Episode 240

Gather ’round, Uninterrupted Podcast fans. The mic is off and the music is on, and it feels like going a lot of different places. I’ll talk to you briefly after 90.


Start      A Signal in the Static, Dog Star, Transmissions from Yesterday
5.32       Mingo, Long for an End, Guide to Invisibility
12.08     Eyes Cast Down, Mirage Two, The White Island
23.18     The Detroit76, Blast – Eden’s Dream, Premiere
27.14     Wacky Southern Current, Turn Up for the Rush, 6
32.01     Menion, In Fondo a Lago, Menion
356.59   Matthew Stewart, Cave of Stars, A World Bathed in Sunlight
42.54     David Helpling, Dreams of Smoke and Mist, A Sea Without Memory
55.36     Chad Hoefler, Snow Fire, Quiet Glow
1.04.27  redgreenblue, No 1, The Larch, The Forest. Pt 1
1.13.54  Hollan Holmes, The Inevitability of Change, Incandescent
1.21.42  Janne Hahnisuanto, Whispers In Dark, Quiet Places


Episode 239

Here. Have a listen. In the middle you get 30 minutes alone with AeTopus.


Start      Altus, Slingshot, Pioneer
9.23       Dirk Serries, The Nebulous Chords, Epitaph
17.02     Erik Wollo, Mosaic of Time I – Route Diverge, Threshold Point
23.58     Alphaxone, Road to Nowhere, Edge of Solitude

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: AeTopus
31.49     Mosswood, Totem Totum
35.09     Kith, Totem Totum
38.52     Alley of Dust and Soul, Angels and Machines
45.09     Quietus Est, When
50.40     The Gate, Between Empires

59.50     Kevin Bartlett, gds1? Ask Larissa, She Knows, The Gatherings, Vol 1
1.09.23  To Destroy A City, Wavelength, Go Mirage
1.12.43  Roy Mattson, Structures of Bliss, Projected Formations
1.19.06  Igneous Flame, North Sea Siren, Ocean Sighs
1.27.29  Forrest Fang, Fossils, Letters to the Farthest Star

Episode 238

As I took this episode into the library portion, I challenged myself to dig a little deeper than usual. I like the results. And the first set is pretty good, too–packed with tasty new tunes. Remember, you’re always welcome to comment, whether it’s here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or by email. Give me your thoughts!


Start      Steve Roach, Phase Reverie, Molecules of Motion
10.11     Jarguna, Little Black Fairy, Pareidolia
20.59     Slow Dancing Society, Cannon Hill, The Torchlight Parade
24.10     Nonturn, Compassion Territory, Territory
30.12     Mirko Russo, Skyline, Stories of Mirrors and Broken Roads
33.42     Charm Day, Where Monsters Roamed, Shelter
36.30     Sverre Knut Johansen, Space and Time, The Vast Expanse
49.50     David Downing, The Storm, Cosmic Conspiracy
56.54     Domingues & Kane, Black Shuck, Gut + Voltage
1.03.55  Cold, Cold Heart, Hannah, How the Other Half Live and Die
1.08.48  Tom Eaton, Argo Navis, Indesterren
1.15.33  High Skies, The Shape of Things to Come, Sounds of Earth
1.21.32  Swartz, The Blue Light of Morning, Nighttide

Episode 237

There’s a fair amount of uptempo stuff in this new episode–a nice change from last episode’s deep, long drifts. Plus, you get 30 minutes of hanging out with Mr. Bob Holroyd. Enjoy.


Start      Sensitive Chaos, Missing Viejo, Walking A Beautiful World
7.23       Majestica, Chasing the Leonids, From Auriga to Orion
11.45     Carl Weingarten, Jazz76, This Is Where I Found You
18.17     Deer Park Ranger, Swing in Roundabouts, Bottom of the Ocean
22.54     Erik Nilsson, Lima Nocturne, The Imperfect Tense

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Bob Holroyd
37.16     The Cage, The Cage
44.11     Woven, The Cage
49.48     The Unseen Scars, Blueprints
53.01     Overland, In Motion
59.13     In the Time We Have Left, Afterglow
1.03.28  Samsara, In Motion

1.11.31  Ryan Summers, Don’t Tell, ii
1.18.21  Sleeping Horses, Their Thoughts, Our Cages, Water for Air
1.20.18  Xin, Somavar, Xinxin
1.26.30  CИTROPY, Styx, CИTROPY

Episode 236

Long tracks. No interruptions. Just 90 minutes for you to share with some seriously deep sounds. Welcome to another lazy podcast.


Start      Juta Takahashi, Autumn Bringer, Light and Shadow
17.19     Flavigula, I’ll Take Three Spiced Sausages and a Cudgel, Flackacki
32.58     Owl and Tanager, A Day for Oceans, Days
44.03     Steve Roach, Where Rasa Lives, Back to Life
58.54     Phillip Wilkerson, Low Gravity Field, Wondrous Encounters
1.13.56  Zero Ohms, This Beautiful Now, Worlds, Afterworlds

Episode 235

Post-rock fans will dig into this month’s Spotlight as we focus on Leaving Richmond. On either side of it you’ll find deep cuts and smooth voyages.

Download mp3

Start    Takashi Suzuki, Following the Guiding Bells, Voyage – Hiroshima Eternal
8.19     Robert Rich, Equipoise and Dissolution, Vestiges
17.01   Chords of Orion, Love Move, Atmosphere

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Leaving Richmond
24.52   Moments of Clarity, Subcircuits
31.00   We Found Us, Subcircuits
35.59   I’ll Find Meaning, Just Not Today, The Bird and the Submarine
39.53   The Bird and the Submarine, The Bird and the Submarine
45.26   The Electronic Afterlife, The Antique Heart
50.57   You Will Be Safe Here, The Antique Heart

56.40     Tsode, Sunday Sun, The Quiet Music, The Sonorous Loneliness
1.02.11  Khara, Ode to Edwin J Hill, There Were Heroes Amongst Us
1.08.31  AeTopus, Kith, Totem Totum
1.12.11  Jeff Grienke, Under Falling Stars, Before Sunrise
1.16.56  Durango Budd, Piano Drone 2, Drones for Prepared and Synthesized Piano
1.24.14  Juan Maria Solare, Retrato en Sepia, Sombras Blancas

Episode 234

Seems like there are only so many ways I can tell you that a show is filled with great music. Yet here I am again, writing about how this episode starts with a couple albums that caught my ear and made me mention them on social media, and how the flow nudges its way over toward darkness, and how the Library section of the show found me digging deep into the shelves to pull together a pretty smooth ride. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Enjoy.

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Start      Running in Slow Motion, Again, Kinesis
8.37       4lienetic, Stay, The Rooftop at 2
13.11     Ykymyr, City, City
15.07     Dead Melodies, Peach Black Descent, Legends of the Wood
21.03     Phelios, Light Curve Wave, Human Stasis Habitat
27.52     The Corrupting Sea, Putting the Monsters to Bed Under Your Bed, Samatta
36.38     Arcana, Through the Grey Horizon, The New Light
46.28     Anklebiter, Absolution is a Plushtoy, I Will Wait
51.11     Alpha Wave Movement, Rendezvous, Cosmology
56.48     Madly in Dub, Nan Madol, Madly in Dub
1.02.16  Olivia Summer, Purple, Simply
1.06.41  Wharmton Rise, Three Sixty Degrees, Earth Bound
1.11.41  Jeffrey Koepper, Equinox, MantraSequent
1.17.20  Hollan Holmes, Earth Song, Incandescent
1.25.23  Arc Lab, Through the Burning Glass, Anthem