Episode 272

No stops on this one, and we’re keeping it a little on the quieter side. A definite headphone listen.


Start      Ross Malcolm Boyd, Parting Ways, Clouds
11.09     Azaleas, II, Dream of Fields
26.54     embral, You’re Seeing Things (excerpt), Deep State
40.15     Sleepland, Tangled Up, Transition / Composition
44.20     øjeRum, Alting Falder I Samme Rum IV, Alting Falder I Samme Rum
50.27     Carey Moore, Time Turns to Nothing, Changing Planes
55.23     Mingo, Atmos, Above A Fractured Sky
1.01.59  Tom Adams, Particle VI (Shadow & Light), Particles
1.10.54  Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig, Vision 1, Persistent Visions
1.21.22  Silhouette Sect, An Ever-moving Array of Beads, Metahope


Episode 271

I really enjoy the days when I unpack a batch of downloads for the show. I put them into the system and give each a preview listen as I start unzipping the next one. There are always these wonderful moments of discovery when a new album just hits me and I know I just have to share it with my listeners. There’s plenty of that in this episode, plus a half-hour’s cruise with Sverre Knut Johansen.


Start      Lionel Scardino, Jishui, Pollux Piano
3.14       Mis+ress, Moonglow, Dispellers
6.30       Causeyoufair, Reckless, In Blue on a Vapourless Sky
11.41     Static December, Snow Glint, Seedforms
18.25     Luke Sanger, Condiment, Ancient Pathways
23.44     Bear in Miniature, L’espirit de l’ange, Lettres a une rose

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Sverre Knut Johansen
30.11     Paleozoic Era (Transformation – Animals and Plants Emanate onto Land), Precambrian (with Robert Rich)
41.37     Contact, Contact
45.54     Found, Earth From Above
49.44     Space and Time, The Vast Expanse

1.01.53  Ethereal Ephemera A Place Where Strangers Gather to Watch the Sunrise, A Place of Peace and Beauty
1.20.39  Loneward, Hidden in Plain Sight, Home
1.27.37  Tom Eaton, The Fog and the Lifting, How It Happened

Episode 270

An all-new-music episode begins with the return of a personal favorite, features a few familiar names, and takes us all so many, many sonic places…


Start      Atomic Skunk, Spiderwood, Base Camp
6.59       Maureen Choi Quartet, Phoenix Borealis, Theia
14.43     Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Timeless Flow, Sound Currents
21.21     Toby Marks & Andrew Heath, With Iron (South) parts 1-3, Motion
37.32     Russ Young, Cavern, Pala
44.31     Hipnotic Earth, And Then She Smiles, Suspended in Silence
49.41     Samsuo, Scene Break, The Other Gold Side
54.58     Emilia, Spring Through A Window, Spring Through A Window
1.02.11  Ben Rath, Wait for It, Any Given Moment
1.11.48  Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana, The Closest Place to the Soul, The Threshold of Beauty
1.23.51  Tomotsugu Nakamura, Echoes, Monologue

Episode 269

Plenty of sounds to explore, including a deep 30-minute immersion in the music of Loren Nerell.


Start      Gunnar Spardel, A Day in a Lifetime, Simplicity in a Complex World
6.42       Grayhawk, The Banteay Srei Temple, Voice of the Ancestors
11.34     Spices Peculiar, Bridge to Santosa, Coastline
20.05     David Wright, Stranger Days Parts 5&6, Stranger Days
28.27     Western Edges, Very Good On The Rushes, Prowess
31.42     Witnesses, Signals, II

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Loren Nerell
38.08     No Suffering, No Consciousness, No Sound, Live at Soundquest Fest 2010
47.18     Liquid Metal Stasis, The Venerable Dark Cloud
54.56     Persistence of Dream Imagery, Slow Dream
1.03.09  with Mark Seelig: Mulu Caves – Sarawak, Malaysia, Cave Dwellers

1.15.09  Henry Courgette, Quietude, Qaptain Quolshed’s Cosmic Quest
1.18.54  A Spot on the Hill, Coffee, Birdsong, and You, A Need That Runs Too Deep
1.23.21  MALK, The Sunken Place, WMAIDIT
1.26.49  Laura Masotto, Lucciola, Fireflies

Episode 268

It’s our big, bold, birthday bash–the podcast turns 10! Thank you all for your continued support. Now, let’s cut into this cake full of music!


Start      a.r.s.(e), Gefallig, Errata
3.37       Jeff Pearce, Snowfall, Follow the River Home
8.14       Lopside, 37, 37*
15.07     Jonathan Badger, The First Time I Dreamt Of The Surface There Was No One To Hold, Unsung Stories From Lilly’s Days As A Solar Astronaut
20.21     Altus, Slingshot, Pioneer
29.33     Onewayness, En Passant (for Don Buchla), Onewayness Was Here
45.56     Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf, Big Medicine, The Serpent’s Lair
58.08     Frore & Shane Morris, Feather and Claw, Eclipse
1.08.34  Brian Parnham, Suspended Plumes, See None, Hear None, Speak None
1.14.37  Christopher Alvarado, Ascension of Silence, Transluscence
1.20.36  Dolmen, Heaven Smells Like Sulfur and Static, Terra Firma
1.29.45  Yen Pox, Virus, Blood Music
1.36.13  Phelios, Temple of Yith, Gates of Atlantis
1.47.53  Cyberchump, Storms A Comin, Our Wizards of Earth
1.53.45  Sparky Quano, Ripple, Jenga
1.59.13  Todd Boston, Hawk Medicine, One
2.03.16  Fiona Joy, Once Upon Impossible (Duet), Signature – Solo
2.07.30  Scyye, Our Entrance to Exclusion, Two Zero Five
2.09.50  Igneous Flame, Kukka, Sylvi
2.15.52  Slow Dancing Society, A Song to Help You Remember to Forget, The Sound of Lights When Dim
2.21.51  Music for Voyeurs, Tonight Will Be My Birthday, The Long Sleep

*Yes, I know I said it was hard to find. Clearly, I didn’t take all of 12 seconds it later took me to find it on CDBaby. It’s just how I am.

Episode 267

All things considered, this is a pretty uptempo episode. Sure, we get a little quiet in the middle when the Spotlight falls on the erstwhile Matt Borghi and his ambient-and-otherwise guitar stylings, but we finish on a high note.


Start      Ghost Island, Your Fear, Assimilation
11.58     Leaving Richmond, Wanderlust, Moon Health
15.44     CAMERAOSCURA, Interitus, Quod Est Inferius
20.54     Mingo, Mirrors Of The Sleeping Mind, Above A Fractured Sky

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Matt Borghi
33.08     Matt Borghi, Overcoming, Formlessness
38.31     TheDetroit76, Building – Waiting, Premiere
42.38     Matt Borghi, Mission Point, Olagra
46.43     Matt Borghi & Michael Teager, Awaken the Electric Air, Awaken the Electric Air
56.15     Manitou, Keep the Lake Francis Light Burning for Me, Landscape, Histories and Sentiment

1.07.23  Surkid, Decay, Trees
1.12.11  Go Ask Alice, Circle, Ten Little Dreams (and One Bonus Nightmare)
1.17.33  TaeT, Half Guesses, Icer
1.22.54  Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis, Four Moons, The Stone House
1.28.06  Andrea Presciuttini, Oceano, Quartet Live

Episode 266

Call it a lazy podcast with a twist–it’s long tracks, and just a few, but these tracks are taken from the middle section of pieces 45 minutes or longer in length. We start off where you might expect, and finish where you definitely did not.


Start      Steve Roach, Melted Mantra, Fever Dreams III
17.02     Shane Morris, Multiverse
32.01     Sam Rosenthal, The Passage, The Passage
44.59     Cousin Silas & Jack Hertz, S-P-A-C-E, Time Spinners
58.53     Max Corbacho, Dark Sky Opening, Nocturnes
1.14.38  DAC Crowell & Kurt Doles, Rain Temple Garden, DAC Crowell & Kurt Doles