Episode 380

Let’s start off with a few Artists John Forgot before diving into the Holding Tanks for some clearly more unforgettable (by me) music.


Start       D.K., Full Consciousness, Eighteen Movements
7.55       Diropel, Turmuta, Yhnpivtr
11.43     Jeremy Keenan, Intone, Scripts
19.00     Deathdance, Perfectly Lit, Reveiller
27.58     Wet Tuna, Sweet Chump Change, Warping All by Yourself
34.24     Todesangst Ausstehen, A1, Autumn ’20
42.20     Foster Hilding, The Ditch Between the Roads, The Summer That Dried the Well
47.16     In Vitro, Los cielos del mundo, Deriva Adentro
48.51     Jörg Schaaf & Michael Brückner, Paradox Planet – ReVisited, 100 Million Miles Under The Stars – ReVisited
1.00.30  Sverre Knut Johansen, Immortal, Metahuman
1.05.54  Joe Weineck, Ocean in Motion, From Occident to Orient
1.11.25  Kenneth Hooper, Up Ahead, As the Crow Flies
1.16.38  Miguel Otero, The Blue Ball Inn, Brief Tales
1.20.48  Logout, Fire, Instrumentals
1.23.39  Ralph Kinsella, An Ocean In The Pines, In The Lives That Surround You


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