Episode 378

A nice balance of light and dark in this one. When we hit the shadows we don’t stay long, but the sensation may linger. All in all this one stays fairly low-key.


Start       Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi, The Celestial Expanse (single)
10.55     theAdelaidean, Sodium Lights in Sequence – Highway, Homeward bound, Eternity Is
23.30     The Phonometrician, Death is a Woman, Cóiste Bodhar
31.42     NYIÞ, Rót, ᛬ᚢᛁᛋᚿᛁ•ᚼᛆᛏᛁ•ᚼᚱᛅ᛬
40.34     OdNu, Ice Covered, My Own Island
48.05     Massimo Discepoli, Temporary Answer, An Unusual Way to Disappear
51.55     Moss Covered Technology, Brick & Air VI, Brick and Air
58.06     Letna, Starigrad, Starigrad
1.02.45  Fossil Hunting Collective, Mellitus Propolis, Cyanotype
1.07.41  Pruski, Moment VIII, Moments of Immersion
1.11.41  Rob Byrd, Holgate View, What The Ocean Is Like At Night
1.17.09  Yellow6, All At Sea, A Change In The Weather


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