Episode 308

This non-stop glide melts its way from the Newish queue into the library. I confess to latching onto some analog grooves for a while in the second half. Can’t help myself.


Start      Fabio R Lattuca, Stay Down Below, Till This Blow Over, Matter
7.18       Micah Pick, You Know When You Hear It, Brighter Than I Thought
10.18     Spectral Habitat, Day Dunes, Atlas
15.45     Discovery Zone, Time Zone, Remote Control
20.06     Michael Bruckner, Yavanna, Servant Of The Secret Fire
36.59     Jeffrey Koepper, Quasar, Transmitter
48.06     Ombient & Chuck van Zyl, The Zone, Space Patrol
1.01.25  Colin Rayment, High Speed Thaw, Transitional States
1.12.47  John Lyell, The Deep Unknown, Reflection of Time
1.18.38  Jack Hertz, Lightning, 7.83 hZ


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