Episode 382

As you may know if you listened last time, there’s been an unusual amount of flute-based music coming into the tanks lately, so we will start things off there. A quick stop and then we’re off again, powered by some Berlin School-style energy and ending up with a whole bunch of bass guitar.


Start      Ann Licater, Peaceful Prayer, Whispers from Earth
3.26       Raphael Groeten, Far Beyond, Great Blue
7.42       Peter Phippen, Entangled Forevermore, Ghosts
13.48     Byron Metcalf & Shane Morris, Ancestral Resonance, Ancestral Resonance
22.13     Hiram, From Above, Air Songs
27.35     Robert Simon Thoma, Rainforest Part II, Nature Beauty
33.59     Kenneth Hooper, Afternoon at Chuck’s, As the Crow Flies
38.53     Brannan Lane, Bamboo Garden (single)
46.13     Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, The Prodigal Sun, Weathering the Storm
1.04.36  Parallel Worlds, Angles, Plector
1.10.51  John Reidar Holmes, Manichees and Madmen, Manichees and Madmen
1.16.30  The Inventors of Aircraft, Deep In The Magic Kingdom, Edge Of Imagination
1.23.06 Crows Labyrinth, Distant Fires Burning, Jon Doe One & Stratosphere, Bassbients 4, Bassbients


Episode 381

Holding Tanks 1 and 2 continue to drain even as I fill Tank 3, and the result is an interesting flow that weighs a bit heavily on the dark, quiet side. Some of this music has sat waiting for me to get to it for a year or so — but thankfully, good music doesn’t have an expiration date. Dig in and enjoy.


Start      Magnofon, Terra, Terrarium
5.10       Dylab, Electronic Intelligence, Atoms for Peace*
11.28     Cor de Lux, Whose Side, Media
15.20     .cut., 200 Dead Bodies On Mount Everest, Sinistre
18.54     ‘t Geruis, Verzengend, Slow Dance on Moss Beds
22.25     Orogen, Canopy, Societal Eye
28.02     B. Ashra, Emu In Mc Pomm, Satellites
37.29     Corrado Maria De Santis, Standing under Storms, Ruins
46.57     Brett Colombo, I Don’t Want To, Wings Sprout from the Ears, the Brain Flies into the Sun
51.57     Jens Pauly, Slope, 1989
57.46     Bernd Scholl, Seduction, Quiet Time
1.05.02  Adrian Copeland, If This Were My Body, If This Were My Body
1.10.36  John Puchiele Ensemble, An Alternate Green World, Change
1.15.55  Ed Bazel, Old Friends, The London Sessions
1.18.51  Carlos Dengler, Summit Bid, Ecospheres

*Who switched up the track and album names in the voice-over? That would be me. 

Episode 380

Let’s start off with a few Artists John Forgot before diving into the Holding Tanks for some clearly more unforgettable (by me) music.


Start       D.K., Full Consciousness, Eighteen Movements
7.55       Diropel, Turmuta, Yhnpivtr
11.43     Jeremy Keenan, Intone, Scripts
19.00     Deathdance, Perfectly Lit, Reveiller
27.58     Wet Tuna, Sweet Chump Change, Warping All by Yourself
34.24     Todesangst Ausstehen, A1, Autumn ’20
42.20     Foster Hilding, The Ditch Between the Roads, The Summer That Dried the Well
47.16     In Vitro, Los cielos del mundo, Deriva Adentro
48.51     Jörg Schaaf & Michael Brückner, Paradox Planet – ReVisited, 100 Million Miles Under The Stars – ReVisited
1.00.30  Sverre Knut Johansen, Immortal, Metahuman
1.05.54  Joe Weineck, Ocean in Motion, From Occident to Orient
1.11.25  Kenneth Hooper, Up Ahead, As the Crow Flies
1.16.38  Miguel Otero, The Blue Ball Inn, Brief Tales
1.20.48  Logout, Fire, Instrumentals
1.23.39  Ralph Kinsella, An Ocean In The Pines, In The Lives That Surround You

Episode 375

Time to get our hush on with 90 minutes of nice, quiet music. No bumps, no surprises, no stops. One might go so far as to say you could meditate to this one. Don’t get used to it, though…

Download like ya mean it.

Start      Giles Reaves, The Unknown, Wunjo*
19.25     Igneous Flame, Incandescence, Opaline
30.46     Manitou, Quiet stillness rests on the Algiers Motel, Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun
37.34     Neuro… No Neuro, When I Wake Up and See You, Let’s Be Happy
42.18     Jeannine Schulz, TAI (Peace), Ground. The Gentle
45.45     Carey Moore, St. Matthews, Life Is Ugly. Make Pretty Art.
49.59     Scott Lawlor, Capturing Sunlight, Show Me the Glint of Light
53.40     Biome, Rain Temple, The Shores of Temenos
58.06     Conni St. Pierre, Snowfields, Mountain Spirits
1.03.39  r beny, Overgrowth, Full Blossom of the Evening
1.09.19  Andrew Lang, Confluence, Momentary Senses
1.13.17  Dreamhub, Andromeda, Moments in Space
1.18.47  Blear Moon, Must, Fallow
1.22.10  Eyes Cast Down, Exquisite Divination of Patterns, Divinations

*Out of print. If you want it, you can find it through resellers, which I do not link to.

Episode 373

New year, same show. Same unserious host. Same great music for 90 minutes for the same great listeners.

Download, if you still do that kind of thing.

Start       Atomi, Adela, Little Floating Oracles
8.44       Christopher Alvarado, The Aesir, A Whispering Sanctuary
15.03     Desensitized, Logic of Expression (Praetoreum), Chaos In Premonition
20.10     DEN SORTE DØD, Dyster Kold Mörker, Undergangen
23.20     Mike Clay, Clouds of Creation, Somewhere in Space and Time
28.35     Daryl Groetsch, Waves Rolling In, Ease
37.49     Soft Generator, Know, Ack▪Now▪Ledge
55.58     The Kids And The Cosmos, Shinshan – We Shine, Ambient Mixtape Vol.1
1.02.06  James Asher, Dance of the Light, Anthology
1.06.15  Joerg Dankert, Between the Meantime Part 10, Between the Meantime
1.11.59  Computerchemist, Moonfloating, Where the Clouds Touch the Sky

Episode 372

It’s the last show of 2022, but we’re not going to look back. Oh no, my friend. We are going to stare straight down the barrel of a fully loaded Holding Tanks and say, with an appropriately unnerving grin, “Let’s see what you’ve got.” Seventeen cuts of goodness, that’s what.
As ever, thank you for being here, whether it’s been the whole year or you’re just figuring out that this is a thing. And for the long-timers…you da best.


Start       PurpleAndroid, Anguilliform, Irrational Hero
5.57       Corben, Calculating Colours, Sun Variants
10.34     San Mateo, Interoception, Exspiravit Luminaria
16.05     Sven Laux & Fione, There Was No Togetherness, Tomorrow Everything Could Be Different
22.14     Bett Butler & Joel Dilley, Where We Go From Here, Gracia
27.19     Samer Fanek, Desert Rush, Call of the Desert
30.30     Sharon Fendrich, Dryad’s Rejoice, Sapphire Oak
35.32     Joseph L Young, Secrets of Stone, Into the Unknown
40.23     Many Pretty Blooms, Spurious Realities, Bow & Clatter
46.48     Emme, New Dawn by the Lake, Talking to the Spheres
52.58     Federico Mosconi, A Rainy Picture, Outdoor Melodies
56.31     Isaiah Rizzo, Mother, Between Light & Shadows
59.34     Fred Baty, Into the Past, The Upper Air
1.02.58  Matt Christensen & P.M. Tummala, Yellow 4, Yellow Works
1.09.07  Exedra, Obelisk, Time and Emotion
1.13.00  Jacek Doroszenko, Synthetic Skin, Bodyfulness
1.21.13  Tom Eaton, The Invisible Shore, Shades of Fog

Episode 371

Whither shall we wander this time around? To groves of musical grooviness and gardens of unearthly aural delight? Sure, you could put it that way. Or we could just call it 90 in the Holding Tank, drenching ourselves in good new music.


Start       Blue Is Nine, Deserts Burn, Far And Wide
5.29       Gemini Revolution, South Pole, Switching In and Out of Consciousness
11.42     Conrad Praetzel, Blue Poppies, Adventures Into Somethingness
18.52     Darren McClure, Invique, Slow Up, Speed Down
25.43     Drifting In Silence, Preconscious Mind, False Awakening
31.59     David Wahler, Invictus, Collection
36.13     Robert Scott Thompson, Ascension, Ascension
48.03     Aaron Martin, From the Dust We Breathe, The End of Medicine (Original Score)
53.03     Bruno Sanfilippo, Crypto, Redes*
58.48     Michael Gettel, Medano Creek, The View from Here
1.03.47  Kirk Kadish, Crumb Zap Trucker, Peace Movements
1.17.49  Giant Skeletons, And Miles to Go Before I Sleep, Sleep Tides
1.24.09  NCT333, The struggle, a goat hoof, Last Summer of Cicadas

*You will hear me pronounce this as “reeds” because I am a monolingual numbskull who often can’t be bothered to do some reading about the things I play on my show. It is “ray-days,” essentially, and is Spanish for “networks.” In my defense, “rede” is an archaic English word meaning counsel or story. So maybe it was just my limited readings of Chaucer sneaking up on me and not the fact that I am myself somewhat archaic. 

Episode 370

Strap in for a fresh round of the best ambient, electronic, and contemporary instrumental out there. We start off with some primal grooves and wind up somewhere deep in space. Enjoy.


Start      Byron Metcalf & Dashmesh, Deep Time 6, Heart of the Deep Time
7.32       Ashtoreth, Rite IV, Rites III-IV
22.41     now|here, Drag (Holy Breathing), The Wayfarer
30.47     Mathoms, Airlift, The Woe Trumpets
34.58     Quindicesimo Arcano, Il Male Non Perdona!, Il Funesto Viaggio di un Oscuro Indagatore
37.59     Daniele Gottardo, Reflection Garden, InkBlot
48.09     Liminal Drifter, Cut Out, Cortisol 22
53.36     Djam Karet, The Other Side, Island in the Red Night Sky
1.00.36  Subtle Shift, Sunlit Depths, Somber Frequencies
1.08.17  Parallel Worlds, Dark Energy, Dark Energy
1.18.19  Loneward, Unbroken Horizon, Our Unyielding Sky

Brief bit of opening music came from AShamaluevMusic.com

Episode 364

Took a look at the Holding Tanks and the download queue and made an Executive Decision: time to go back to focusing on all the good new stuff I’ve had coming in over the last few months. You haven’t seen the last of the library, but we’ll close those doors for a bit. I promise you won’t mind much.


Start      Liquid Terrain, Ripples, Ripples
8.18       B. Ashra, Happiness, Fluffy Spirals
13.57     For the Glory of Nothing, Cassiel Rising, Saturn (compilation)
19.03     TheAdelaidean & Deepspace, Star Cradle, Antigravity
30.24     Earnest Woodall, Roswell Phenomenon, Tales Under The Full Moon
36.03     now|here, Anancasm, The Wayfarer
42.19     Monoheart, Lo ‘mperador del doloroso regno (Canto XXXIV), Inferno*
47.00     Tobi Morare, Berlin Vibes, Soul Kitchen
49.12     Sky Creature, Light Reflected, Bear Mountain/Childworld
51.59     Lis Addison, Rhythm of Earth, Elements
57.49     Paulina Fae, Play, Glow
1.01.33  Matthew Burtner, You Sink Into the Singing Snow, Icefields
1.08.17  litmus0001, From Cloud to Sea (excerpt), From Cloud to Sea
1.23.23  Aaron Oppenheim, Toil, Labor

*The album was sent to me with no title, so at the time of recording I figured it was self-titled. On the release day of the podcast, the artist got back to me with the actual title, Inferno.

Episode 363

We’re off to a slick start with some smooth sax and sliding our way down into some drifty grooves. Then we’re off to the library to visit some old friends. (One going back to ’05!)


Start      Gian Berselli & Jérémy Marais, Insight, Creative Stillness
5.52       Headland, Bullfinch, Bullfinch
21.59     Alan Matthews, Andalusia, All That I Can See
25.20     Jonny Lipford, Believing Your Truth, Balance
32.34     Ümlaut, 120 Degrees, Grand Trine
37.56     Julien Demoulin, Solar Dust Drone, Dreams In Digital Dust
48.04     Khara, Currahee, There Were Heroes Amongst Us
56.18     Kodomo Gate, 5A, Frozen in Motion
59.58     Bob Holroyd, Flow, Blueprint
1.03.28  Jeff Greinke, Outflow, Other Weather
1.07.50  Slow Dancing Society, Spokane Falls, Torchlight Parade Vol II
1.12.25  Tom Eaton, Stars Above Great Water, Elements Part Four: Water
1.22.00  Numina, Drift Catalyst, Eye of the Nautilus