Episode 383

’round about midstream, this flow decided it might like to be at least a little lazy. Pulled up at eight nice, deep tracks and we keep things mostly on the quiet side. Probably for the best since we’ve got a big party coming soon…


Start      Max Corbacho, Stillness Glow, Atmospheric Twilight
12.18     Altus, The Place Between, Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces
22.33     Steve Roach, Future Informing, Rest of Life
32.06     Igneous Flame & Kati Astraeir, Enchant, Cobra
43.24     odoma, Ordinary Scenes (Giallo) (excerpt), Ordinary Scenes (Giallo)
56.37     Phillip Wilkerson, The Horizon of Night, Silver Afternoon
1.06.43  Marta Mist, We Have Business to Attend to, Eyes Like Pools
1.20.13  Off Land, Talisman (Endless Rose), The Moon Rituals


Episode 382

As you may know if you listened last time, there’s been an unusual amount of flute-based music coming into the tanks lately, so we will start things off there. A quick stop and then we’re off again, powered by some Berlin School-style energy and ending up with a whole bunch of bass guitar.


Start      Ann Licater, Peaceful Prayer, Whispers from Earth
3.26       Raphael Groeten, Far Beyond, Great Blue
7.42       Peter Phippen, Entangled Forevermore, Ghosts
13.48     Byron Metcalf & Shane Morris, Ancestral Resonance, Ancestral Resonance
22.13     Hiram, From Above, Air Songs
27.35     Robert Simon Thoma, Rainforest Part II, Nature Beauty
33.59     Kenneth Hooper, Afternoon at Chuck’s, As the Crow Flies
38.53     Brannan Lane, Bamboo Garden (single)
46.13     Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, The Prodigal Sun, Weathering the Storm
1.04.36  Parallel Worlds, Angles, Plector
1.10.51  John Reidar Holmes, Manichees and Madmen, Manichees and Madmen
1.16.30  The Inventors of Aircraft, Deep In The Magic Kingdom, Edge Of Imagination
1.23.06 Crows Labyrinth, Distant Fires Burning, Jon Doe One & Stratosphere, Bassbients 4, Bassbients

Episode 381

Holding Tanks 1 and 2 continue to drain even as I fill Tank 3, and the result is an interesting flow that weighs a bit heavily on the dark, quiet side. Some of this music has sat waiting for me to get to it for a year or so — but thankfully, good music doesn’t have an expiration date. Dig in and enjoy.


Start      Magnofon, Terra, Terrarium
5.10       Dylab, Electronic Intelligence, Atoms for Peace*
11.28     Cor de Lux, Whose Side, Media
15.20     .cut., 200 Dead Bodies On Mount Everest, Sinistre
18.54     ‘t Geruis, Verzengend, Slow Dance on Moss Beds
22.25     Orogen, Canopy, Societal Eye
28.02     B. Ashra, Emu In Mc Pomm, Satellites
37.29     Corrado Maria De Santis, Standing under Storms, Ruins
46.57     Brett Colombo, I Don’t Want To, Wings Sprout from the Ears, the Brain Flies into the Sun
51.57     Jens Pauly, Slope, 1989
57.46     Bernd Scholl, Seduction, Quiet Time
1.05.02  Adrian Copeland, If This Were My Body, If This Were My Body
1.10.36  John Puchiele Ensemble, An Alternate Green World, Change
1.15.55  Ed Bazel, Old Friends, The London Sessions
1.18.51  Carlos Dengler, Summit Bid, Ecospheres

*Who switched up the track and album names in the voice-over? That would be me. 

Episode 380

Let’s start off with a few Artists John Forgot before diving into the Holding Tanks for some clearly more unforgettable (by me) music.


Start       D.K., Full Consciousness, Eighteen Movements
7.55       Diropel, Turmuta, Yhnpivtr
11.43     Jeremy Keenan, Intone, Scripts
19.00     Deathdance, Perfectly Lit, Reveiller
27.58     Wet Tuna, Sweet Chump Change, Warping All by Yourself
34.24     Todesangst Ausstehen, A1, Autumn ’20
42.20     Foster Hilding, The Ditch Between the Roads, The Summer That Dried the Well
47.16     In Vitro, Los cielos del mundo, Deriva Adentro
48.51     Jörg Schaaf & Michael Brückner, Paradox Planet – ReVisited, 100 Million Miles Under The Stars – ReVisited
1.00.30  Sverre Knut Johansen, Immortal, Metahuman
1.05.54  Joe Weineck, Ocean in Motion, From Occident to Orient
1.11.25  Kenneth Hooper, Up Ahead, As the Crow Flies
1.16.38  Miguel Otero, The Blue Ball Inn, Brief Tales
1.20.48  Logout, Fire, Instrumentals
1.23.39  Ralph Kinsella, An Ocean In The Pines, In The Lives That Surround You

Episode 379

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a lazy podcast, but… It’s only got eight tracks, some of them are pretty long, and it stays quite quiet. So, semi-lazy, and you still get 90 minutes out of it. Enjoy.


Start      NTHNL, Soundbath3, Tranquility Studies, Vol 2
18.20     Strangebird~Sounds, Lavender River, Lavender River
23.15     Siddhartha Barnhoorn & Robert Logan, Scattering Light, Cosmos Unfolding
34.32     Tom Eaton, Oord 4, Verloren
44.13     Deepspace, The Wind at Night, The Blue Dunes
55.25     Loneward, The Infinite Regress (excerpt), Fractional Dimensions Vol 1
1.16.03  Jesüs Antonio Vergara, Altaer, R Derive Aplysia (RDA)
1.29.07  Russ Young, Chancel of Living Trees, Cloak

Episode 378

A nice balance of light and dark in this one. When we hit the shadows we don’t stay long, but the sensation may linger. All in all this one stays fairly low-key.


Start       Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi, The Celestial Expanse (single)
10.55     theAdelaidean, Sodium Lights in Sequence – Highway, Homeward bound, Eternity Is
23.30     The Phonometrician, Death is a Woman, Cóiste Bodhar
31.42     NYIÞ, Rót, ᛬ᚢᛁᛋᚿᛁ•ᚼᛆᛏᛁ•ᚼᚱᛅ᛬
40.34     OdNu, Ice Covered, My Own Island
48.05     Massimo Discepoli, Temporary Answer, An Unusual Way to Disappear
51.55     Moss Covered Technology, Brick & Air VI, Brick and Air
58.06     Letna, Starigrad, Starigrad
1.02.45  Fossil Hunting Collective, Mellitus Propolis, Cyanotype
1.07.41  Pruski, Moment VIII, Moments of Immersion
1.11.41  Rob Byrd, Holgate View, What The Ocean Is Like At Night
1.17.09  Yellow6, All At Sea, A Change In The Weather

Episode 377

Bit of a short first set, but as usual it ends right where it was supposed to. We get into some intriguing spaces in the second set, and bring it all in for a smooth and quiet landing.


Start      Janne Hanhisuanto, Moon Over Fell, Moon on the Man
5.37       Robert Rich and Luca Formentini, Motes Float In Window Light, For Sundays When It Rains
12.24     Ludvig Cimbrelius, Ljuset Dansar på Mina ögonlock, Love Letters From The Sky
19.19     LaCo Project, Transforming Granulated Material, Glowing Sounds From The Ice Mesh*
29.50     Art Of Infinity, Drift Upon the Sky, Sky Space Bar I
43.57     Anne Chris Bakker, Tessungåe, A Sketch in Leaving
50.55     Esmam La Crowned, Landscapes of Loneliness, Nuclear City
54.49     Pagination, Well-built Solutions, Reanimation
59.30     Michael Red, Fire (Ritual), Gateways
1.05.29  Eroded Memories, Random Past Events Overwriting, Immersive Access to Subconscious
1.14.39  William St Hugh, Splintered Timber, Derelict In White
1.16.59  Bill Freas, Pacific Hymn, Waterworks
1.20.02  Rocio Zavala, Light Body, Invisible Miracles
1.26.36  Rusty Crutcher, Vapors of Apollo, Oracle of Delphi

*Well, there was a link when it was sent to me, but that doesn’t work. And I see where other sites have linked to the label, Iapetus, but it’s not there, either. I’m writing this well ahead of the show’s release, so maybe it’ll magically reappear before then. If you’re reading this…it didn’t.

Episode 375

Time to get our hush on with 90 minutes of nice, quiet music. No bumps, no surprises, no stops. One might go so far as to say you could meditate to this one. Don’t get used to it, though…

Download like ya mean it.

Start      Giles Reaves, The Unknown, Wunjo*
19.25     Igneous Flame, Incandescence, Opaline
30.46     Manitou, Quiet stillness rests on the Algiers Motel, Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun
37.34     Neuro… No Neuro, When I Wake Up and See You, Let’s Be Happy
42.18     Jeannine Schulz, TAI (Peace), Ground. The Gentle
45.45     Carey Moore, St. Matthews, Life Is Ugly. Make Pretty Art.
49.59     Scott Lawlor, Capturing Sunlight, Show Me the Glint of Light
53.40     Biome, Rain Temple, The Shores of Temenos
58.06     Conni St. Pierre, Snowfields, Mountain Spirits
1.03.39  r beny, Overgrowth, Full Blossom of the Evening
1.09.19  Andrew Lang, Confluence, Momentary Senses
1.13.17  Dreamhub, Andromeda, Moments in Space
1.18.47  Blear Moon, Must, Fallow
1.22.10  Eyes Cast Down, Exquisite Divination of Patterns, Divinations

*Out of print. If you want it, you can find it through resellers, which I do not link to.

Episode 374

Let’s head down to the library, dust off some albums and see how they sound. (Spoiler alert: pretty darn good!)

Download because that’s how you roll

Start       Kyron, Domum, Perdurabo
4.55       Green Isac Orchestra, Hapi, Green Isac Orchestra
11.20     Snowdrops, Odysseus, Volutes
24.34     Dwight Ashley & Tim Story, A Poem for the Fire, A Desperate Serenity
29.55     Jumpel, Behind the Shore, Cabogato
37.56     Ryan Somerville & Ben McCarthy, ∞.1, Paranoia Is Appropriate
43.46     Radium88, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Deep, Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth
48.31     Magnetic Wind, Kaleidoscope 5, Kaleidoscope
58.22     Chords of Orion, The Darkling Year, Souls
1.04.33  Piksel, Travel, Places
1.06.56  Austere, Morning Glory, Remittance
1.13.13  Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel, In Another Time, Temple of the Melting Dawn
1.25.11  Sensitive Chaos, Last Day Song, Walking a Beautiful World

Episode 373

New year, same show. Same unserious host. Same great music for 90 minutes for the same great listeners.

Download, if you still do that kind of thing.

Start       Atomi, Adela, Little Floating Oracles
8.44       Christopher Alvarado, The Aesir, A Whispering Sanctuary
15.03     Desensitized, Logic of Expression (Praetoreum), Chaos In Premonition
20.10     DEN SORTE DØD, Dyster Kold Mörker, Undergangen
23.20     Mike Clay, Clouds of Creation, Somewhere in Space and Time
28.35     Daryl Groetsch, Waves Rolling In, Ease
37.49     Soft Generator, Know, Ack▪Now▪Ledge
55.58     The Kids And The Cosmos, Shinshan – We Shine, Ambient Mixtape Vol.1
1.02.06  James Asher, Dance of the Light, Anthology
1.06.15  Joerg Dankert, Between the Meantime Part 10, Between the Meantime
1.11.59  Computerchemist, Moonfloating, Where the Clouds Touch the Sky