Episode 216

Long tracks, quiet tracks. Not a “lazy podcast” on purpose, it just sort of got that way. And it’s a pretty deep one. All cuts are from the “Newish” folder. No library this time. Plus, no interruptions. I’ll catch up with you in 90 or so.

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Start     Simon Wilkinson, Pulse Drive, Merging the Infinite
11.10     Frore, Inner Labyrinth, Last Place of Wonder
20.48     Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, An Ancient Presence, Whispers from Silence
30.15     Max Corbacho, Future Terrain (excerpt), Future Terrain
46.06     Anaamaly, I Am Grateful, Urban Metta, Vol 1
52.19     Cousin Silas, Recrudescence Pt 4 , Recrudescence
1.00.11  Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society, The Scent of Rain, Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
1.07.26  Hollan Holmes, Cloud World, Prayer to the Energy
1.14.00  Steve Brand, Near Wilderness, Near:Silence


Episode 215

I can’t take full credit for this episode. Several shuffles helped stitch together some of these cuts. It made for a pretty sweet flow. Enjoy.

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Start      Cutlasses, Freyr, Clutching at Conscious
4.29       Mark Stephen Ortman, Underwater Life, Voices from the Sea
7.30       Michelle Qureshi, Velvet Rains, Seventh Wave
15.09     David Helpling, Souls in the Sky, A Sea Without Memory
26.17     Slow Dancing Society, A Quiet Storm, Lilac Lullabies
29.19     Givan Lötz, Cruzon, YaW
33.10     Howard Ferre, Before You, Journey’s End
42.04     Cass Anawaty & Paul Russell, Waiting for the Suns to Go Down, Analog Universe
44.14     Jack Hertz & Rizorkestra, Anemone, Coast
51.03     Jeff Pearce, Outpost, Follow the River Home
56.58     As If, Distant Hills, Faraway Trees Standing Still
1.04.07  Cyberchump, Contemplation (A Cadence of Thought), Sankhara
1.09.36  Eliethel, The White Wall of Valletta, November Landscapes
1.14.02  Steve Lawson, Waking Up to What You’ve Done, The Surrender of Time
1.20.54  Pedrick Bitts Walker, Six, Three


Episode 214

Shall we groove just a trifle? Sometimes it’s good for us to get our beats on. I’ll give you that for half an hour so, then we’ll quiet things down.

As a note: if you are a Hypnagogue Reviews reader or follow me on Facebook, you may know that I recently decided to stop writing reviews. The podcast will continue for the time being, and if you’re an artist who’d like your music played here, please see the Submissions link at the top of the page. I tell you this by way of noting that I recorded the first VO interruption on this about two weeks before I made my announcement, and the closing VO the day I shut down the review site. So they may sound and/or feel a bit different.

Anyway, music:

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Start      Djam Karet, Long Shot, Sonic Celluloid
4.12       Sundaug, Attrition, To Bloom, To Wither
7.23       Jon Durant & Colin Edward, Uncoiled, Burnt Belief
19.37     Ron Boots & SynthNL, Refuge En Verre, Refuge En Verre
31.47     Azuma, Happiness and Prosperity, Azuma
40.13     Drifting in Silence, Lifesounds, Lifesounds
46.26     The Ambiguity, Glare, Returning to Another Time
50.10     Carey Moore, Clover Bottom, John Donelson’s Ghost
55.48     Tom Eaton, Midnight Clouds and the Great Bear, Indesterren
1.02.39  Phillip Wilkerson, The Stillness of Time, The Way Home
1.12.42  Medard Fischer, Monument, Four Songs for the City of New York
1.16.54  Circular, In a Distinctive State, Radiating Perpetual Light
1.24.08  The Pure Heart Ensemble, Loving All, Bliss of Being

Episode 213

A little change of pace. No library this time. Just music from the depths of the review queue. Two long cuts kick it off and take you through the first 30 minutes or so.

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Start      Cloudwalk, The Forgotten World, Forgotten World
17.41     Remy, Fears 2, Fears
30.19     Erik Wollo, Kaleidoscope, Different Spaces
38.39     December Hung Himself, Swift-Tuttle, Perseidi
44.45     Safir Nou, Land-escape, Groundless
48.59     The Dread, That Wasn’t What Happened, The Fifth Age
55.12     Off Land, Poise, Out World
1.02.50  Seldom Family, No Sex: A Retrospective, Audrey & Laura
1.10.36  Poppy Nogood, Treading, Mood Paintings
1.18.56  Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Yugen, Whispers from Silence

Episode 212

This episode takes an elemental approach to the music. Yes, it’s theme-show time again. Enjoy.

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Start      Robert Rich, Profligate Earth, What We Left Behind
6.06       Igneous Flame, Night on Earth, Nyx
12.29     Herion, The Earth, Out and About
18.51     Steve Roach, Air Meditation, Future Flows
24.41     Luna Firma, Open Night Air, Falling Toward Atlantis
32.22     Tim Story, Voices in the Liquid Air, Collected
34.42     Jeff Grienke, Heavy Air, Virga
37.02     Sundaug, Breathe Underwater, Nocturnality
40.33     Darshan Ambient, Water for Horses, Falling Light
47.17     George Wallace, Water Magic, Light Music
52.14     Dave Preston, Fire, In These Storms
55.24     Paulina Cassidy, Fire In Our Eyes, Sugar Wingshiver
1.00.17  Sensitive Chaos, (Put Out) The House on Fire, Amerisynthecana
1.07.52  Tigerforest, Sky on Fire, Songs of Reverence
1.12.55  Craig Padilla, Lost in You, The Heart of the Soul
1.18.17  Life Audience, You Got Me Movin’, Waves & Particles
1.26.03  Adam Werner, Thank You, Deep

Episode 211

You’re in luck. I decided I couldn’t step in and disturb this deep flow. Lock in for 90 minutes and let it ride.

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Start      Mystified, Reflecting Metal Cycles, Morning City
8.25       Lorenzo Montana, Dhalg Fu, Phase IX
18.10     Loren Nerell, Eclipse, The Venerable Dark Cloud
27.00     Threadbare, Sun Puddles, Home Is A Memory
33.34     Jesse Joyce, 6:28 am – 6:37 am, The Gentle Hum That Signals
42.48     Lav & Purl, Absorbed in Serenity, A State of Becoming
53.35     Alpha Wave Movement, Movement III, Architexture of Silence
1.05.51  Cousin Silas, The Path Between the Trees, The Path Between the Trees
1.12.48  Jonn Serrie, Tingri Maiden, Ambient Music to Heal (compilation)
1.21.45  Mingo, Serra Sunrise, Sky Over Sea

Episode 210

A hearty dose of interesting music this time out, 15 choice tracks for your aural consumption. The review queue section is a touch short, but I make it up to you with an hour-or-so-long second set that heads off into shadowy zones.

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Start      Jennifer DeFrayne, Stepping Stones, Sisu
5.06       Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri, Lo Esencial Es Invisible A Los Ojos, La Equidistancia
12.35     Keith Gehle, My Setting Sun, Space and Time
16.23     Madeleine Cocolas, Flux, Lunar
23.08     Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, Downstairs, Wet Petals
32.07     Bryan Carrigan, Ten Times Two, Passing Lights
35.38     Melorman, Glow, Waves
39.48     Ken Elkinson, Violins/Escape, Music for Commuting, Vol. 1 & 2: Monday/Tuesday
43.08     John Ellis, Flies, Sly Guitar
48.05     A Backward Glance On A Travel Road, Johnny Got His Gun, A Backward Glance On A Travel Road
52.37     Lopside, Responsible, When You’re Finally Through Being Responsible
1.02.28  Parhelion & Zak Keiller, In the Midst of Eternal Ice, Farthest North
1.09.13  Yen Pox, Ashen Shroud, Between the Horizon and the Abyss
1.19.14  Twilight Transmissions, Vision of Dead Metropolis, Shadowland
1.25.10  Kyron, Fas, Perdurabo