email address below.
  • Downloads should be in mp3 format since they’re going to end up that way anyway. No WAVs, no FLACs, no AIFFs, no cassettes, no vinyl. Full albums only. No singles. CDs are fine if you insist, but please see my note below.
  • I don’t listen to streams prior to asking for a download. Please just send the download. I’ll consider your music in along with everyone else’s.
  • Downloads must be free/be sent with a code to be included on the show. The show has a budget of zero, and is produced under a Creative Commons non-commercial license.
  • Not everything sent to the Hypnagogue Podcast will get played, but I will genuinely consider each submission.

Submit by email at Please put “Podcast Submission” in your subject line. You may also send physical media if you wish, but it just gets turned digital for broadcast anyway, so you should save yourself the postage. Please email me as above to get my mailing address.