Episode 251

Sure, you’ve heard a fair amount of Phillip Wilkerson in the last few episodes, but that’s because he’s good and I like his music. So much, in fact, that between two solid sets from the Newish queue, you get to drop into 30 deep minutes with him. Or, uh, I mean…his music. Either way.


Start      Active Dark Filament, Silent Lands, Beyond the Great Divide
12.16     Sunbane, Ashfall – Ruin, Soma
22.17     Eleon, Sandbox in the Rain, Dreams Beyond Terra
26.30     Amparo, Coastal Dusk, Palm House

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Phillip Wilkerson
33.41     Souvenir of Bliss, Reveries
42.22     Sanctuary, Sojourner
48.21     Asynchronous Maneuvers, Wondrous Encounters
55.57     Frontier, Interplay
1.02.05  Unseen Unnoticed, Swiftly the Sun

1.08.54  Christopher Sky, You’ve Been Gone Too Long, Vastness
1.14.13  Garo, Lisansky, Sea Songs
1.16.35  Joe Frawley, Lady of Shalott, Waterhouse
1.20.53  North Atlantic Drift, Glow, Departures
1.28.31  Steve Roach, Liminal, Mercurius



How did we end up here? It’s, like, 500 weeks later and I’m still doing a podcast. Huh. Must be all the good music that’s sent to me. Let’s play some. Extra-long show this time. Enjoy, and as I will say several times throughout: thank you so very much.


Start       Giles Reaves, Joy, Wunjo
4.40        Steve Roach, Cloud Motion, Now/Traveler
9.48        Brannan Lane, Sonic Pillow, Sleep Cycle*
13.45     Numina, In Loneliness, the Landscape Fades, Sanctuary of Dreams
19.50     Igneous Flame, Lost at Sea, Oxana
23.39     Spacecraft, DeProfundis, The Gatherings Vol 2**
33.51     Robert Rich, Eulalia, Filaments
48.03     Cyberchump, That Nagging Feeling, The Construction of Things
56.11     John Lyell, Searching for a Moment, Planetary Artifacts
1.02.19  CH District, Conclusion, Conclusion
1.08.06  DeeperNET, Tiny Paper Squares, One
1.16.23  Dolmen, Calling Our Dead Ones Home, Incantations Verse One
1.19.52  Zero Ohms, The Poetics of Space, Sweven
1.26.48  Phillip Wilkerson, Endlessly Spiraling, The Stars and Afterward
1.34.46  Manitou, The snow dances under the lights of the Park Avenue Hotel, Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun
1.42.52  Dwight Ashley, Katalepsis, Discrete Carbon
1.48.54  Bruno Sanfilippo, A Door Opens Forever, Inside Life
1.55.49  Todd Boston, Blue Pearl, One

*As noted in the show, I had this from a Sampler. I found the actual album it came from for you. You’re welcome.
**I’ve added a link to the page for The Gatherings Vol 2, but I am not sure the album is commercially available. Instead, here’s a link to the track itself from Spacecraft’s Bandcamp page.

And yes, Wunjo remains a collector’s item for those who choose to search it out on the internet. And you should, because it’s magic. My policy here is to only provide artist-verifiable links where possible, and not links to random resellers.

Episode 249

In the Spotlight this time, it’s the spacey sounds of Hollan Holmes. New tracks up front, deep library grooves at the tail.

A reminder: Leaving a review and rating of the show on whichever site you use to get your podcasts helps other listeners find and enjoy it. And I appreciate it quite a bit as well.


Start      Rest You Sleeping Giant, Left to Decay, Spirits
11.38     Unifony, Ghostly, Unifony
14.23     Swartz et, Saudade, A Living Thing
25.29     Anasia, Song 3, 5Mice

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Hollan Holmes*
36.19     Prayer to the Energy, Prayer to the Energy
42.16     Lost Memories, Phase Shift
46.58     The Sentinel, The Farthest Fringes
52.31     The Inevitability Of Change, Incandescent
1.00.31  Wellspring, A Distant Light

1.07.19  Elise Lebec, The Jam – Luxor, Egypt, Origin
1.12.01  Oh Hiroshima, Ruach, In Silence We Yearn
1.17.17  Luna Firma, Between Me and the Sea, Falling Towards Atlantis

*So it appears I was wrong about Hollan taking a workshop with Steve Roach. But here’s the story of the Holmes-Roach connection, in Hollan’s own words, which he shared on Facebook:

While I’ve never taken a workshop with Steve Roach, I must admit that he has been an influence, as well as an inspiration ever since I discovered his work in the late 80s. How he and I met is a bit of an interesting story. In 1990, while working as a baggage handler at American Airlines, I was loading baggage onto a flight bound for Tucson. I started pulling these big flight cases off the cart, when I noticed the name, Steve Roach. I’d discovered his music a couple of years earlier and had become a rabid fan. Like a giddy schoolgirl I ran up the jet bridge stairs and conned the ticket agent into giving me Steve’s seat number letting me onboard. Hands shaking, I asked him for his autograph. It was one of the first times any fan had asked him for one. I still have that autograph in my collection. Now, fast forward to 2004. I wrote Steve and told him this story, then asked him if he would be interested in letting me create an album cover (Lost Pieces, Vol.4) for him (my primary career is as an artist). He both remembered and obliged. I went on to do another album cover (immersion one), a tee shirt design (Circuit Mandala) and all the graphics for all four versions of his Immersion Station Apps. We’ve been friends for a long time and, while I make every effort to make music that is my own, Steve Roach does remain both an influence and an inspiration.

Episode 248

“Hey, John,” the flow said to me somewhere in the midst of my putting it together, “you may want to just sit this one out.” So I did.


Start      Roy Mattson, Petrichor, Flora and Fauna
14.37     AJNA, Gematria, Lucid Intrusion
21.07     Ghosthalo, Last Night A Smiling Man Followed Me All the Way Home, Hyperdeath
30.06     Lowering, Fexofenadine High, Collapsule
36.23     Runar Blesvik, 1976, Blend
43.38     A Spot on the Hill, What If I Was Wrong, The Tenth Wave
47.16     Seigo Aoyama, Northbound, Visible World
54.14     Seamus O’Muineachain, Den, Unnamed Cafe, Hoang Hoa Tham
56.48     Joe Frawley, The Magic Circle – Consulting the Oracle, Waterhouse
1.00.02  Monica Williams, Wandering, Journey of Tears
1.06.17  Madhavi Devi, Jade Breeze, The Truth of Being
1.18.35  Dan Caine, Traces, Cascades
1.24.25  Will Havard, Closer, Senni

Episode 247

Chris Russell stands in the Spotlight this episode, bringing five deep ambient cuts. On either side, three cuts from the Newish queue and three from deep in the stacks.


Start      Byron Metcalf, A Steadfast Path, Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II
9.56       The Green Kingdom, Cloud Wanderings, Seen and Unseen
17.15     Phillip Wilkerson, Motion of Spirit, Reveries

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Chris Russell
37.15     Radium, Echo
43.12     Orchid, Bloom
47.07     Axiom, Still
53.02     Tundra, Frozen
1.01.31  In the Maze, Labyrinth

1.08.35  Dino Pacifici, Warp, Hallowed Ground
1.14.51  Chronotope Project, Reflecting Pool, Chrysalis
1.21.40  Shambu, Days Like Falling Stars, Soothe

Episode 246

I have a playlist in my iTunes labeled “Night.” It’s for music I want to wind down to, to have in the background as evening deepens around me out here at the edge of the marsh. You can listen to this one any time you feel like getting your shhhh on…but I do invite you to try it some fine evening of your own.


Start      Bob Holroyd, Empty Vessel, Afterglow
3.56       John Sobocan, Ohms, A Soft Circle
9.18       Michelle Qureshi, Page of Cups, Seventh Wave
13.03     Mingo, The Blue Star, The Blue Star
20.21     Ambient Alchemy, The 2nd Law, Triumph of Darkness
26.41     Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, Your Shadow, Wet Petals
32.23     Meg Bowles, Nocturnal Flight, A Quiet Light
44.03     Cousin Silas, Galactic Procession (excerpt), Galactic Procession
57.37     Igneous Flame, Esteri, Sylvi
1.08.01  Jeff Pearce, The River in Late Autumn, From the Darker Seasons
1.12.51  Bruno Sanfillippo, Freezing Point, Inside Life
1.17.49  Dan Pound, Never Me Without You, Shadows of the Heart
1.25.21  Ken Elkinson, The Thin Veil, Music for Commuting Vols 3&4 Wednesday/Thursday

Episode 245

What’s in a name? Well, sometimes it’s good music, as we find out by starting this episode with “Heroin in Tahiti.” Mid-show, the Spotlight shines on flutist Ann Licater.


Start     Heroin in Tahiti, Bad Auspicia, Casalina Tapes 2010
4.39       Liminal Drifter, Fish Don’t Have Arms or Legs, The Dreams
11.06     dmH, 9:07 am, Music for the Wrong Time
15.30     Blissbox, Dodeca, Sethian
19.53     Endless Melancholy, Stillness Mixed with Stillness, The Vacation

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Ann Licater
28.40     Beyond the Mist, Invitation from Within
31.47     Island Garden, Beyond the Waves
35.38     Dream Journey, Invitation from Within
39.31     Radiance, Doorway to a Dream
43.24     Song of the Willows, Beyond the Waves
46.38     Xiao Garden, Doorway to a Dream
49.31     Oneness, Invitation from Within
52.00     Into the Heart, Doorway to a Dream

58.33     Chris Russell, Varuna, Echo
1.04.53  Ryan Summers, Transitive Memory Partner, ii
1.09.12  SineRider, Lost in Fog, Lonely Ocean
1.13.21  The Green Kingdom, Illuminations (dub), Seen and Unseen
1.20.09  Biome, C Ov Bioluminescense, The Shores of Temenos