Episode 160

Come on, let’s celebrate turning six. Or seven, or whatever. (Remember? Not good with the birthday math.) The stage is set, the acts are lined up and ready to perform!

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Start     Sensitive Chaos, Psychic Twins of Gemini, Seeker After Patterns
5.44      Tim Story, Monkey Builderizer, Buzzle
9.35      Collective Acoustics, Tora Tora, BC>AD
15.19     The Smokering, Comfort Zone, Mellow Majestic
19.13     Jason Sloan, Ash and Snow, Fall of the Fifth Sun
28.11     Lopside, You’re, When You’re Finally Through Being Responsible
37.07     a.r.s.(e), Ruminator, Errata
43.00    Michelle Cross & Joe Frawley, My Favorite Things, Dolls Come to Life
47.11      Spacecraft, De Profundis, The Gatherings Vol 2
57.27     Phillip Wilkerson, The Heart Has Reasons, The Way Home
1.04.41  Apne Sinn, Seven Times, Seven Ways, Worlds Apart
1.11.46  Steve Roach, Elemental, Early Man Decomposed
1.23.10  Darshan Ambient, A Deeper Blue, A Day Within Days


Episode 157

From heavy electronics to the clean sound of solo piano, from the rich resonance of voice to the smooth tone of the Chapman stick, on this episode we’re going a little bit of everywhere.

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Start       Hollan Holmes, Letting Go, Incandescent
7.31       Imi Fal, The Lightest Touch, The Lightest Touch
13.01     The Lonely Bell, Frozen In Memory, The Lonely Bell
22.48     Phobos, Sector Four (excerpt,) Sector Four
34.45     Marsen Jules, Katiyana, The Empire of Silence
43.37     Fiona Joy, Fair Not, Signature – Solo
47.33     Steve Roach, The View from Here, Sigh of Ages
57.50     Ben Cox, Gannet, On Water
1.07.48  Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, Gradriel, Resonating Earth
1.17.08  Jim Cole & Spectral Voices, Hear Earth, Innertones
1.26.53  Jeff Pearce, A Secret to Hide, Rainshadow Sky