Episode 366

No stops on this one, even when we roll into unusual territory. For the most part things stay quiet, with bits here and there to make sure you’re still with us.


Start      Darkroom, Our Damage Catches Up With Us, The Last Sense To Fade
10.26     Ryan Huber, Quickening, Subterrane
20.38     J. Doursou, Foliage, Filling Voids, Choreography of Decay
25.40     Lorenzo Montanà, Unknown Passage, Descent
36.42     Tapes and Topographies, A Bed of Cut Flowers, Amplitudes
42.30     Aron Stadler, Rivers of Frequency, Rivers of Frequency
1.00.35  Konrad Paulsen, Ein, Atem
1.05.38  Neuro… No Neuro/Volume Objects, HyperUnreal (VO – Remix), HyperFocused-HyperUnreal
1.10.55  Alexander Adams, Akoustic Trash for Blown-out Riot, in Spring, Histamine Tapes 2022
1.16.22  Grandbruit, Adaptation 5, Adaptation
1.21.58  Carlos Dengler, Embers, Aqueduct


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