Episode 373

New year, same show. Same unserious host. Same great music for 90 minutes for the same great listeners.

Download, if you still do that kind of thing.

Start       Atomi, Adela, Little Floating Oracles
8.44       Christopher Alvarado, The Aesir, A Whispering Sanctuary
15.03     Desensitized, Logic of Expression (Praetoreum), Chaos In Premonition
20.10     DEN SORTE DØD, Dyster Kold Mörker, Undergangen
23.20     Mike Clay, Clouds of Creation, Somewhere in Space and Time
28.35     Daryl Groetsch, Waves Rolling In, Ease
37.49     Soft Generator, Know, Ack▪Now▪Ledge
55.58     The Kids And The Cosmos, Shinshan – We Shine, Ambient Mixtape Vol.1
1.02.06  James Asher, Dance of the Light, Anthology
1.06.15  Joerg Dankert, Between the Meantime Part 10, Between the Meantime
1.11.59  Computerchemist, Moonfloating, Where the Clouds Touch the Sky


7 thoughts on “Episode 373

  1. Please continue to allow “Download, if you still do that kind of thing.”
    Music gets moved around in my household. Computers, Laptops, phones, bluetooth speakers (with memory cards) and other MP3 players for on the go listening!

  2. I enjoy, and have for years, the show (as well as the unserious host). Keep up the great work and the best of 2023 to you!

  3. I download because I want a record of someone’s efforts to spread the love around, especially through a really good mix I can take with me, or just pick a random collection on a rainy day(like the last week here in sunny SoCal) and enjoy at my desk for an unserious hour or two.
    Most of the Hypna, all of the Gogue.

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