Episode 203

It’s time to go back to splitting the show between music from the review queue and music from the library. The first set is a bit shorter than usual, but loaded with great sounds. The second set will help you get your groove on.

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Start      Majestica, Carousel, In the Midst of Stars
4.26       Kylmyss, In the Shadow of the Raven, Isodope
9.27       Thee Koukouvaya, Margaritas by the Pool, Ancient Race of Techno-Voyagers
14.31      R Beny, Full Blossom of the Evening, Full Blossom of the Evening
23.13      Secoya, Towers, The World is Yours
29.17      Urenga, Ocean’s Secret, Pacific Depths
40.37     metlay!, Fade to Gold, Fade
53.33     Brannan Lane & Tom Larson, Tails of the Rain Forest, Pt 2, Tribal Spirit
59.10     Al Gromer Khan,, Procession for Vilayat Khan (Study in Raga Gujari Todi), Far Go
1.04.07  Music for Voyeurs, The Work of the Gospel, The Long Sleep
1.06.39  Canartic, Dive, Headphone Test
1.10.52  DeeperNET, Neptune, ONE
1.19.21   Fetal Pulse, Interstellar Club, Space
1.22.58   Sircle, Reflection, A Relevant Space

Episode 202

For the first show of 2017, I decided to keep things on the calm side. After the emotional roller coaster that was 2016, I think we could all use it. The beginning of this flow got its start, like so many before, when the library shuffle served up the lovely first track from Anima. See you in 90 minutes.

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Start      Anima, Peace, Light of Aluna
10.24     Andrew Lahiff, Lands of Shades and Colours, Inner Worlds Returning
17.07     John Lyell, A Far Away Place, Reflection of Time
24.10     Boy Is Fiction, Until Morning Comes, Broadcasts in Colour
28.46     Numina, Secrets from the Flame, Eye of the Nautilus
35.50     Steve Roach & Mark Seelig, Nightbloom, Part 4, Nightbloom
48.17     Alio Die, Cerulean Facade, Deconsecrated & Pure
58.06     Circular, Phase47, Quiet Friends
1.05.34  Zero Ohms, Peace of the Pi, Worlds, Afterworlds
1.15.19  Massergy, Tetrahelix, Orchid (compilation)*
1.22.40  Common Ground, The Ties That Bind, Common Ground

*This episode’s gaffe: In my VO I say that this compilation is from Relaxed Machinery, which is on hiatus, but it’s actually on the earthMantra label, which is alive and very well.

Episode 201

It’s time to listen to tracks from some of my favorite albums that I reviewed this year. Settle in—we’re going long again.

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Start      Forrest Fang, Driftwood, The Sleepwalker’s Ocean
7.45       Jeff Pearce, Downstream I, Follow the River Home
11.22     Manitou, Last Cry of the Seven Sisters, Landscape Histories and Sentiments
15.23     Robert Rich, Meeting Face to Face, What We Left Behind
19.55     Purl & Sinius, Over the Edge, Oceans of Sound
25.26     Altus, Cerulean Skies, Komorebi
35.45     Mathew Roth, Step, Written & Unsent
41.59     Joe Frawley, Elegy, The Night Parade
46.48     Tom Eaton, Friday/Patience, Abendromen
54.29     Bruno Sanfilippo, Before Nightfall, The Poet
58.07     Medard Fischer, Five Years Almost to the Day, Four Songs for the City of New York
1.00.46  Robert Logan & Steve Roach, Nightspeak, Second Nature
1.07.54  Chance’s End, Culte de la Femme, Almost Home
1.11.36  Cousin Silas, Funky Snatcher, Through a Cobweb Strange
1.15.15  Twilight Archive, Sense Making Stops, Mood Chain
1.21.01  SineRider, Winter Months, Seconds Minutes
1.25.12  Sensitive Chaos, The Romance of Train Travel, March of the Timeshifters
1.32.00  Off Land, Pulsar, Afterglow
1.40.50  Manuel Frau, Blue, Sky Blue Ice Dawn
1.47.48  Phillip Wilkerson, The Last Day Here, Waking Across the River
1.59.10  Ministry of Inside Things, Grateful, Everlasting Moment

Episode 200

Two hundred shows? Seriously? Vegas odds-makers lost money when I went past 50, so they must be jumping out windows to see that I got this far. And as I’ll tell you at the end of this extended episode, the reason I got this far at all is because of the great musicians who feed me sound, and the superb tribe of listeners who keep downloading to hear it. Thank you to everyone. Let’s get started.

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Start   Steve Roach, T.B.C., Now/Traveler
5.37     Steve Roach, Beyond the Blood, Truth & Beauty
10.27   Robert Rich, Aerial on Warm Seas, What We Left Behind
19.10    Robert Rich, Attar, Ylang
25.33    Dan Pound, Of the Essence, Spherical
34.17    Dan Pound, Under Her Spell, Medusazoa
39.13    Matt Borghi & Michael Teager, Nightdrive, Shades of Bending Light
46.00   Matt Borghi, Silhouettes, Ambient Guitar
50.04   Slow Dancing Society, A Song to Help You Remember to Forget, The Sound of Lights When Dim
56.08    Slow Dancing Society, Lemon Crush, The Dusk Recital
1.01.49 General Fuzz, Victory Raisin, Oughta See
1.05.48 General Fuzz, Second Thoughts, Soulful Filling
1.10.11  Patrick O’Hearn, Sea, Transitions
1.15.24  Patrick O’Hearn, Forsaken Beauty, Glaciation
1.17.49  Tim Story, When Comes December, Collected
1.21.44  Tim Story and Dwight Ashley, Theft, A Desperate Serenity (out of print)*
1.26.46  Steve Brand, The Fruits of the Spring, Second Spring
1.37.42  Steve Brand & Ran Kirlian, The Uncarved Block (excerpt), The Uncarved Block
1.48.34  Meg Bowles, Chant for a Liquid World, A Quiet Light
1.57.08  Meg Bowles, Undulant Sea, The Shimmering Land

*A reminder: while nothing is ever truly out of print in the shady wildlands of the web, I will only link to legitimate, artist-approved or artist-run sites.

Episode 199

A recent binge of adding albums to the library and review queue helped form the first half of this episode–and especially the opening track, which immediately caught my ear. And although we start off quiet, we certainly don’t stay there.

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Start    Reverberant Evenings, Quiet Poetry, Every Man is the End of a Day
14.19    Dirk Serries’ Microphonics, XXVII – Swept to the Skye, Microphonics XXVI-XXX : Resolution Heart
20.53    Benjamin Mauch, When I Leave I Will Remember, Golden Bay Garden
25.45    nil.co, On the Crest of Change, Slowly Comes the Morning
31.52    Tigerforest, Nevada Gold, Songs of Reverence
36.45    Oh Hiroshima, Drones, In Silence We Yearn
47.33    Gianluca Piacenza, Reflections, Dream
55.19     Ken Elkinson, Inevitable Departure, Music for Commuting, Vol. 9 & 10 Next Wednesday / Next Thursday
58.43     Aetopus, Angels and Machines I, Angels and Machines
1.04.21  Llewellyn, The Clan Returns, WolfLore
1.11.19   Paul Ellis, Waves for Durga, Moth in Flames
1.17.30  Eric Pietras, Duck Island, Beams
1.22.33  Scott Cossu, Purple Mountain, Safe in Your Arms

Episode 198

A non-stop flow of deep cuts from the expansive and ever-expanding Hypnagogue Library of Musical Curiosities.

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Start     Paulina Cassidy, Luna Sea, Sugar Wingshiver
4.44      Robert Slap, Healing Temple, Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World
10.48    Uwe Gronau, Babylon People, Visions
14.10    Sensitive Chaos, Cream and Variation, March of the Timeshifters
19.50    Elizabeth Fawn, Under Strange Skies, Odyssey of Rapture Vol 3
24.16    Michelle Ippolito, On the Prairie, Drifting in Dreams
29.46   Peter Kater, Deeply, Love*
34.18    Sloum, A Box in the Middle of a Meadow, Sloum
38.27    Material Object & Phonaut, Part 3, Indiana Drones
50.29    The Ambient Visitor, Daedalus, Eight**
58.16     Nelson Foltz Tom Lynn, Still Life One, Part 2, Still Life One
1.13.26  Chronotope Project, Clear Bell Ringing in Empty Sky, Solar Winds

*First mistake: Managed to not only NOT mention this track, but furthermore did not originally have it in the playlist because I never even entered it into my spreadsheet! Many thanks to observant listener Andrew for the catch! And apologies to Peter.

**Second mistake: During my mindless babbling at episode’s end, although I was looking right at the spreadsheet and reading songs and artists from it, I managed to mentally hiccup and not mention this track. Sorry, Ambient Visitor!

Episode 197

Good music can come from just about anywhere—including underneath a pile of CDs and folders on my table, like one of these tracks did. Dive in for some deep sounds, jazzy pleasantry, and at least one good prayer. Enjoy.

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Start      Arc Lab, See You There, Anthem
3.17        Ana Never, I Saw You Today, Long Turning
8.22       Joe Frawley, The Waxwork Heart, How They Met Themselves
12.29     Von Geistley, Once More Round the Orb, Winter
16.50     Igneous Flame, Vox Humana, Ocean Sighs
23.37     Arrocata, Dream Walk, Man in the Maze
29.42     Fellirium, Dreaming Fish, Mermaids
36.59     Silvia Nakkach, Liminal, Space Liminal
47.24     Tim Kays, King of the Kopje, Saving Cecil’s Pride
55.05     Ministry of Inside Things, VM-75 Prelude / VM-75, Everlasting Moment
1.03.17  Ricky Kej, Intervention, Shanti Orchestra
1.10.33  Paradiso & Rasamayi, Attuning to Oneness, Attuning to Oneness
1.17.11  Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig, Vision, Intention
1.26.42  Thupten Pema Lama & Steve Roach, Gyab Do / Ganden Lhagya, Prayers to the Protector