Episode 229

Chaos. Sometimes leaving things up to chance is a good thing. This time out, I combine a full-library shuffle with me checking what’s playing at random times. The result? Judge for yourself in this uninterrupted, mixed flow.

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Start      M Peck, A Lost Mantra, Beneath Forever
8.01       Markus Reuter, The Key to Conscience, Trepanation
14.40     Brokenkites, Darkengine, Generation Ships
19.11     My Majestic Star, Chelsea, Ideas Are the Answer
24.58     Cyberchump, In the Time of Gone, Their Perfect Happiness
32.36     Steve Roach, Consumed by Sunlight, Possibilities of Circumstance
40.25     Djam Karet, Forced Perspective, Sonic Celluloid
44.57     William Gregg, Circular Path, Source of the Hardware
49.00     Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, Zero Point, Resonating Earth
54.49     Tholen, Among the Tormented, Neuropol
1.01.14  Julian Ray, Astral Vision, Mysterious Garden
1.06.52  Noise Reduction Society,* Midnight Passage, Leaving Venice
1.10.22  Bryan Carrigan, Cirque, Focus
1.13.35  Steve Brand, The Crucible of Heart (Unknown Territory Mix), The Path of the Heart
1.24.38  Ethernet, Dyad, Outside of Time

*It came to me later: James Hegarty


Episode 228

Strap in for another uninterrupted flow from the New-ish queue. There’s a pretty deep, drone-packed stretch from around 15 minutes in to just shy of 45 minutes.  You know, to give your brain some time off. Enjoy.

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Start      Frore & Shane Morris, Feather and Claw, Eclipse
10.30     Bridge to Imla, Cruising Dark Seas, Bridge to Imla
15.30     Max Corbacho, Telluric, Arte Magnetica
23.11     Orphax, 20.2, 2.20*
33.24     The Ambient Visitor, The View from Quinta, Part 1, The View from Quinta
44.21     Echo Us, Awakening Current, To Wake A Dream in Moving Water
52.02     Gustaf Fjelstrom, Concentric, Epilogue
56.13     Panoptique Electrical, In Between Buildings, Quiet Ecology
1.05.05  Sava Marinkovic, To the Stars and Above, Through the Air
1.12.19  Slow Dancing Society, These Are the Best Days of Our Lives, My Blue Heaven
1.16.40  Blochemy, Defal, Rame
1.20.06  Tapes and Topographies, An Illustrious Career, Signal to Noise

*Your regularly scheduled tracklisting screw-up. But come on, this one’s kind of understandable!

Episode 227

For the first show of the new year, we’re sticking to some new-ish music. There’s a pretty broad range of sounds here, and the ride takes us into some upbeat analog territories. Plus, it’s uninterrupted! Enjoy.

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Start     John Puchiele Ensemble, Inside, Inside
7.08       Emilia, The Sewing Room, Down to the Sadness River
9.17       Mayforest, ~—–~, Mayforest
16.42     Siddhartha Barnhoorn, Inner Being, Structures of Light
25.04     Sevenism, Coriolis, Saline Celestial
35.35     Hyper Real, Compass, Broken Glass
41.42     Jason A Mullinax, Woodworks, Time Being
45.34     Jeffrey Koepper, Ions, Transmitter
52.01     Enir Da, Present, Accalmie
56.50     Break_fold, 05_01_16, 07_07_15-13_04_16
1.04.28  redgreenblue, Forgetful Squirrels, The Forest. Pt 1
1.15.58  Robert Logan, Plantal Sequence, Sculptor Galaxy
1.20.40  Weingarten-Charlton, 5 AM, Where There Is Light

Episode 226

Here comes your look back at albums that stuck with me as we went through 2017. From the stuff I reviewed in the first half of the year to things I received after I stopped reviewing…it’s all very good music, and we’ll take in almost two hours of it. Enjoy.

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Start     Matt Borghi, Belle Isle, Ambient Guitar
4.04       Tom Eaton, The False Cross, Indesterren
10.33     Eleven33, A Canopy of Stars, Chasing Light
14.48     Genevieve Walker, Embryonic Voyage, Walking Home
18.28     Byron Metcalf, A Perfect Place, Inner Rhythm Meditations
27.56     Altus, Release, Innerspace
34.35     Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi, Connected Space, Source of Compassion
42.16     Eluvium, Beyond the Moon for Someone in Reverse, False Readings On
50.58     Robert Rich, Night Seas Luminesce, Vestiges
57.50     Steve Roach, A Righteous Thing, Spiral Revelation
1.08.53  Melorman, Reaching the Sky, Somewhere Someday
1.13.34  Sequential Dreams, Arcflight, The Exodus Wave
1.19.28  Hollan Holmes, That Ephemeral Spark, Prayer to the Energy
1.26.48  David Helpling, Waiting for the Wind, A Sea Without Memory
1.30.54  Bruno Sanfilippo, InTROpiano, Lost and Found
1.38.46  Todd Boston, Fresh Strings, One
1.43.03  Roy Mattson, In All Her Phases, Melancholy Moon
1.53.46  Adam Werner, Thank You, Deep

Episode 225

Since you all did a fine job of surviving last episode’s dark and murky spaces, I’ll reward you with lighter, brighter tones. There’s quite a bit of guitar in the front half.

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Start      Cinerous Mire, The Witching Hour, Caustic Noir
7.32       Venona Pers, Last Night’s Full Sleep, Truth in Ashes
13.30     Dan Caine, Memories Fade, Solace
17.22     The Ideal Setback, Selcouth, Fernweh
21.23     Jeff Pearce, Midnight Snow, From the Darker Season
25.35     Al Gromer Khan, Blues for a Muted Sitar, The God Perfume
29.41     Cousin Silas, Early Mist, Cousin Silas
39.26     Andrew Lahiff, Glimpses of the Ways Beyond, Slow Paths Beyond
47.59     Fellirium, Silent Cry, Mermaids
54.10     Sverre Knut Johansen, Earth from Above, Earth from Above
1.00.47  Meg Bowles, Nocturnal Flight, A Quiet Light
1.12.28  Colin Rayment, Closing on a Night Sky Light, Abstract Dimensions
1.19.27  Amy Faithe, Who Am I, The Ascent

Episode 224

All dark ambient, to take us into the dark of a New England December. No stops on this one, so get ready to go deep.

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Start     Phelios, Deadspace, Astral Unity
8.14       Yen Pox, Ashen Shroud, Between the Horizon and the Abyss
18.14     M Peck, Den of Inequity, Bodies to the Sky
29.00     Erik Waterkotte & Ryan Huber, antag vii, …And Now They Are Gone
33.52     Earthborn Visions, Magnetic Habitats, Relief. Silence Comes.
39.33     Desiderii_Marginis, Entombment, Songs Over Ruins*
44.16     Phragments, When Memory Falls, We Disintegrate, New Kings and Queens
54.08     The Null Spectre, Abandoned, The Darkling Pt 2
1.03.49  Emil Karlsson, Moonshroud, Scoured
1.12.17  Symbiosis, IV, Mikrokosmos
1.19.06  Igneous Flame, Pluton, Orcus

*Dang, almost got through without a mistake. (Would you believe my day job requires me to pay attention to detail? No wonder I’ve never gotten anywhere, professionally.) So ignore that guy who tells you this is a self-titled album. It ain’t.

Episode 223

“The Ampersand Episode.” You can figure it out from here.

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Start      Howard Givens and Craig Padilla, Threads of Thought, Being of Light
15.49     David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, Sun Racer, Found
21.56     Steve Roach and Robert Rich, Silk Ridge, Soma
27.57     Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas, Sun God, Jaguars and Shamen
37.34     Numina and Zero Ohms, Night of the Falling Planets, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
46.01     Alio Die and Sylvi Alli, Dreaming Tree, Amidst the Circling Spires
54.46     Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo, Anasazi, Between Worlds
1.01.21  Blake Gibson and Robert Davies, Stone Circle, Quiraing
1.09.17  Mark Mahoney and M Peck, The Great Silencer, The Gallery of Subtle Smiles
1.17.16  Onewayness and dRachEmUsiK, In Desire, The Sound of Thunder
1.27.30  Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, Expire, Drop

In the opening bit: Uwe Gronau, “Holiday,” Flight 14

(Clever me, originally putting all those ampersands in between the artist names. Well, turns out that screwed up the RSS feed. So, after the episode posted I have to switch them all to “and.”)