Episode 207

Been putting a lot of new music into the queue lately. Some day it’ll get reviewed. For now, it’ll get listened. Enjoy.

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Start     Fictioncity, Morphine, The Shell
5.25       Ethernet, Spells, Outside of Time
9.38       Carey Moore, Of Course, Life is Ugly. Make Pretty Art.
13.57     Red Sky Lullaby, Simian Harmonics, Very Own Special Day
21.44     Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society, Half Light, Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
28.58     Hollan Holmes ,We Can Never Go Back, Prayer to the Energy
35.48     Harold Sleeper, The Outskirts, Momentary Permanence
41.50     Onewayness, First Light, Onewayness Was Here
52.39     Dave Preston, Deep Sigh, In These Storms
56.51     Perry Frank, OceanMirrors, Music to Disappear
1.00.04  Phillip Wilkerson, All Is Always Now, Still Point
1.05.44  Somnarium, Nimrod, Frost
1.12.43  Kyle Bobby Dunn, Bonaventure’s Finest Hour, A Young Person’s Guide To...
1.23.30  Ex Confusion, Letters That You Keep, With Love

Episode 206

There’s been so much great music coming in lately. While it’s going to take forever for me to get around to reviewing it all over at Hypnagogue Reviews, at least we’ve got this dandy little podcast so I can share a lot of it with you. Dig in.

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Start     Tangent, Distorted Perspective, Collapsing Horizons
5.35       Ben Carroll, Through the Portal, Multidimensional Voice
13.12     Erik Wøllo, Cascade Falls, Different Spaces
21.34     Steve Roach, Finger on the Pulse, Spiral Revelation
31.10      John Lyell, Echoes of a Distant Past, Planetary Artifacts
39.33     Kevin Kerrigan, Refugee, Solasta
45.09     Shambhu, Gaia Sweet Divine, Soothe
50.10     Timothy Wenzel, Such A Long Time, River Serene
54.58     Julien Demoulin, Crushes, Loose Ends
1.00.52  Mingo, Sapta, Kailasa
1.04.16  James Murray, Lena, The Miracle of Transport
1.08.19  There Is No Teenage Love, White Flag, There Is No Teenage Love
1.17.16  The Post Riot Era, Still Busy Making Changes at the Zero Hour, On Zero Sum Living
1.22.05  My Majestic Star, Loose Mind, Tired Eyes, Ideas Are the Answer

Episode 205

Pardon the delay in getting this one out. If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that I got sidelined with a back issue that literally prevented me from sitting (or standing) for more than 30 seconds at a time. I spent most of January and all of February in bed. With this episode, I should be back on track to get you your biweekly dose of the best in ambient, electronic, and contemporary instrumental. On to the music. It’s review queue goods for the first half-hour, then we pull the blinds and head into some sweet dark stuff.

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Start     Moonlooker, Black Bird on Black Snow, White Bird on Black Snow
5.10       Eluvium, Movie Night Revisited, False Readings On
9.28      Wacky Southern Current, Not Afraid (of Spiders),  6
13.42     Bruno Sanfilippo, Piano Textures 4 I, Piano Textures 4
17.26     Matthew Stewart, Canvas, A World Bathed in Sunlight
22.07    Forrest Fang, The Last Technicolor Dream, Following the Ether Sun
34.34     Kristoffer Oustad, Traveler, Filth Haven
44.20    Beyond Sensory Experience, Blank, Faint
49.50    Kalte, Svalbard, Glaciations
57.58     Carbon111, Fog Harvester (excerpt), Fog Music Vol 1
1.10.25  Soriah & Ashkelon Sain, Temicteopan, Eztika
1.16.58  Sky Burial, Fools Circel 9Wys, There I Saw the Grey Wolf Gaping
1.21.13   Jeffrey Koepper, Trance Electric, Konnektions

Episode 204

I’ll be sitting quietly in the corner for this one. We’ll open with some mellow tunes from the review queue, ending in laid-back tribal surroundings. At the 34-minute mark it’s into the library for a stretch that takes a turn toward Berlin, if ya know what I mean.

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Start     Brave Timbers, Swimming in the Isar, Secret Hopes
4.46      Erik Scott, Breathing Room, In the Company of Clouds
10.14     Fiona Joy, Grace (Chill Version),  Signature Synchronicity
14.35     Covarino/Incorvaia, #2, Perugia
24.32     Byron Metcalf, As Clouds Dance, Inner Rhythm Meditations
34.01     Apne Sinn, Tabula Rasa, Espiritista
38.25     Dave Luxton, Reverse Orbit, Music from the Firmament
44.17     Gert Emmens, Opaque Divergence, Metamorphosis
58.29     Jason Sloan, Egress, Haven
1.17.55   Computerchemist, After the Eclipse, Landform

Episode 203

It’s time to go back to splitting the show between music from the review queue and music from the library. The first set is a bit shorter than usual, but loaded with great sounds. The second set will help you get your groove on.

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Start      Majestica, Carousel, In the Midst of Stars
4.26       Kylmyss, In the Shadow of the Raven, Isodope
9.27       Thee Koukouvaya, Margaritas by the Pool, Ancient Race of Techno-Voyagers
14.31      R Beny, Full Blossom of the Evening, Full Blossom of the Evening
23.13      Secoya, Towers, The World is Yours
29.17      Urenga, Ocean’s Secret, Pacific Depths
40.37     metlay!, Fade to Gold, Fade
53.33     Brannan Lane & Tom Larson, Tails of the Rain Forest, Pt 2, Tribal Spirit
59.10     Al Gromer Khan,, Procession for Vilayat Khan (Study in Raga Gujari Todi), Far Go
1.04.07  Music for Voyeurs, The Work of the Gospel, The Long Sleep
1.06.39  Canartic, Dive, Headphone Test
1.10.52  DeeperNET, Neptune, ONE
1.19.21   Fetal Pulse, Interstellar Club, Space
1.22.58   Sircle, Reflection, A Relevant Space

Episode 202

For the first show of 2017, I decided to keep things on the calm side. After the emotional roller coaster that was 2016, I think we could all use it. The beginning of this flow got its start, like so many before, when the library shuffle served up the lovely first track from Anima. See you in 90 minutes.

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Start      Anima, Peace, Light of Aluna
10.24     Andrew Lahiff, Lands of Shades and Colours, Inner Worlds Returning
17.07     John Lyell, A Far Away Place, Reflection of Time
24.10     Boy Is Fiction, Until Morning Comes, Broadcasts in Colour
28.46     Numina, Secrets from the Flame, Eye of the Nautilus
35.50     Steve Roach & Mark Seelig, Nightbloom, Part 4, Nightbloom
48.17     Alio Die, Cerulean Facade, Deconsecrated & Pure
58.06     Circular, Phase47, Quiet Friends
1.05.34  Zero Ohms, Peace of the Pi, Worlds, Afterworlds
1.15.19  Massergy, Tetrahelix, Orchid (compilation)*
1.22.40  Common Ground, The Ties That Bind, Common Ground

*This episode’s gaffe: In my VO I say that this compilation is from Relaxed Machinery, which is on hiatus, but it’s actually on the earthMantra label, which is alive and very well.

Episode 201

It’s time to listen to tracks from some of my favorite albums that I reviewed this year. Settle in—we’re going long again.

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Start      Forrest Fang, Driftwood, The Sleepwalker’s Ocean
7.45       Jeff Pearce, Downstream I, Follow the River Home
11.22     Manitou, Last Cry of the Seven Sisters, Landscape Histories and Sentiments
15.23     Robert Rich, Meeting Face to Face, What We Left Behind
19.55     Purl & Sinius, Over the Edge, Oceans of Sound
25.26     Altus, Cerulean Skies, Komorebi
35.45     Mathew Roth, Step, Written & Unsent
41.59     Joe Frawley, Elegy, The Night Parade
46.48     Tom Eaton, Friday/Patience, Abendromen
54.29     Bruno Sanfilippo, Before Nightfall, The Poet
58.07     Medard Fischer, Five Years Almost to the Day, Four Songs for the City of New York
1.00.46  Robert Logan & Steve Roach, Nightspeak, Second Nature
1.07.54  Chance’s End, Culte de la Femme, Almost Home
1.11.36  Cousin Silas, Funky Snatcher, Through a Cobweb Strange
1.15.15  Twilight Archive, Sense Making Stops, Mood Chain
1.21.01  SineRider, Winter Months, Seconds Minutes
1.25.12  Sensitive Chaos, The Romance of Train Travel, March of the Timeshifters
1.32.00  Off Land, Pulsar, Afterglow
1.40.50  Manuel Frau, Blue, Sky Blue Ice Dawn
1.47.48  Phillip Wilkerson, The Last Day Here, Waking Across the River
1.59.10  Ministry of Inside Things, Grateful, Everlasting Moment