Episode 377

Bit of a short first set, but as usual it ends right where it was supposed to. We get into some intriguing spaces in the second set, and bring it all in for a smooth and quiet landing.


Start      Janne Hanhisuanto, Moon Over Fell, Moon on the Man
5.37       Robert Rich and Luca Formentini, Motes Float In Window Light, For Sundays When It Rains
12.24     Ludvig Cimbrelius, Ljuset Dansar på Mina ögonlock, Love Letters From The Sky
19.19     LaCo Project, Transforming Granulated Material, Glowing Sounds From The Ice Mesh*
29.50     Art Of Infinity, Drift Upon the Sky, Sky Space Bar I
43.57     Anne Chris Bakker, Tessungåe, A Sketch in Leaving
50.55     Esmam La Crowned, Landscapes of Loneliness, Nuclear City
54.49     Pagination, Well-built Solutions, Reanimation
59.30     Michael Red, Fire (Ritual), Gateways
1.05.29  Eroded Memories, Random Past Events Overwriting, Immersive Access to Subconscious
1.14.39  William St Hugh, Splintered Timber, Derelict In White
1.16.59  Bill Freas, Pacific Hymn, Waterworks
1.20.02  Rocio Zavala, Light Body, Invisible Miracles
1.26.36  Rusty Crutcher, Vapors of Apollo, Oracle of Delphi

*Well, there was a link when it was sent to me, but that doesn’t work. And I see where other sites have linked to the label, Iapetus, but it’s not there, either. I’m writing this well ahead of the show’s release, so maybe it’ll magically reappear before then. If you’re reading this…it didn’t.


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