Episode 382

As you may know if you listened last time, there’s been an unusual amount of flute-based music coming into the tanks lately, so we will start things off there. A quick stop and then we’re off again, powered by some Berlin School-style energy and ending up with a whole bunch of bass guitar.


Start      Ann Licater, Peaceful Prayer, Whispers from Earth
3.26       Raphael Groeten, Far Beyond, Great Blue
7.42       Peter Phippen, Entangled Forevermore, Ghosts
13.48     Byron Metcalf & Shane Morris, Ancestral Resonance, Ancestral Resonance
22.13     Hiram, From Above, Air Songs
27.35     Robert Simon Thoma, Rainforest Part II, Nature Beauty
33.59     Kenneth Hooper, Afternoon at Chuck’s, As the Crow Flies
38.53     Brannan Lane, Bamboo Garden (single)
46.13     Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, The Prodigal Sun, Weathering the Storm
1.04.36  Parallel Worlds, Angles, Plector
1.10.51  John Reidar Holmes, Manichees and Madmen, Manichees and Madmen
1.16.30  The Inventors of Aircraft, Deep In The Magic Kingdom, Edge Of Imagination
1.23.06 Crows Labyrinth, Distant Fires Burning, Jon Doe One & Stratosphere, Bassbients 4, Bassbients


4 thoughts on “Episode 382

  1. Hi!!

    I’m so delighted to receive this message and see the playlist.  I did not recall sending you my latest release and I’m so glad it found itself to you.     I was planning to do a separate mailing to podcasters and had not gone around to it yet. 

    Thanks for playing  my music ( and opening the show) and please let me know if you need any back catalog ( I think you have most of my music).



  2. John, Thank you so much for playing “Entangled Forevermore” from the Projekt Records album “Ghosts” I’m happy to also find myself in the company of a few fiends here on Episode 382 as well! : )

      • Ha! I see it now John. “Friends”. Gods, I can not type to save my life! I guess it shows I’m only human. Sorry Ann, Byron, & Kenneth, You guys are not fiends! : )

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