Episode 383

’round about midstream, this flow decided it might like to be at least a little lazy. Pulled up at eight nice, deep tracks and we keep things mostly on the quiet side. Probably for the best since we’ve got a big party coming soon…


Start      Max Corbacho, Stillness Glow, Atmospheric Twilight
12.18     Altus, The Place Between, Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces
22.33     Steve Roach, Future Informing, Rest of Life
32.06     Igneous Flame & Kati Astraeir, Enchant, Cobra
43.24     odoma, Ordinary Scenes (Giallo) (excerpt), Ordinary Scenes (Giallo)
56.37     Phillip Wilkerson, The Horizon of Night, Silver Afternoon
1.06.43  Marta Mist, We Have Business to Attend to, Eyes Like Pools
1.20.13  Off Land, Talisman (Endless Rose), The Moon Rituals


Episode 381

Holding Tanks 1 and 2 continue to drain even as I fill Tank 3, and the result is an interesting flow that weighs a bit heavily on the dark, quiet side. Some of this music has sat waiting for me to get to it for a year or so — but thankfully, good music doesn’t have an expiration date. Dig in and enjoy.


Start      Magnofon, Terra, Terrarium
5.10       Dylab, Electronic Intelligence, Atoms for Peace*
11.28     Cor de Lux, Whose Side, Media
15.20     .cut., 200 Dead Bodies On Mount Everest, Sinistre
18.54     ‘t Geruis, Verzengend, Slow Dance on Moss Beds
22.25     Orogen, Canopy, Societal Eye
28.02     B. Ashra, Emu In Mc Pomm, Satellites
37.29     Corrado Maria De Santis, Standing under Storms, Ruins
46.57     Brett Colombo, I Don’t Want To, Wings Sprout from the Ears, the Brain Flies into the Sun
51.57     Jens Pauly, Slope, 1989
57.46     Bernd Scholl, Seduction, Quiet Time
1.05.02  Adrian Copeland, If This Were My Body, If This Were My Body
1.10.36  John Puchiele Ensemble, An Alternate Green World, Change
1.15.55  Ed Bazel, Old Friends, The London Sessions
1.18.51  Carlos Dengler, Summit Bid, Ecospheres

*Who switched up the track and album names in the voice-over? That would be me. 

Episode 379

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a lazy podcast, but… It’s only got eight tracks, some of them are pretty long, and it stays quite quiet. So, semi-lazy, and you still get 90 minutes out of it. Enjoy.


Start      NTHNL, Soundbath3, Tranquility Studies, Vol 2
18.20     Strangebird~Sounds, Lavender River, Lavender River
23.15     Siddhartha Barnhoorn & Robert Logan, Scattering Light, Cosmos Unfolding
34.32     Tom Eaton, Oord 4, Verloren
44.13     Deepspace, The Wind at Night, The Blue Dunes
55.25     Loneward, The Infinite Regress (excerpt), Fractional Dimensions Vol 1
1.16.03  Jesüs Antonio Vergara, Altaer, R Derive Aplysia (RDA)
1.29.07  Russ Young, Chancel of Living Trees, Cloak

Episode 378

A nice balance of light and dark in this one. When we hit the shadows we don’t stay long, but the sensation may linger. All in all this one stays fairly low-key.


Start       Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi, The Celestial Expanse (single)
10.55     theAdelaidean, Sodium Lights in Sequence – Highway, Homeward bound, Eternity Is
23.30     The Phonometrician, Death is a Woman, Cóiste Bodhar
31.42     NYIÞ, Rót, ᛬ᚢᛁᛋᚿᛁ•ᚼᛆᛏᛁ•ᚼᚱᛅ᛬
40.34     OdNu, Ice Covered, My Own Island
48.05     Massimo Discepoli, Temporary Answer, An Unusual Way to Disappear
51.55     Moss Covered Technology, Brick & Air VI, Brick and Air
58.06     Letna, Starigrad, Starigrad
1.02.45  Fossil Hunting Collective, Mellitus Propolis, Cyanotype
1.07.41  Pruski, Moment VIII, Moments of Immersion
1.11.41  Rob Byrd, Holgate View, What The Ocean Is Like At Night
1.17.09  Yellow6, All At Sea, A Change In The Weather

Episode 368

There are a lot of drone textures in this episode, designed to take you to a deeper place. Okay, some of this gets down into some darkness, but I’ll energize the ride as we get toward the end. Enjoy.


Start      Jeff Pearce, What Summer Leaves Behind, In Late Summer
17.25     Ross Gentry, Tusk, Apparitional
20.20     Wyness-Ristevski, Teegarden c, The Macedonian Space Programme
32.09     Saáadon, Явь, мреть (наутро ночь)
38.48     Variat, Remaining Somewhat Myself, I Can See Everything from Here
44.55     Retribution Body, The Astral Light of Universal Equilibrium, Baphomet
56.46     Blessed are the Hearts that Bend, The Pines are Laughing, Sadness Be Damned
59.41     Deepspace, Do You Hear Faint Music, Superradiance
1.12.32  Siddhartha Barnhoorn, A.I. Planet Stationary, Out There- Oceans of Time Volume II
1.16.36  Basic Principles, Alizarin Crimson, Colours
1.23.18  Sequential Dreams, Lightwave Rider, Star Lost

Episode 365

Resisting the urge to do the obvious theme show, I instead opted to take you deep into the Holding Tank again. We kick off with some beats, wind down to drifts, and get a bit acoustic on the back half. There’s a quick stop in the middle, just to irk some listeners and see who sticks around. ;-)


Start      Altus, Recon, Anthropoaliena
7.34       ORIOM, Sun Šamaš, Roots Of Deliverance
15.23     Playback Head, Hometown Dawn Chorus, First Sounds
19.03     A View from a Window, The Blossom After the Bud, A View from a Window
22.23     Willebrant, Cowwarr III, Cowwarr___
31.23     Zero Ohms, Across the Seven Skies, Cloudwalker & the Ascent
36.56     Mingo, Wirehead, Datadream Ambient Session
46.49     Bruno Sanfilippo & Aukai, Collab1 (single release)
52.16     Rubin Henkel, Bi, Restless
56.13     David Franklin w/Michael Manring, Back, in a Different Place, Passings
1.00.22  Seamus O’Muineachain, Foraging for Wild Garlic in a Light Snow, Different Time Zones
1.03.37  Simon McCorry, Momentary Lapse of Memory, The Illusion of Beginnings and Endings
1.07.09  The June Rise, Summoned by the Tides, Birds
1.10.53  David J Pena, The Arrival, Winds of Change
1.14.00  Bill Freas, Ultraviolet Pathways to Imminent Nostalgia, Extraordinarily Transcendent Tuesdays of the Electric Glowworm
1.19.25  Christopher Alvarado, The Child Was Never Alive (Twilight Transmissions – Adrenaline Mix), Huntu Mix
1.23.36  Sunken Cathedral, Arid Winds – Parched Land, Of the Dying Year

Episode 363

We’re off to a slick start with some smooth sax and sliding our way down into some drifty grooves. Then we’re off to the library to visit some old friends. (One going back to ’05!)


Start      Gian Berselli & Jérémy Marais, Insight, Creative Stillness
5.52       Headland, Bullfinch, Bullfinch
21.59     Alan Matthews, Andalusia, All That I Can See
25.20     Jonny Lipford, Believing Your Truth, Balance
32.34     Ümlaut, 120 Degrees, Grand Trine
37.56     Julien Demoulin, Solar Dust Drone, Dreams In Digital Dust
48.04     Khara, Currahee, There Were Heroes Amongst Us
56.18     Kodomo Gate, 5A, Frozen in Motion
59.58     Bob Holroyd, Flow, Blueprint
1.03.28  Jeff Greinke, Outflow, Other Weather
1.07.50  Slow Dancing Society, Spokane Falls, Torchlight Parade Vol II
1.12.25  Tom Eaton, Stars Above Great Water, Elements Part Four: Water
1.22.00  Numina, Drift Catalyst, Eye of the Nautilus

Episode 350

It may look like doing 350 episodes of a podcast is an accomplishment, but if you think about it, it’s really just seven sets of 50. So let’s not dwell on the numbers and instead just dig into the music. No spoilers, but there’s a world record on this episode.


Start      Hollan Holmes, Leviathan, Emerald Waters
7.31       Matthew Seiji, Amy’s Brain / Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Prismal Substant
21.06     Dino Pacifici, Celestial Anomalies, Celestial Anomalies
26.06     Taylor Barefoot, You Think You Know Someone, Distressed Signal*
29.55     Gregor Dys, Corrosion, Errors – Regrets
33.13     Steve Roach, Holding Light, Zones, Drones & Atmospheres
42.13     theAdelaidean, Solar Shower, Sounds Like Rain
50.34     Altus, Umbilical Cut, Hypoxia
58.07     Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell, Myriad Visions, Dark Measures
1.06.43  Distant Fires Burning, Book of Rebellion, Inperspectycon Vol.1
1.18.09  Yellow6, Riverside, The Cloud Factory
1.24.36  Erik Wollo, Towards the Blue Horizon, Northstar

*Available 4/8/22

Episode 349

Let’s start with another of those artists I downloaded and lost in the mix, only to have them pop up in shuffle to show me the error of my ways. (Trust me, there will be more…) Electronic landscapes give way to a touch of grimness as we move toward the end, but we’ll get kind of cinematic before we’re through, so it all turns out okay.


Start     Timothy Minneci, Procession, Harys
5.14       Gypsy Witch, Amnisiades Dreams, Elemental Dreams
21.30     Keith Richie, Neutrino, Ambient Highways
28.59    Volker Lankow, For Egil, Remembrance
40.20    Ruby Singh, Eutrophic Inception, Polyphonic Garden: Suite 1
49.49    T, Bargaining, Death Poems*
54.00    Skyence, We Burn, Two Windows
57.12     Parenthetical, Earth, Void
1.03.37  Mount Maxwell, Ring of Rushes, The People’s Forest
1.08.42  Those Damn Thieves, Intrusive Thoughts, Coherent
1.14.21  Shadowed Grace, Tales From The Golden Horde – Golden Child Of Future Past, E-Bliss
1.20.01  George Wallace, Far as the Soul Can See, The Art of Imagining

*The things you learn… When this was sent to me, it was in a message that read, in total, “Here you go,” followed by a link. Normally I dump that kind of thing. But I asked the artist what it was, and they responded, and I grabbed this good album. When I put it into the system, iTunes showed the artist as “T.” For whatever reason, I had put it into my folders under the artist’s name, Teemu Purhonen. Made for a helluva time trying to find the track to add it… When it came time to put links into the playlist, I went back into my email and found that the only info I had was that initial download link. No artist site, etc. I did some digging on our friend the interwebtubes before bothering to email the artist. (I love a challenge…or maybe I just hate to bother people.) Took a few tries because neither T nor Teemu Purhonen were coming up when added to “Death Poems” — and “Death Poems,” it turns out, is a pretty popular title on Bandcamp, but lo and behold, I finally found that Teemu recorded this and uploaded it under the name Telefantastico. In 2015. I wish I’d been able to tell this story on the show, but I do the shows well before I add the links. But now you know…

Episode 348

No explanation needed for this ninety-minute non-stop. Just good sounds, soft flows, and a space to spend time in.


Start       The Green Kingdom, Arc, Solaria
7.47        Off Land, Mind Stream, Excursion
15.37      SineRider, Emanant, A Familiar Light
19.42      Dionisaf, Walk on the Roof, Lost Rarities
26.21      Max Corbacho, This Space is Being Created, A Connection to the Wonder
39.12      Carlos Ferreira, Nausea, Hakanai
48.08     Western Edges, The Wall You First Kissed Her Against, Dependency
51.26     Benjamin James Stewart, Snowing, Spaces
1.06.49  Aperus, Weather Anomalies, Weather Anomalies
1.22.39  David Pedrick, Chant Simple, Towards the Small Hours
1.24.47  Pruski, Stroll, Whispers