Episode 235

Post-rock fans will dig into this month’s Spotlight as we focus on Leaving Richmond. On either side of it you’ll find deep cuts and smooth voyages.

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Start    Takashi Suzuki, Following the Guiding Bells, Voyage – Hiroshima Eternal
8.19     Robert Rich, Equipoise and Dissolution, Vestiges
17.01   Chords of Orion, Love Move, Atmosphere

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Leaving Richmond
24.52   Moments of Clarity, Subcircuits
31.00   We Found Us, Subcircuits
35.59   I’ll Find Meaning, Just Not Today, The Bird and the Submarine
39.53   The Bird and the Submarine, The Bird and the Submarine
45.26   The Electronic Afterlife, The Antique Heart
50.57   You Will Be Safe Here, The Antique Heart

56.40     Tsode, Sunday Sun, The Quiet Music, The Sonorous Loneliness
1.02.11  Khara, Ode to Edwin J Hill, There Were Heroes Amongst Us
1.08.31  AeTopus, Kith, Totem Totum
1.12.11  Jeff Grienke, Under Falling Stars, Before Sunrise
1.16.56  Durango Budd, Piano Drone 2, Drones for Prepared and Synthesized Piano
1.24.14  Juan Maria Solare, Retrato en Sepia, Sombras Blancas


Episode 234

Seems like there are only so many ways I can tell you that a show is filled with great music. Yet here I am again, writing about how this episode starts with a couple albums that caught my ear and made me mention them on social media, and how the flow nudges its way over toward darkness, and how the Library section of the show found me digging deep into the shelves to pull together a pretty smooth ride. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Enjoy.

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Start      Running in Slow Motion, Again, Kinesis
8.37       4lienetic, Stay, The Rooftop at 2
13.11     Ykymyr, City, City
15.07     Dead Melodies, Peach Black Descent, Legends of the Wood
21.03     Phelios, Light Curve Wave, Human Stasis Habitat
27.52     The Corrupting Sea, Putting the Monsters to Bed Under Your Bed, Samatta
36.38     Arcana, Through the Grey Horizon, The New Light
46.28     Anklebiter, Absolution is a Plushtoy, I Will Wait
51.11     Alpha Wave Movement, Rendezvous, Cosmology
56.48     Madly in Dub, Nan Madol, Madly in Dub
1.02.16  Olivia Summer, Purple, Simply
1.06.41  Wharmton Rise, Three Sixty Degrees, Earth Bound
1.11.41  Jeffrey Koepper, Equinox, MantraSequent
1.17.20  Hollan Holmes, Earth Song, Incandescent
1.25.23  Arc Lab, Through the Burning Glass, Anthem

Episode 233

Into the flow we go, including 30 minutes of music from Numina. Thank you to the folks who’ve taken the time to comment on (and approve of!) the Spotlight. I’ll keep them going. Lots more to like in here as well!

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Start      Andrew Lahiff, Kinetic Gardens, Cosmic Archaeology
10.04     Jim Ottaway, Stars of Ice, Deep Space Blue
17.39     Joost Egelie, Majorana, Particles
23.59     Canartic, Aux 1, Modulotion

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Numina
33.13     Bringing of the Beings, The Chroma Plateau
42.21     Intergalactic Traveler, The Chroma Plateau
47.39     In Loneliness, the Landscape Fades, Sanctuary of Dreams
53.45     Forever Falling, Shift to the Ghost

1.03.11  Hypnodial, Dreammachine, Aether Alcoves
1.08.31  Ludmila, Day 2, 1 Day 1Track
1.14.19  Moonlooker, After the Rain, Will You Remember, Forever Mountain
1.18.55  Phobos, Dying Star, Approaching Dark Space
1.26.53  Super Fata, Structural Tendency VII – Neocortex, Structural Tendency VII – XI

Episode 232

There has been so much good music flowing in lately, I decided we should just kick back and listen to a lot of it. Then I decided we’d do it without my getting in your ears until the end. Launch and groove, people.

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Start     Slow Heart Music, Run River Run, This Body Is Not Me
4.00      Yellow 6, The Death of Nostalgia (Further Back), About the Journey
12.23    Naal, We Haven’t Located Us Yet, A703
18.04    Lucid Grain, I Dreamt Music, Rise & Fall
25.50    Andrew Howie, Endless Blinking Lights, Solo Guitar Loops 1
33.37    Joe Frawley, Identity Rift, Music for The Auster Project
37.40    Ein Toten, TheEyeGhostel, das Zweite Kommen
39.36    Chris Randall, Ijob 10 2, The Grey Between
44.48    Okada, Bruised and Bleeding, Misery
59.36    Winterlight, The Longest Sleep, The Longest Sleep Through the Darkest Days
1.10.58 The Aurora Principle, A World Ends in Fire and is Reborn in Darkness, Searching for the Stars
1.17.29  Ghost Signs, Hazy Recollections of Another Miami Morning Coming Down, These Small Things Rebuild

Episode 231

The library leads off this time, and then comes our change of format: a once-monthly 30-minute Spotlight segment featuring one artist. This time out, renowned ambient artist Forrest Fang. We’ll finish up with some sweet treats from the Newish queue.

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Start      Patrick O’Hearn, Music for Three Vibraphones, Slow Time
8.30       Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, Cascaded, Lowlands
15.22     Strom Noir, Planet Catcher, Luvyoo
20.50     Peter Calandra, The Cat’s Eye, The Road Home

Hypnagogue Half-Hour Spotlight: Forrest Fang
31.02     Nocturnum, Scenes from a Ghost Train
37.12     Freefall, Scenes from a Ghost Train
43.00     Veldt Hypnosis, Letters to the Farthest Star
51.03     Little Angklung, Phantoms

1.00.25  Test Card, Be Home in Time for Tea, Rediffusion
1.04.42  Nadav Cohen, Soft Touch, Lacuna
1.08.05  Colin Rayment, Waxing and Waning, Architects of Orion
1.13.56  Janne Hahnisuanto, Synastasia 12, Synastasia
1.18.02  Kylmyss, Dawn, Dawn
1.22.34  Echo Us, Begin to Remember (V2), To Wake A Dream in Moving Water

Episode 230

Inspired by the power of your host hearing–and feeling–the first track for the first time, this episode finds it wings and heads out.

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Start      Byron Metcalf & Jennifer Grais, Womb of the Serpent, They Were Here
10.04     Sairen, Asteroide, Ultima Lux
14.40     Cathode Ray Tube, Gutter Percher, The Frozen Years
21.47     Remy, Movement VI, The Return of Planet X
34.22     Dan Pound, Dreams That Take You, Dreams That Take You
49.31     A.S. Hereb, Ovum Phoenicis, V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
53.25     Northcape, Capillary Action, Glasshouse
58.16     Tigerforest, Sea Watch, Songs of Reverence
1.03.00  Richard Neale, Telomerers, Deep Blue (Part 2)
1.06.37  Cousin Silas, Diversions, The Path Between the Trees
1.12.21  Jari Pitkänen, Maurizzion Uni (Maurizzio’s Dream), Korppi (The Raven)
1.17.26  Cloudwalk, Pillar of Golden Light, Forgotten World

Episode 229

Chaos. Sometimes leaving things up to chance is a good thing. This time out, I combine a full-library shuffle with me checking what’s playing at random times. The result? Judge for yourself in this uninterrupted, mixed flow.

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Start      M Peck, A Lost Mantra, Beneath Forever
8.01       Markus Reuter, The Key to Conscience, Trepanation
14.40     Brokenkites, Darkengine, Generation Ships
19.11     My Majestic Star, Chelsea, Ideas Are the Answer
24.58     Cyberchump, In the Time of Gone, Their Perfect Happiness
32.36     Steve Roach, Consumed by Sunlight, Possibilities of Circumstance
40.25     Djam Karet, Forced Perspective, Sonic Celluloid
44.57     William Gregg, Circular Path, Source of the Hardware
49.00     Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, Zero Point, Resonating Earth
54.49     Tholen, Among the Tormented, Neuropol
1.01.14  Julian Ray, Astral Vision, Mysterious Garden
1.06.52  Noise Reduction Society,* Midnight Passage, Leaving Venice
1.10.22  Bryan Carrigan, Cirque, Focus
1.13.35  Steve Brand, The Crucible of Heart (Unknown Territory Mix), The Path of the Heart
1.24.38  Ethernet, Dyad, Outside of Time

*It came to me later: James Hegarty