Episode 346

Last show of 2021. While other folks are doing their best of lists or holiday-themed shows, you and I are just going to dig into some good cuts from the library and enjoy the ride. Thanks in advance for being a great audience, and I wish you the best in the year to come!


Start      Adam Werner, Sage & Sand (For Tristan), Deep
5.00       Sundaug, Summer Rain, Nocturnality
8.43       Bryan Carrigan, The Drive Home, Passing Lights
12.58     Paul Ellis, Between The Trees; Mount Hood, Moth in Flames
27.34     Break_fold, 29_04_18, Break_fold
31.47     Understated Theory, Aviation Trails, Juxtapparition
37.43     Gianluca Piacenza, Mutations, Dreams
51.25     The Man from Impossible, Use Me, The Man from Impossible
55.00     Geoffrey Armes, A Narrative of Paradise, Hemisphere
58.07     Active Dark Filament, Scrypt, Beyond the Great Divide
1.09.07  Leaving Richmond, Backlit Narrative, The Bird and the Submarine
1.12.51  Glanko, Orvot, Remission
1.19.03  Vivien Le Fay, Ex-self, Ecolalia
1.24.56  Seamus O’Muineachain, The Space Where You Once Were, Blue Moon Set


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