Episode 367

Here’s my prediction: you’ll love the first part of this episode, and then you may wonder what the heck I’m thinking. My show, my rules. :-) Hang on and dig the ride.


Start      Ryan Summers, Harbor Buoy, Deeply Divided
5.25       Seigo Aoyama, First Gale, Prelude for the Spring
11.39     Grotta Veterano & Francis Gri, Inteer, Soolo
18.00     Tomo-Nakaguchi, Snowblink, Tayutau
22.52     The Cyrillic, Typewriter Tell All the Poets, Buzz
27.53     SLITES, Crystalline Air, To Dissociate To
33.14     (is), Psychoprobe Console, Light Play
48.06     Hypnogenica, Metatron, Psychotheric Transmissions – Vol. 00
1.04.37  Sequential Dreams, Astral Plane, Star Lost
1.11.19  Gayle Ellett & the Electromags, Crash Bar, Shiny Side Up
1.16.36  Orion Tango, Bush Hog, The In Between
1.23.52  Nightdrive, Inamoto, Inamoto

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