Episode 375

Time to get our hush on with 90 minutes of nice, quiet music. No bumps, no surprises, no stops. One might go so far as to say you could meditate to this one. Don’t get used to it, though…

Download like ya mean it.

Start      Giles Reaves, The Unknown, Wunjo*
19.25     Igneous Flame, Incandescence, Opaline
30.46     Manitou, Quiet stillness rests on the Algiers Motel, Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun
37.34     Neuro… No Neuro, When I Wake Up and See You, Let’s Be Happy
42.18     Jeannine Schulz, TAI (Peace), Ground. The Gentle
45.45     Carey Moore, St. Matthews, Life Is Ugly. Make Pretty Art.
49.59     Scott Lawlor, Capturing Sunlight, Show Me the Glint of Light
53.40     Biome, Rain Temple, The Shores of Temenos
58.06     Conni St. Pierre, Snowfields, Mountain Spirits
1.03.39  r beny, Overgrowth, Full Blossom of the Evening
1.09.19  Andrew Lang, Confluence, Momentary Senses
1.13.17  Dreamhub, Andromeda, Moments in Space
1.18.47  Blear Moon, Must, Fallow
1.22.10  Eyes Cast Down, Exquisite Divination of Patterns, Divinations

*Out of print. If you want it, you can find it through resellers, which I do not link to.


5 thoughts on “Episode 375

  1. Not only do I enjoy the music and how you stitch the pieces together but I’ve been getting a kick out of your quips about downloading. Yes I still download, it’s how I roll. I put them on my network storage and play it on my stereo system without the distractions that come with my computer or phone. I mean it!

  2. And now that I’ve gotten around to listening to this download…. Wow — this was an amazing episode, so quiet even my inner thoughts were whispering. And the first time I heard Giles Reaves “Wunjo” was when I played it while hosting the “matinee edition” of Star’s End on WXPN. I’m so glad I bought my own copy back then.

    • Thank you, Floyd. Yeah this one ran deep!
      I first owned Wunjo on cassette, then bought it again on CD when Giles released it as “Joy” through mp3.com when the rights were still up in the air, the scooped it up again in digital format when it came available. That opening track just changed everything for me…

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