Episode 219

Back to our regular cadence, where the Newish stuff gets its due first, then we delve. And hey, don’t get freaked out by the track with lyrics…I’ll explain.

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Start      Everyday Dust, Where the Light Fails, The Green Decay
6.02       The Glimmer Room, Base Room, The Locked Book
10.02     The Infinite Calling, Solitary Heavens Shining Over Lonely Back Roads, Reflections for Angels Unaware
17.52     Between Interval, The Outer, Shell Legacy
25.59     dreamSTATE vs Heiki, Stoney Beach, Stone Shore
32.47     Ethernet, Satellites, Outside of Time
41.51     Mikronesia, Smuggler, Sick with Silence
45.56     Jody Quine, Everything (Sheever Remix), Stand Up Remixes
50.17    Anklebiter, Why We Write, Weight of a Pronoun
54.50     Wacky Southern Current, Spirits and Libations, Argonautica
58.29     Signal Hill, Wanderers, Alturas
1.05.26  Samurau, Things Left Unsaid, Things Left Unsaid
1.09.51  Spiricom, Grains of Golgotha, Anthems for the Afterlife
1.20.47  Patrick O’Hearn, Flight, Transitions
1.25.58  Moonlooker, Tomorrow, Maybe, White Bird on Black Snow


Episode 218

Ready for a bit of an old-school joyride? This show was supposed to only start with some Berlin School music. Then it kinda got away from me. Buckle up for 90 minutes of analog goodness.

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Start      Jeffrey Koepper, Gateway, MantraSequent
13.50     Ombient, Undersea Miner, Sectio Aurea*
31.16     Onewayness & Modulator ESP, Bridge_2, Astral Bridges*
49.25     The Ministry of Inside Things, VM-75, Everlasting Moment
57.42     Computerchemist, Atmospheric, Atmospheric
1.06.58  Sequential Dreams, Telemetry, The Exodus Wave
1.11.29  Picture Palace Music, Seduction Crossing, Midsummer
1.17.59  Erik Wollo & Byron Metcalf, Far Wandered, Earth Luminous

*Let’s ignore the fact that in my closing VO, I get the order of these two tracks wrong. Originally, “Bridge_2” did come before “Undersea Miner.” Then I decided it was better the other way. So, musically, I moved them. Did I bother to update my cheat sheet at the time I was recording? Of course not. But now at least the playlist is right. (You don’t really listen to me babble at the end, do you?)

Episode 217

On a whim, I decided that we will start this episode by showcasing piano works. Hey, they’re nice. In the second half we’ll let other instruments come out and play.

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Start      Fiona Joy, Grey Sky Morning, Into the Mist
4.11       Mathew Roth, Steeped As If Silence Were Water, Written & Unsent
7.27       Seamus O’Muineachain, Nightdreaming, Cloves
10.46     Memorybell, Somnolent, Obsolete
17.54     Chris Merrick Hughes, Tenemos Mistoria, Eirenic Life
22.04     Joe Evans, Affected Piano 4, Affected Piano
29.21     Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Cell Seven, The Roedelius Cells
33.23     Bruno Sanfilippo, Piano Textures 4 VI, Piano Textures 4
38.39     Josh Johnston, The Late Train, The Shape of Things
42.17     Michelle De Wilton, Shimoda, Daydream: Solo Piano To Relax Your Soul
48.08     metlay!, Fade to Green, Fade
57.43     Steve Roach, Ebb, Streams & Currents
1.02.31  Wishcollpase, Superbia Eorum, Volume 2
1.07.10  Olivia Summer, Scrambled Eggs, Simply
1.09.55  Northcape, Indigo Line, Captured from Static
1.15.34  Naming Ghosts, Origin of Waves, Naming Ghosts
1.20.28  John Lyell, The Visitors, Planetary Artifacts

Episode 216

Long tracks, quiet tracks. Not a “lazy podcast” on purpose, it just sort of got that way. And it’s a pretty deep one. All cuts are from the “Newish” folder. No library this time. Plus, no interruptions. I’ll catch up with you in 90 or so.

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Start     Simon Wilkinson, Pulse Drive, Merging the Infinite
11.10     Frore, Inner Labyrinth, Last Place of Wonder
20.48     Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, An Ancient Presence, Whispers from Silence
30.15     Max Corbacho, Future Terrain (excerpt), Future Terrain
46.06     Anaamaly, I Am Grateful, Urban Metta, Vol 1
52.19     Cousin Silas, Recrudescence Pt 4 , Recrudescence
1.00.11  Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society, The Scent of Rain, Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
1.07.26  Hollan Holmes, Cloud World, Prayer to the Energy
1.14.00  Steve Brand, Near Wilderness, Near:Silence

Episode 215

I can’t take full credit for this episode. Several shuffles helped stitch together some of these cuts. It made for a pretty sweet flow. Enjoy.

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Start      Cutlasses, Freyr, Clutching at Conscious
4.29       Mark Stephen Ortman, Underwater Life, Voices from the Sea
7.30       Michelle Qureshi, Velvet Rains, Seventh Wave
15.09     David Helpling, Souls in the Sky, A Sea Without Memory
26.17     Slow Dancing Society, A Quiet Storm, Lilac Lullabies
29.19     Givan Lötz, Cruzon, YaW
33.10     Howard Ferre, Before You, Journey’s End
42.04     Cass Anawaty & Paul Russell, Waiting for the Suns to Go Down, Analog Universe
44.14     Jack Hertz & Rizorkestra, Anemone, Coast
51.03     Jeff Pearce, Outpost, Follow the River Home
56.58     As If, Distant Hills, Faraway Trees Standing Still
1.04.07  Cyberchump, Contemplation (A Cadence of Thought), Sankhara
1.09.36  Eliethel, The White Wall of Valletta, November Landscapes
1.14.02  Steve Lawson, Waking Up to What You’ve Done, The Surrender of Time
1.20.54  Pedrick Bitts Walker, Six, Three


Episode 214

Shall we groove just a trifle? Sometimes it’s good for us to get our beats on. I’ll give you that for half an hour so, then we’ll quiet things down.

As a note: if you are a Hypnagogue Reviews reader or follow me on Facebook, you may know that I recently decided to stop writing reviews. The podcast will continue for the time being, and if you’re an artist who’d like your music played here, please see the Submissions link at the top of the page. I tell you this by way of noting that I recorded the first VO interruption on this about two weeks before I made my announcement, and the closing VO the day I shut down the review site. So they may sound and/or feel a bit different.

Anyway, music:

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Start      Djam Karet, Long Shot, Sonic Celluloid
4.12       Sundaug, Attrition, To Bloom, To Wither
7.23       Jon Durant & Colin Edward, Uncoiled, Burnt Belief
19.37     Ron Boots & SynthNL, Refuge En Verre, Refuge En Verre
31.47     Azuma, Happiness and Prosperity, Azuma
40.13     Drifting in Silence, Lifesounds, Lifesounds
46.26     The Ambiguity, Glare, Returning to Another Time
50.10     Carey Moore, Clover Bottom, John Donelson’s Ghost
55.48     Tom Eaton, Midnight Clouds and the Great Bear, Indesterren
1.02.39  Phillip Wilkerson, The Stillness of Time, The Way Home
1.12.42  Medard Fischer, Monument, Four Songs for the City of New York
1.16.54  Circular, In a Distinctive State, Radiating Perpetual Light
1.24.08  The Pure Heart Ensemble, Loving All, Bliss of Being

Episode 213

A little change of pace. No library this time. Just music from the depths of the review queue. Two long cuts kick it off and take you through the first 30 minutes or so.

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Start      Cloudwalk, The Forgotten World, Forgotten World
17.41     Remy, Fears 2, Fears
30.19     Erik Wollo, Kaleidoscope, Different Spaces
38.39     December Hung Himself, Swift-Tuttle, Perseidi
44.45     Safir Nou, Land-escape, Groundless
48.59     The Dread, That Wasn’t What Happened, The Fifth Age
55.12     Off Land, Poise, Out World
1.02.50  Seldom Family, No Sex: A Retrospective, Audrey & Laura
1.10.36  Poppy Nogood, Treading, Mood Paintings
1.18.56  Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Yugen, Whispers from Silence