Episode 245

What’s in a name? Well, sometimes it’s good music, as we find out by starting this episode with “Heroin in Tahiti.” Mid-show, the Spotlight shines on flutist Ann Licater.


Start     Heroin in Tahiti, Bad Auspicia, Casalina Tapes 2010
4.39       Liminal Drifter, Fish Don’t Have Arms or Legs, The Dreams
11.06     dmH, 9:07 am, Music for the Wrong Time
15.30     Blissbox, Dodeca, Sethian
19.53     Endless Melancholy, Stillness Mixed with Stillness, The Vacation

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Ann Licater
28.40     Beyond the Mist, Invitation from Within
31.47     Island Garden, Beyond the Waves
35.38     Dream Journey, Invitation from Within
39.31     Radiance, Doorway to a Dream
43.24     Song of the Willows, Beyond the Waves
46.38     Xiao Garden, Doorway to a Dream
49.31     Oneness, Invitation from Within
52.00     Into the Heart, Doorway to a Dream

58.33     Chris Russell, Varuna, Echo
1.04.53  Ryan Summers, Transitive Memory Partner, ii
1.09.12  SineRider, Lost in Fog, Lonely Ocean
1.13.21  The Green Kingdom, Illuminations (dub), Seen and Unseen
1.20.09  Biome, C Ov Bioluminescense, The Shores of Temenos


Episode 244

Yes, it’s time for THE episode. Hey, you’re smart–you’ve already figured out that this is one of my cheesy theme shows. So dig in and enjoy all THE artists.


Start      The Post-Riot Era, We Have Lost Friends, Schism*
8.27       The Glass Hour, Lament, Ever After
12.12     The Aurora Principle, 1995, Searching for the Stars
17.09     The Ministry of Inside Things, Function Four, Everlasting Moment
28.16     The Ambient Visitor, A Meeting of the Spirits, Part 1 (excerpt), A Meeting of the Spirits
46.06     The Ruxpins, Where Do We Go From Here?, This Time We Go Together
49.42     TheDetroit76, Living in Stereo, Premiere
53.49     The Pure Heart Ensemble, Heading Home, Bliss of Being
1.03.00  The Ghost of An Alien, Thy Kingdom of Au, Dust. Time.. Gravity…
1.10.09  The Corrupting Sea, Underwater Storms, Samatta
1.16.32  The Current, Alone with Company, Communion
1.20.30  The OO-Ray, Fiftytwo, Tiny Fugues
1.23.06  The Glimmer Room, Mr Price Remembers, The Locked Book

*As far as I can tell, Dean Hinds, the man who is The Post-Riot Era, has pretty much scraped TPRE off the Internet. You can find this album out there if you try, because the Internet holds many secrets, but it’s my policy to only post legitimate artist links.

Episode 243

A pair of short but deep sets flank a 30-minute excursion into the soundworlds of Janne Hanhisuanto.


Start      Robert Scott Thompson, Resonant Clockwork, Alphabet of the Trees
8.04       Songs for a Rainy Day, Stumbling As We Rise, The Oldest Spring
13.40     Paulina Cassidy, Soaring Through Portals, Drawing Up a Storm
18.52     Gargle, Ephemeral Light, Wading in Shallow Waters

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Janne Hanhisuanto
27.15     Sequence Alpha, Quiet Places
34.58     Part 4, Light and Shadow
42.20     Movement 5, Icescapes
48.11     Solarization 3, Solarization (as Janneh)
52.29     Synastasia, 10, Synastasia

1.01.23  Level Pi, No Cello, Entrance
1.13.21  Computerchemist, Darklight Drive, Landform
1.25.55  Eric Pietras, Theory of North, Beams

I neglected to mention it during the show, but the first track in this episode’s Spotlight is the 3000th track played on the podcast. Thanks for listening!

Episode 242

The ride this time flows straight on through. Around the mid-point we’ll dig into some older work, and bring it in for a very deep, hushed close.


Start       Iyari, 1-0, Ostara
8.59       Dan Caine, Take Flight, Journey Through an Open Mind
15.54     Jeff Grienke, Mountains and Clouds, Before Sunrise
21.36     Tapes and Topographies, Drone for Ella, Opiates
27.03     Glass Locus, It’s Snowing, Escapism
31.57     Distant Fires Burning, Mountain, For the Love Of…
40.07     Mythos, Catana, Eros
44.21     Paul Ellis, The Click and Chime of Passing Time, From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness
57.09     Von Geistley, The Long Goodbye, Winter
1.02.42  Andrew Howie, Found, Scars Are Like A Beacon
1.07.02  Sundaug, Breath of Spring, Nocturnality
1.11.13  Tim Linghaus, And All Of A Sudden Everything Elapsed, Vhoir
1.13.35  Silvercord, Φ (Phi), Cronosleeps

Episode 241

The first and last sets of this episode feature music from the Newish queue. Between, we serve up thirty minutes of deep Joe Frawley cuts.


Start      Macchiato Funky, Sospeso, BUGELLA 20-50
4.58       Break_fold, 07_08_17, 27_05_17 – 21_01_18
10.40     Glamaticus, The Sixth Ray, Dream Room
18.01     Medard Fischer, You Can’t Be Gone If You Were Never Anywhere To Start, Lucky You
23.28     Julien Boulier, Arcane Septime, A Film Not Yet Made

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Joe Frawley
32.43     M, Strange Weather
35.50     Siren’s Night, Strange Weather
37.22     Left Cincinnati, Left Cincinnati
41.52     The Magus, Cartomancer
47.01     Saturday (A Letter from Home), A Week of Fevers
50.04     Pierrot Dies, The Night Parade
55.43     Apparition, Speak of This to No One
59.23     A Sleepwalker’s Vocabulary, Carnival

1.05.56  Pavor Nocturnus & Versuscode, Lost Lake Sognomeccanico
1.13.22  Simon Wilkinson, Vapour Mining, Stateless
1.22.33  Monochromie, Sunrise, Stained Glass

Episode 240

Gather ’round, Uninterrupted Podcast fans. The mic is off and the music is on, and it feels like going a lot of different places. I’ll talk to you briefly after 90.


Start      A Signal in the Static, Dog Star, Transmissions from Yesterday
5.32       Mingo, Long for an End, Guide to Invisibility
12.08     Eyes Cast Down, Mirage Two, The White Island
23.18     The Detroit76, Blast – Eden’s Dream, Premiere
27.14     Wacky Southern Current, Turn Up for the Rush, 6
32.01     Menion, In Fondo a Lago, Menion
356.59   Matthew Stewart, Cave of Stars, A World Bathed in Sunlight
42.54     David Helpling, Dreams of Smoke and Mist, A Sea Without Memory
55.36     Chad Hoefler, Snow Fire, Quiet Glow
1.04.27  redgreenblue, No 1, The Larch, The Forest. Pt 1
1.13.54  Hollan Holmes, The Inevitability of Change, Incandescent
1.21.42  Janne Hahnisuanto, Whispers In Dark, Quiet Places

Episode 239

Here. Have a listen. In the middle you get 30 minutes alone with AeTopus.


Start      Altus, Slingshot, Pioneer
9.23       Dirk Serries, The Nebulous Chords, Epitaph
17.02     Erik Wollo, Mosaic of Time I – Route Diverge, Threshold Point
23.58     Alphaxone, Road to Nowhere, Edge of Solitude

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: AeTopus
31.49     Mosswood, Totem Totum
35.09     Kith, Totem Totum
38.52     Alley of Dust and Soul, Angels and Machines
45.09     Quietus Est, When
50.40     The Gate, Between Empires

59.50     Kevin Bartlett, gds1? Ask Larissa, She Knows, The Gatherings, Vol 1
1.09.23  To Destroy A City, Wavelength, Go Mirage
1.12.43  Roy Mattson, Structures of Bliss, Projected Formations
1.19.06  Igneous Flame, North Sea Siren, Ocean Sighs
1.27.29  Forrest Fang, Fossils, Letters to the Farthest Star