Episode 376

Back we go into the Holding Tanks, hooks baited for reeling in delicious music. In the second half we take off on a global tour, starting in New Age-y places. But you know how it goes here–we could end up anywhere.

Download (okay, I’m done with the bit)

Start      Keith Richie, Movement II (Naked Singularity), Infinity Volume I – The Maestoso Interstellar Suite
14.14     Robert A. Logan, Kid Droid Dreams, You, Me
19.30     Phillip Wilkerson, Star River Drift, Cosmic Dust
29.58     Dionisaf, The High Line, New York Environments
32.47     Wickerbird, The Sea Weaver, The Sea Weaver
36.54    Tanner Menard, Love is Subatomic, You Had Not Changed but Your Cameras Were No Longer Identical
48.01     Jill Haley, Witch Hole Pond, The Forests and Shores of Acadia
53.07     Rick Sparks, The Lass of Inverness, Speak Peace
57.31     Elizabeth Naccarato, San Luis, A Southwest Story
1.01.59  Brooks & Day, Red Planet, Awakening
1.06.38  Nowherians, Vancouver…Vancouver…this is it!, That Is Not An Acceptable Lullaby
1.10.28  Forest Robots, In All The Places That We Roam And Wander, Supermoon Moonlight Part Two
1.14.43  Sonogram, Glasstop Hotels, Compendium
1.18.56  Steve Fors, Ground Glass, It’s Nothing, But Still
1.24.20  DAFAKE, Two Sips of Melatonin, In Stasis


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