Episode 302

Hold on, we’re heading into theme territory. Take a quick glance at the playlist–or, hey, just listen to the first 30 seconds of the show–and you’ll have the theme firmly in hand. Ain’t rocket science. Let’s go. Let’s go.


Start      Joost Egelie, Beta, Particles
4.31       Talvihorros, Beta, Descent in Delta
12.16     Runar Blesvik, Orbit, Sedate
14.40     Synth.nl, Orbit, Apollo
23.00     Hollan Holmes, Aeon, The Farthest Fringes
30.02     Kammarheit, Aeon, The Nest
35.47     Ann Licater, Floating, Doorway to a Dream
40.16     Sensitive Chaos, Floating, Amerisynthecana
46.33     Wes Willenbring, Still, Close, But Not Too Close
51.08     Seamus O’Muinechain, Still, Blue Moon Set
54.33     Emil Karlsson, Whiteout, Scoured
1.00.43  Great Pantoptique Winter, Whiteout, Wildness
1.06.46  Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Departure, Farewell, Doomed Planet!
1.12.56  Cryobiosis, Departure, Within Ruins
1.18.38  Simon Wilkinson, Continuum, Merging the Infinite
1.27.09  LAD, Continuum, Continuum

Episode 301

“John,” they said to me, “how will you possibly follow up your 300th show?” I gave them a sly smile, and as I turned to go said, over my shoulder, “With the 301st.” True story. Settle in. This 90’s got new and library tracks, and we settle in for 30 minutes with Michelle Qureshi.


Start      Andre Perim, Molecular Express, Side Effects
6.22       Radithor, Empezando A Descender, Al Aire
11.56     Nathan Moody, Lazulum Part 3, Lazulum
23.17     Rest You Sleeping Giant, The Winter Cold, The Winter Cold

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Michelle Qureshi
37.36     Take the Flowers, Sage
40.10     The Space Between Two Moments, Short Stories
43.41     Reason, Seventh Wave
48.44     Mercury Retrograde, Silver Chord
56.01     Light Years Away, Harmonic Dreams
1.04.07  Messengers, Sage*

1.07.38  Arrocata, The Gift, The Man in the Maze
1.12.32  Patrick O’Hearn, Beneath the Celestial Sphere, Glaciation
1.18.39  Michael Bruckner, Bem Betel, Muzikhala

*Yes, your clever host managed to miss this one by not writing it into his spreadsheet. Many thanks to Michelle Qureshi for catching that! Bonus track!

Episode 300

Not much to say beyond thank you for being here. More to the point, thanks for being the reason I’m still being here. Let’s do this thing for the 300th time, shall we?


Start      Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman, Taking Flight, Trance Spirits
11.08     Spacecraft, De Profundis, The Gatherings Vol 2
21.24     Jeff Pearce, Snowfall, Follow the River Home
26.00     Dave Preston, Be Alive, Be
32.55     David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Edge Of Tomorrow, Found
39.51     Giles Reaves, A Veil of Tears, Nothing is Lost
47.36     Numina & Zero Ohms, A Day Without Time, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
1.01.37  Robert Rich, Soft Rains Fall, What We Left Behind
1.05.51  Igneous Flame, Vibraverb, Opaline
1.11.04  Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, Liquid Heaven, Toward the Horizon
1.15.32  Story Roedelius, Lazy Arc One, Lazy Arc
1.19.54  Mikronesia, III, Samatha
1.27.53  Praguedren, Big Speakers and Spray Paint, Painting Over Scenery
1.30.56  Cravagoide, Lost Cable, Empty Frame
1.35.30  Lopside, At the Old Place, 37
1.44.11  Boy is Fiction, For My Friend, Broadcasts in Colour
1.48.54  Northcore, Looking Glass, Desatero
1.53.08  Radium 88, Your Message Has Been Erased, Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth

Episode 299

Music can’t cure the thing that’s currently ailing us collectively, but I hope this 90 minutes’ worth at least takes your mind off it for a bit. There are fresh tracks in front, delicious library cuts in the back, and in the middle we’ll stroll through a half hour of contemporary classical offerings from Bruno Sanfilippo. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy.


Start      Pascal Schumacher, Sol, Sol*
4.56       Huma, Ubicuo, Eva
12.00     William St Hugh, Future Alchemist, Weasels Devour the Sun**
14.32     eyes cast down, Aurora, We Once Were Lost
25.10     Ecovillage, New Life (feat. Ludvig Cimbrelius), Arrived

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Bruno Sanfillippo
35.56     Piano Textures 5 VI, Piano Textures 5
40.16     Piano Textures 3 V, Piano Textures 3
46.32     Before Nightfall, The Poet
50.12     Paloma, Pianette
54.07     Piano Texture Found, Lost & Found
1.00.19  It Happens On The Ship, ClarOscuro

1.05.50  Jeff Pearce, Into Spring, In the Season of Fading Light
1.10.03  Ken Elkinson, Small Rain, Music for Commuting Vol 9 &10
1.13.34  Mirko Russo, Craziness, Stories of Mirrors and Broken Roads
1.16.50  Club Alpino, Huldur, Woouldy
1.22.37  DeeperNET, Neptune, One

*Per the website, available June 2020.
**I got this via snail mail, and when I went to look for a link, it appears Mr St Hugh has pulled down most of his online musical presences. You can find this album on Spotify. On principle, I won’t link there.

Episode 298

Aw, damn it, these controls must be jammed…I can’t stop this thing. It’s just going to run for 90 minutes on its own. Oh, well, at least it’s packed with great stuff from the Newish queue. I’ll talk to you on the tail end.


Start      Ian Haygreen, C6H12O6, Zucker (compilation)
7.54       Blomma, Disco, Blomma
14.27     Monochromie, Solstice (Parts I & II), Beyond Frontiers
21.10     Phillip Wilkerson, The Way of Heaven, Absolute Fields
28.36     Glåsbird, Fjenfjord, Norskfjǫrðr
32.13     Chris Russell, Life Cycles, Destiny
38.22     Roy Mattson, Disappeared, Tone, Timbre & Texture
43.20     Krzysztof Kotlinski, The Boy In The Mirror, Black Rain
52.40     Jarguna & Seetyca, Bark, My Armor, Tales of Millennial Trees
1.00.54  Ralph Zurmühle, Nightwalk, As Time Passes
1.07.24  S.hel, Law and Market, Disconnect
1.12.58  Willebrant, Drift II, Drift
1.22.58  Amongst Myselves, Ikara, The Good Earth

Opening bit background music courtesy of purple-planet.com

Episode 297

I hope this new episode finds you well, and gives you a little solace in this insane situation that’s shaking the world. We’ll get through this as best we can. Meanwhile, dive in. We’ve got new tracks, 30 darkly drifting minutes with Phobos, and a quick tour of the library. Be well, be safe, be kind to each other.


Start      Eleon, The Crystal Portal, Cerulean
5.08       Deserta, Be So Blue, Black Aura My Sun
10.28     Entropia, Bad Burns, The Mechanized Mind
15.57     Camilla Pisani, Like Lying Shadows, Frozen Archimia
21.44     worriedaboutsatan, Step Inside, Crystalline

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Phobos
31.26     Celestial Dawn, A Visual Presence
41.12     Dying Star, Approaching Dark Space
49.18     Evening Sky, An October Evening

1.05.42  Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Star Trails, Sound Currents
1.11.35  Secoya, Ever, The World Is Yours
1.17.24  Joe Frawley, Odalisque, Strange Weather
1.24.11  Steve Lawson, Ten Years Too Late, The Surrender Of Time

Episode 296

It’s lazy podcast time. Get comfy. Long tracks coming your way, and no stops. Talk to you in 90 or so.


Start     Ashtoreth, Rite II, Rites I & II
16.24     Edu Comelles, Paisatge – Solc, Línia Pedra Paisatge Solc
32.08     Wastelanders, Expanding Mental Universe, Cosmic Despair
46.23     Slow Dancing Society, The Red Summer Sun, Priest Lake Circa ’88
59.31     Steve Roach, Wren and Raven, Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces
1.14.15  Indiana Drones, Indiana Drones Part 5, Indiana Drones