Episode 356

Once again we start in the Holding Tank to see what’s been sent along. (Turns out it’s a bit of harp, guitar, and piano, among other things.) After that we’ll shuffle through the shelves and see what musical delicacies we can uncover. Bound to be tasty.


Start      Trine Opsahl, Do Not Simply Pass by Like a Dream (Duo), The Moon Stays Bright
6.00      Harriet Riley & Alex Garden, Sonder, Sonder II
10.25     Juan Sanchez, Those Fridays, Touch and Sound
15.21    Randall Meek, Mo’olio Place, Longings
20.39    Will Ackerman, Did I Dream This, Positano Songs
25.28     Solace Road, In Serenity, The Essence of Self
31.11     Jeff Greinke, Into the Night, Noctilucent
40.31     Lauge & Perry Frank, Undergrowth, Selvascapes
51.22     David W Donner, Someday Soon, Eterna
56.13     In Vitro, Metanoia, Modulandi
58.51     Martin Kohlstedt, Nox, Flur
1.04.53  Bersarin Quartett, Futur II, Methoden und Maschinen
1.08.32  Okada, Unclothe, Misery
1.22.57  Colin Russell, Daisy Chain _ Maypole, Etudes
1.25.43  Janne Hanhisuanto, Dance of Electrons, Quiet Places


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