Episode 223

“The Ampersand Episode.” You can figure it out from here.

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Start      Howard Givens and Craig Padilla, Threads of Thought, Being of Light
15.49     David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, Sun Racer, Found
21.56     Steve Roach and Robert Rich, Silk Ridge, Soma
27.57     Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas, Sun God, Jaguars and Shamen
37.34     Numina and Zero Ohms, Night of the Falling Planets, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
46.01     Alio Die and Sylvi Alli, Dreaming Tree, Amidst the Circling Spires
54.46     Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo, Anasazi, Between Worlds
1.01.21  Blake Gibson and Robert Davies, Stone Circle, Quiraing
1.09.17  Mark Mahoney and M Peck, The Great Silencer, The Gallery of Subtle Smiles
1.17.16  Onewayness and dRachEmUsiK, In Desire, The Sound of Thunder
1.27.30  Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, Expire, Drop

In the opening bit: Uwe Gronau, “Holiday,” Flight 14

(Clever me, originally putting all those ampersands in between the artist names. Well, turns out that screwed up the RSS feed. So, after the episode posted I have to switch them all to “and.”)


Episode 222

Let’s kick this off with a snappy uptempo thing. Then maybe later we’ll go quieter and more ambient. This 90-minute flow runs pretty deep. Headphones on, if you please.

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Start      Pulselovers, Badby 80, The Restless Field (compilation)
5.16       Dan Caine & musicformessier, Solstice Skies, Timelessness
10.05     Diamond Gloss, Movement, Primavera
14.55     The Greatest Hoax, Fading Away, Expiration Compositions
19.48     Peter Calandra, Nocturnal Moods, The Road Home
24.15     Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, On Branches, Lowlands*
29.25     Roy Mattson, 28th Night, Melancholy Moon
39.14     Stephen Phillips, At the End of the Tunnel, Lightness of Being
51.48     Kloob, Solsticio, Deep Emotional Phases
57.13     Takashi Suzuki, The Unknown Sight, Voyage – Hiroshima Eternal
1.03.46  Csillagkod, Merging of Substances, All the Time
1.11.08  Somnarium, Ice, Frost
1.24.26  Tom Eaton, The Eighth Day, Abendromen

*Hey, guess who put the track name in the album slot and the album name in the track slot on the spreadsheet, and then read it that way with from said spreadsheet with great authority? ..sigh.. It’s correct here on the playlist. Don’t listen to that bozo when he talks…

Episode 221

Is the quiet of the new digs seeping into the podcast? If it is, I think we can probably agree that it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. The show doesn’t start all that quietly, but we’ll certainly get there before we’re through.

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Start    David Gerard & Dana Colley, Life Without A Net, The Electronic Consortium
5.42     Bildschirm, The Tower Becomes Visible (from “The Hidden Triangle”), Kinologie Vol I
13.59    Massimo Ruberti, Pink Cave, Granchite Yumtruso Pt 1
21.22    Tsode, Lost in Unconsciousness, Brainstorming
26.02    Jim Ottaway, Deep Space Blue, Deep Space Blue
37.01    remst8, Heliopause v 1.64, Accumulator
51.18    Darshan Ambient, The Rapidity of Sleep, From Pale Hands to Weary Skies
57.18    Mingo, Rays Through the Mist, Sky Over Sea
1.01.11  Jason Sloan, thirtySeven.days, thirty.sevenDays
1.07.31  Sean Washburn, Between the Heartbeats, Wave Mantra
1.13.58  Forrest Fang, Message In The Sand, Following the Ether Sun
1.22.39  Geoffrey Armes (The Aaah17 Project), The Lawn at Midday, Nightbus to the Sun

Episode 220

With so much good music hanging out in the Newish queue, I decided we’d just stay there this time. You’ll find ambient, post-rock, and chill all in one place.

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Start     Manitou, Lilacs Flowering at the Brewster-Douglass Homes, Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun
4.48       Juha-Matti Rautiainen, Music for Stagnation, The Endless Now
15.33     Juta Takahashi, Silver Waves, Albion
29.13     Anthene, Orchid, Orchid
36.28     Crisopa, Bird Song Reincarnation, Transhumante
45.03     Igneous Flame, Aalu, Sylvi
53.26     Rest You Sleeping Giant, Listen to a Shadow, Spirits
59.01     Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, Autumn Wind, Hydrangea
1.05.31  Crawl Across the Sky, The Nazarene, Iaomai
1.16.50  Deer Park Ranger, Selling All the Shelves, Moderation
1.22.55  Michelle Qureshi, Stars Seen, Seventh Wave
1.28.25  Cicely Irvine, Takten, Excavation

Episode 219

Back to our regular cadence, where the Newish stuff gets its due first, then we delve. And hey, don’t get freaked out by the track with lyrics…I’ll explain.

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Start      Everyday Dust, Where the Light Fails, The Green Decay
6.02       The Glimmer Room, Base Room, The Locked Book
10.02     The Infinite Calling, Solitary Heavens Shining Over Lonely Back Roads, Reflections for Angels Unaware
17.52     Between Interval, The Outer, Shell Legacy
25.59     dreamSTATE vs Heiki, Stoney Beach, Stone Shore
32.47     Ethernet, Satellites, Outside of Time
41.51     Mikronesia, Smuggler, Sick with Silence
45.56     Jody Quine, Everything (Sheever Remix), Stand Up Remixes
50.17    Anklebiter, Why We Write, Weight of a Pronoun
54.50     Wacky Southern Current, Spirits and Libations, Argonautica
58.29     Signal Hill, Wanderers, Alturas
1.05.26  Samurau, Things Left Unsaid, Things Left Unsaid
1.09.51  Spiricom, Grains of Golgotha, Anthems for the Afterlife
1.20.47  Patrick O’Hearn, Flight, Transitions
1.25.58  Moonlooker, Tomorrow, Maybe, White Bird on Black Snow

Episode 218

Ready for a bit of an old-school joyride? This show was supposed to only start with some Berlin School music. Then it kinda got away from me. Buckle up for 90 minutes of analog goodness.

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Start      Jeffrey Koepper, Gateway, MantraSequent
13.50     Ombient, Undersea Miner, Sectio Aurea*
31.16     Onewayness & Modulator ESP, Bridge_2, Astral Bridges*
49.25     The Ministry of Inside Things, VM-75, Everlasting Moment
57.42     Computerchemist, Atmospheric, Atmospheric
1.06.58  Sequential Dreams, Telemetry, The Exodus Wave
1.11.29  Picture Palace Music, Seduction Crossing, Midsummer
1.17.59  Erik Wollo & Byron Metcalf, Far Wandered, Earth Luminous

*Let’s ignore the fact that in my closing VO, I get the order of these two tracks wrong. Originally, “Bridge_2” did come before “Undersea Miner.” Then I decided it was better the other way. So, musically, I moved them. Did I bother to update my cheat sheet at the time I was recording? Of course not. But now at least the playlist is right. (You don’t really listen to me babble at the end, do you?)

Episode 217

On a whim, I decided that we will start this episode by showcasing piano works. Hey, they’re nice. In the second half we’ll let other instruments come out and play.

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Start      Fiona Joy, Grey Sky Morning, Into the Mist
4.11       Mathew Roth, Steeped As If Silence Were Water, Written & Unsent
7.27       Seamus O’Muineachain, Nightdreaming, Cloves
10.46     Memorybell, Somnolent, Obsolete
17.54     Chris Merrick Hughes, Tenemos Mistoria, Eirenic Life
22.04     Joe Evans, Affected Piano 4, Affected Piano
29.21     Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Cell Seven, The Roedelius Cells
33.23     Bruno Sanfilippo, Piano Textures 4 VI, Piano Textures 4
38.39     Josh Johnston, The Late Train, The Shape of Things
42.17     Michelle De Wilton, Shimoda, Daydream: Solo Piano To Relax Your Soul
48.08     metlay!, Fade to Green, Fade
57.43     Steve Roach, Ebb, Streams & Currents
1.02.31  Wishcollpase, Superbia Eorum, Volume 2
1.07.10  Olivia Summer, Scrambled Eggs, Simply
1.09.55  Northcape, Indigo Line, Captured from Static
1.15.34  Naming Ghosts, Origin of Waves, Naming Ghosts
1.20.28  John Lyell, The Visitors, Planetary Artifacts