Episode 259

For one more show, we’ll focus on the Newish queue. But after this we’re going to need to give the library some love again. Between two new sets you’ve got the Half-hour Spotlight, featuring the ethereal, Faerie-inspired dreamscapes of Paulina Cassidy.


Start      36, Soul Boundary, Fade to Grey
5.32       Ambient Alchemy, Night Walk, Night Walk
12.24     Siddhartha Barnhoorn, Nascent, Out There Chronicles Ep 2
17.01     Bonini Bulga, By the Sigil of the Third, Sealed
24.57     Tim Story, Virga_9, Smudges 1: Virga

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Paulina Cassidy
33.22     Bluebird, Phantom Gardens
36.49     Through the Eyes of Orchids, Phantom Gardens
40.22     Rise of the Sirens, Sugar Wingshiver
45.35     Twigleaf Noir, Bloodroots
48.22     Blackbird Lagoon, Drawing Up a Storm
53.00     Vines, Drawing Up a Storm
57.18     Peppermint Fox Bats, Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak
1.00.25  Sugar Wingshiver, Sugar Wingshiver

1.06.02  Gavin Miller, feat. Aaron Martin, Upper Course III, Meander Scars
1.16.25  JH Guraj, Men, Steadfast on Our Sand
1.21.54  Time Rival & Running in Slow Motion, Vat Limier, Another Fire
1.25.30  Saso, The Cabin, Thresholds*

*I read my notes wrong. Saso is the duet of Jim Lawler and Ben Rawlins. They’re joined on this album by pianist Kevin Corcoran. Sorry for the oversight, lads—I was very excited to get this lovely album onto the show.


Episode 258

I can’t recall which candy bar it was, but years back there was one such treat that advertised itself as “deep, dark, and delicious.” I’d say that applies here as well–though I will offer you tinges of light as we travel along. And the opening cracks me up every time I’ve listened to it. Hey, if I don’t amuse me, I can’t amuse you.


Start      TREHA SEKTORI, Deh Semteh, The Sense Of Dust And Sheer
6.57       Common Eider, King Eider, Sinew Stretched Over Crumbling Bones, A Wound of Body
14.07     Massimo Discepoli, Phase Transition, The Right Place on the Wrong Map
20.12     Vau, Nightfall, Ways of Stillness
27.47     Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig, Altamira – Cantabria, Spain, Cave Dwellers
37.46     Forrest Fang, Her Fading Image, The Fata Morgana Dream
48.32     Robert Scott Thompson, Local Flatness, Phonotopological
57.06     Neo-Cymex, Dark Energy, Into the Hypnernova
1.06.41  Tacit Blue, Daybreaking, Abandon
1.14.15  Styrofoam, Fully Present, We Can Never Go Home
1.19.06  Al Vomano, Fuji – Elixir of Life, The Solemn— Torrid— Symbol
1.23.07  Veins Full of Static, Negating Time in Tlon, Cinder & Bone

Episode 257

Good news, folks…the Half-hour Spotlight is back. And even better news: it’s shining on the music of Palancar. You’ll get that after a long, deep first set that kicks off with an album I’ve been waiting eight years to hear.


Start      Mark Seelig, Tribal Flute Meditation Part 3, Live at Soundquest Fest 2010*
12.15     Robert Rich, The Abiding Wheel, Tactile Ground
19.05     Jourdan Laik, Indestructible Objects, Year of Sleep
31.38     Caminauta, Almost Home, Fragments

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Palancar
43.37    Omeshicha, Yurushiiro
55.49    One Leaf From the Kiri Tree, Shallow River Flowing
1.04.18  Reawakening, Rebirth, Enlightenment

1.17.24  Umber, Grape And Grain, This Earth To Another
1.22.38  Aleksandr Tresorg, Adherence, Music Needs No Heroes
1.27.36  Chogori, Ace Roller, Heat Haze

*Naturally, well after the fact, I found the tanbura player’s name: Stefin Gordon.

Episode 256

Well, I hadn’t intended to get back to “normal” with an uninterrupted flow, buy by the time I reached a “maybe I stop here” moment, we were a good hour in. So why stop there, right? All Newish tunes, with a turn toward the quieter side once you hit that George L Smyth piece…  Enjoy.


Start      Dispak, Ozornin, Dispak 1
8.43       Isophene, Feather Weather, Reverbatory
12.27     Glamaticus, Phantasmagoric Allure, Dream Room
19.50     George L Smyth, She and Little Bear, The Pleiades and Other Astral Overtones
36.13     Chronotope Project, Crossing the Great Water, Lotus Rising
45.05     Erik Wollo, Infinite Moments Part 3, Infinite Moments
54.28     Harmonic Resonance, Be Here Now, Somnus
1.04.15  Christopher Flores, Heretic Bell, Scapes and Devotions
1.14.13  The Gentleman Losers, Turning to Gold, Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter
1.18.02  Bruno Sanfilippo, Marionette, Pianette
1.21.15  Luca Formentini, Pienovuoto, Scintilla

*If you’re having trouble locating the file on your device, be aware that because I made some fixes and re-uploaded the file, WordPress renamed it “hyp256-2.mp3”. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Episode 255

Get your hand on that volume knob and get ready to turn it up. You’re diving into two big sets of rip-roaring, face-melting, riff-laden post-rock. Let the grooving begin, yo.


Start      Signal Hill, Metropolis, Alturas
5.54       Sky Flying By, Stopping for the Breaking Waves, (Re) Routed
12.07     Summer Effect, Nothing’s Ever Good Enough For You, Nothing But Hope
16.03     Ghost Island, Assimilation, Assimilation
25.27     El Tubo Elastico, Impala Formidable, Impala
32.39     Das Rad, Boom, Das Rad – 75CD
40.40     42DE, Magnitude, Fall of the Moon
45.39     Leaving Richmond, New Machinery, The Bird and the Submarine
49.23     Caves of Glass, The Hollow, Caves of Glass
44.56     Olekranon, Marionette, Danaus
1.02.31  Spiricom, Voices in the Vortex, Songs for a Summer Seance
1.07.39   Les Limbes, Thousand Billion Broken Ideas,* Les Limbes
1.11.40   Sairen, Fall of the Colossus, Neige Nuit
1.17.03   Riah, Taedium Imperat, Autumnalia

*Oh, man, you guys, I had been doing so well lately. But…sigh…I said “Thousand Billion Broken Hearts” in the show. And I was wrong.

Episode 254

I’ve gathered up all the ladies in the library, and present many of their fabulous and diverse talents here for your enjoyment.


Start      Ann Licater, Celtic Sun Salutation, Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations for Mindfulness and Relaxation
3.24       Monica Williams, On the Edge, Journey of Tears
6.48       Conni St Pierre, Greener Groves, Forest Spirit
10.05     Haiku Salut, You Dance A Particular Algorithm, Etch and Etch Deep
14.06     Elise Melinande, Hymne Hybride, Grey Hoodie
17.14     Madeleine Cocolas, Epimethus, Lunar
22.06     Shanna Sordahl, In the Body, Radiate Don’t Fear The Quietus
30.08     Elisa Luu, Maggio, The Time of Waiting
35.39     Madoka Ogitani, Explore, Taking A Walk
43.44     Michelle Qureshi, Lovely Light, Silver Chord
49.36     Genevieve Walker, Train North, Walking Home
53.56     Paulina Cassidy, Asleep in the Undercurrent, Drawing Up a Storm
58.25     Sara Ayers, Leaving the Land of Before, Leaving the Land of Before
1.02.52  Amy Faithe, Daybreak, The Ascent
1.09.33  Kerani, Aurora Sky, Arctic Sunrise
1.17.32  Zinovia, Entangled, The Gift of Affliction
1.23.21 Lena Natalia, Late Apologies, Second Youth

Episode 253

I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t look at the list of great albums that I didn’t have space for on Episode 252 without thinking, “You know, many of my episodes are 11 tracks long…”

So here we go, friends—11 tracks from 11 more albums that gave your ol’ buddy Hypnagogue a solid whack in the listens in 2018.


Start      Numina, When the Sea Disappears from Me, The Chroma Plateau
9.35       redgreenblue, The Giant Redwood 1, The Forest. Pt 1
15.14     CИTROPY, Sundown, CИTROPY
19.21     Echo Us, Aeriel (Sartre Dance), To Wake a Dream in Moving Water
23.59     Lowering, Thrillho, Collapsule
30.57     The Detroit76, Damn Bit of Difference, Premiere
37.24     AeTopus, This is Our Home, Totem Totum
41.04     Tapes and Topographies, Navigational Pull, Opiates
47.07     Roy Mattson, Xylem and Phloem, Flora and Fauna
1.06.31  Ryan Summers, Don’t Tell, ii
1.13.16  Byron Metcalf, A Benevolent Spirit, Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II