Episode 383

’round about midstream, this flow decided it might like to be at least a little lazy. Pulled up at eight nice, deep tracks and we keep things mostly on the quiet side. Probably for the best since we’ve got a big party coming soon…


Start      Max Corbacho, Stillness Glow, Atmospheric Twilight
12.18     Altus, The Place Between, Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces
22.33     Steve Roach, Future Informing, Rest of Life
32.06     Igneous Flame & Kati Astraeir, Enchant, Cobra
43.24     odoma, Ordinary Scenes (Giallo) (excerpt), Ordinary Scenes (Giallo)
56.37     Phillip Wilkerson, The Horizon of Night, Silver Afternoon
1.06.43  Marta Mist, We Have Business to Attend to, Eyes Like Pools
1.20.13  Off Land, Talisman (Endless Rose), The Moon Rituals


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