Episode 192

Oh, boy, it’s theme-show time! Not too hard to figure out…just a word that comes up a lot, both in my reviews and in song titles. So for the next 90 minutes, why don’t you get lost?

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Start      Numina, Lost on Silica Ridge, Sanctuary of Dreams
5.18       M. Peck, A Lost Mantra, Beneath Forever
12.43     Oystein Jorgenson, Lost, Imagine
18.20     Erik Wollo, Lost and Found, Airborne
24.49     Giles Reaves, Nothing is Lost, Nothing is Lost
31.06     Cravagoide, Lost Cable, Empty Frame
35.38     Canartic, Lost King, Headphone Test
40.07     Akumu, Lost, Between Worlds
47.49     A Produce & Loren Nerell, Lost in Transformation, Intangible
57.10     Chad Hoefler, Crimson Lost, Twilight in the Offing
1.06.45  Amir Baghiri, Memory of Lost Dimension, Time
1.16.14   Hollan Holmes, Lost Memories, Phase Shift
1.20.51  Brokenkites, For Loves You’ve Lost, Fugue State
1.24.39  Patrick Smith, Lost Balloon, Scattered Hearts

Episode 191

Climb on! This one starts out getting its groove on, then heads into other places. Quieter, deeper places. Call it a downward glide in intensity. Old tracks and new get mixed, instead of the way we usually serve it all up. Enjoy.

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Start     Tkatka, ELDAC, Tkatka
3.30      Radio Free Clear Light, Unrelated Sequences, Joyful Noise, Vol. 3: Image of the Invisible Unknown
13.51     Visiting Cat, Closer, Host
25.52    Algol, Gilese 581d, Goldilocks
35.38     Igneous Flame & Ensueno, Lightstorm, Pandora
43.58     Dolmen, A Past of Ashes, Incantations Verse Two
48.52     Stephen Philips, Black Canyon, Desert Landscapes 2
58.18      Aron Kirk, No Coincidences, Brick Circus
1.04.27  Caught in the Wake Forever, Castle Semple Loch, False Haven
1.08.45  Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Cell Five, The Roedelius Cells
1.14.56  Collin Thomas, Blackjack Saturday, Stones/Still

Episode 190

A straight-through flow for you this time, one that begins gently and, for the most part, stays there. Let me know where it takes you.

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Start      Ann Licater, Blossoms Falling, Beyond the Waves
5.18       Bruno Sanfilippo, Seventy Seven Years Later, The Poet
10.28     Cold, Cold Heart, An Elegy (for Martha), How the Other Half Live and Die
14.34     Dead Melodies, Glimmer in the Darkness, Subtle Imperfections
19.56     Dan Pound, Moon Cast, Shadows of the Heart
28.37     Phillip Wilkerson, Pt 3 – Kiss Her Once for Me, Waking Across the River
34.41     Csillagköd, Only Matter, All the Time
43.37     Steve Roach, Fossil & Fern, Early Man Decomposed
53.21     Sky Burial, Incantare, There I Saw the Grey Wolf Gaping
1.03.27  John Broaddus, Hotel de Lutece – Paris, Afield
1.13.01  Strië, 87 Billion Suns, Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains, Vol 1
1.17.36  Andrew Lahiff, Towards Distant Hills, Slow Paths Beyond
1.25.41  Bob Holroyd, All Colours (Pt 1), In Motion

Episode 189

I’m playing with the throttle in this episode, bringing you up speed before I slow you down and vice-versa. So, you know, buckle up, buttercup.

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Start      SineRider, Finch, Seconds Minutes
3.59       Eleven33, Undercurrent, Chasing Light
9.13       Blochemy, Koen, Da Mear
12.59     Jim Ottaway, Beta Crucis, Southern Cross
21.16     Phobos, Evening Sky, An October Evening
35.53     Roy Mattson, Lichen Lattice, Intersecting Skies
44.49     Slow Dancing Society, After the Twlight Takes Us, Laterna Magica
50.36     Integral, Rubikon, The Past Is My Shadow
56.39     The Dread, Are You Your Connectome?, The Plastination of Otis T Fernbank
1.03.51  Peter DiPhillips, Ogunquit Beach, Mystic River Reflections
1.13.25  Chance’s End, Man in the Middle, Almost Home
1.17.47  C.H. District, Conclusion, Conclusion
1.23.38  Swartz, Curtains, Nighttide*

*During the episode, I will refer to this album as “Respite.” You will wisely ignore me and nod your head knowingly, confident in the truth that it’s actually titled “Nighttide.”

Episode 188

Heading into the show’s eighth year in production, I thought I’d maybe feature some music.

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Start      Ombient, Olostanette Recumbent, Sectio Aurea
12.10     Luna Firma, Open Night Air, Falling Toward Atlantis
19.49     Jeff Pearce, Snowfall, Follow the River Home
24.26     Steve Roach & Robert Logan, Desires: Birth, BioSonic
29.54     Stratosphere, Melancholy, Rise
39.01     Common Ground, The Apollo Frequency, Common Ground
48.10     Lopside, 37, 37
55.01     Outer Space Alliance, Loop 1, Outer Space Alliance
58.37     Blake Gibson & Robert Davies, Lochs Obscured, Quiraing
1.05.32  IXOHOXI & Numina, Cromlech of Wales, Megaliths & Monoliths
1.18.57   Alio Die & Sylvi Alli, Dreaming Tree, Amidst the Circling Spires

Episode 187

It’s birthday time again. The show wraps its seventh year in production and heads into year eight, and we celebrate with some uptempo fun from the library. (Well, the Cyberchump track is new…) Thank you for listening, and thank you for providing me with so much great music.

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Start     Cyberchump, Shark Your Booty, The Construction of Things
5.41       Summer Effect, Repeat, Replay & Over Again, Nothing But Hope
11.02     The Current, Minor Abstraction, Communion
15.33     beat.dowsing, forbidden.territory, rising.current
20.11     Neon Shudder, Breaking Protocol, Hex Phase
24.12     Dave Preston, Sweet Sound of Escape, Soundtrack for Motion
29.03     Leaving Richmond, Your Personal Infinity, The Bird & The Submarine
33.40     Life Audience, Vanilla, Waves & Particles
39.56     Cybo, Now That They’re Watching, Echoespond
44.14     Matt Kwid, Mekanism, Passive Listener
51.34     Computerchemist & Zsolt Galantai, Goodbye, Mozskva Ter, Signatures II
58.58     John Ellis, I Remember Futurism, Sly Guitar
1.03.04  Rena Jones, Dancing with the Universe, Echoes
1.07.40  The Ruxpins, Cloud in My Spacesuit, This Time We Go Together
1.12.27  S1gns of Life, Cell Theory, Language of the Ancients
1.18.42  AOMusic, Kumale Saleyo, …And Love Rages On
1.22.59  Darshan Ambient, Box of Sky, re:Karma

Episode 186

A track from the new Robert Rich album caught my ear and found its place as the opener here. From there it’s an uninterrupted blend.

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Start      Robert Rich, Transpiration, What We Left Behind
5.16       Erik Wollo & Byron Metcalf, Diomedea, Earth Luminous
13.40     Quiet Horn, Cherish the Last of the Sun, The Last of the Sun
22.12     Indigo Symbol, Eclipse, Zenith
37.41     Bryan Carrigan, Behind the Wall, Fall Into Winter
43.47     Time White & Joe Paulino, Hidden Oasis (For Two Bunch Palms), Inhale Slowly
52.35     Al Gromer Khan, Day of the Beloved (excerpt), Day of the Beloved
1.02.18  Christopher Lapina, Rolling Blue, Eclectic Eve
1.08.18  My Majestic Star, Carry the Breeze, Ideas Are the Answer
1.14.15  Ficture, The Knee, Roads to Everywhere
1.17.25  Canartic, Magenta Sky Over Detroit, Headphone Test
1.23.40  Erik Nilsson, Distance, Wind and Heat, Hearing Things