Episode 300

Not much to say beyond thank you for being here. More to the point, thanks for being the reason I’m still being here. Let’s do this thing for the 300th time, shall we?


Start      Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman, Taking Flight, Trance Spirits
11.08     Spacecraft, De Profundis, The Gatherings Vol 2
21.24     Jeff Pearce, Snowfall, Follow the River Home
26.00     Dave Preston, Be Alive, Be
32.55     David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Edge Of Tomorrow, Found
39.51     Giles Reaves, A Veil of Tears, Nothing is Lost
47.36     Numina & Zero Ohms, A Day Without Time, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
1.01.37  Robert Rich, Soft Rains Fall, What We Left Behind
1.05.51  Igneous Flame, Vibraverb, Opaline
1.11.04  Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, Liquid Heaven, Toward the Horizon
1.15.32  Story Roedelius, Lazy Arc One, Lazy Arc
1.19.54  Mikronesia, III, Samatha
1.27.53  Praguedren, Big Speakers and Spray Paint, Painting Over Scenery
1.30.56  Cravagoide, Lost Cable, Empty Frame
1.35.30  Lopside, At the Old Place, 37
1.44.11  Boy is Fiction, For My Friend, Broadcasts in Colour
1.48.54  Northcore, Looking Glass, Desatero
1.53.08  Radium 88, Your Message Has Been Erased, Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth

Episode 299

Music can’t cure the thing that’s currently ailing us collectively, but I hope this 90 minutes’ worth at least takes your mind off it for a bit. There are fresh tracks in front, delicious library cuts in the back, and in the middle we’ll stroll through a half hour of contemporary classical offerings from Bruno Sanfilippo. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy.


Start      Pascal Schumacher, Sol, Sol*
4.56       Huma, Ubicuo, Eva
12.00     William St Hugh, Future Alchemist, Weasels Devour the Sun**
14.32     eyes cast down, Aurora, We Once Were Lost
25.10     Ecovillage, New Life (feat. Ludvig Cimbrelius), Arrived

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Bruno Sanfillippo
35.56     Piano Textures 5 VI, Piano Textures 5
40.16     Piano Textures 3 V, Piano Textures 3
46.32     Before Nightfall, The Poet
50.12     Paloma, Pianette
54.07     Piano Texture Found, Lost & Found
1.00.19  It Happens On The Ship, ClarOscuro

1.05.50  Jeff Pearce, Into Spring, In the Season of Fading Light
1.10.03  Ken Elkinson, Small Rain, Music for Commuting Vol 9 &10
1.13.34  Mirko Russo, Craziness, Stories of Mirrors and Broken Roads
1.16.50  Club Alpino, Huldur, Woouldy
1.22.37  DeeperNET, Neptune, One

*Per the website, available June 2020.
**I got this via snail mail, and when I went to look for a link, it appears Mr St Hugh has pulled down most of his online musical presences. You can find this album on Spotify. On principle, I won’t link there.

Episode 298

Aw, damn it, these controls must be jammed…I can’t stop this thing. It’s just going to run for 90 minutes on its own. Oh, well, at least it’s packed with great stuff from the Newish queue. I’ll talk to you on the tail end.


Start      Ian Haygreen, C6H12O6, Zucker (compilation)
7.54       Blomma, Disco, Blomma
14.27     Monochromie, Solstice (Parts I & II), Beyond Frontiers
21.10     Phillip Wilkerson, The Way of Heaven, Absolute Fields
28.36     Glåsbird, Fjenfjord, Norskfjǫrðr
32.13     Chris Russell, Life Cycles, Destiny
38.22     Roy Mattson, Disappeared, Tone, Timbre & Texture
43.20     Krzysztof Kotlinski, The Boy In The Mirror, Black Rain
52.40     Jarguna & Seetyca, Bark, My Armor, Tales of Millennial Trees
1.00.54  Ralph Zurmühle, Nightwalk, As Time Passes
1.07.24  S.hel, Law and Market, Disconnect
1.12.58  Willebrant, Drift II, Drift
1.22.58  Amongst Myselves, Ikara, The Good Earth

Opening bit background music courtesy of purple-planet.com

Episode 297

I hope this new episode finds you well, and gives you a little solace in this insane situation that’s shaking the world. We’ll get through this as best we can. Meanwhile, dive in. We’ve got new tracks, 30 darkly drifting minutes with Phobos, and a quick tour of the library. Be well, be safe, be kind to each other.


Start      Eleon, The Crystal Portal, Cerulean
5.08       Deserta, Be So Blue, Black Aura My Sun
10.28     Entropia, Bad Burns, The Mechanized Mind
15.57     Camilla Pisani, Like Lying Shadows, Frozen Archimia
21.44     worriedaboutsatan, Step Inside, Crystalline

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Phobos
31.26     Celestial Dawn, A Visual Presence
41.12     Dying Star, Approaching Dark Space
49.18     Evening Sky, An October Evening

1.05.42  Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Star Trails, Sound Currents
1.11.35  Secoya, Ever, The World Is Yours
1.17.24  Joe Frawley, Odalisque, Strange Weather
1.24.11  Steve Lawson, Ten Years Too Late, The Surrender Of Time

Episode 296

It’s lazy podcast time. Get comfy. Long tracks coming your way, and no stops. Talk to you in 90 or so.


Start     Ashtoreth, Rite II, Rites I & II
16.24     Edu Comelles, Paisatge – Solc, Línia Pedra Paisatge Solc
32.08     Wastelanders, Expanding Mental Universe, Cosmic Despair
46.23     Slow Dancing Society, The Red Summer Sun, Priest Lake Circa ’88
59.31     Steve Roach, Wren and Raven, Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces
1.14.15  Indiana Drones, Indiana Drones Part 5, Indiana Drones

Episode 295

Well, I didn’t mean to make a show with lots of piano, but whither goest the flow, so go we. Max Corbacho escorts us through 30 too-short minutes in the Spotlight, and the last third keeps us nicely chilled, if I do say so myself.


Start      Solace Road, Light Turns Grey, Silence Within
7.39       Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic, Forgotten Memories, Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers
13.56     Lorenzo Masotto, Steps, Home*
18.47     Michelle McLaughlin, Pure Joy, A Better Life (compilation)
22.28     Mute Forest, Morning Guitar, Riderstorm

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Max Corbacho
29.12     Dreaming Spaces (excerpt)
38.47     Ghost of the Moon, Nocturnes
47.44     Wave of Reflection, Splendid Labyrinths
53.23     Magenta Beauty, Resonant Memory of Earth

1.02.49  Mount Maxwell, Q&A, Only Children
1.13.48  Hollan Holmes, Slipstream, Milestones
1.20.37  Jack Hyde, Cateran, Dusk, Lowlands
1.24.01  Test Card, Let Single Sideband Loneliness Receivers Be Happy, Music For The Towers

*Did someone get the album title wrong? Yes. That would be me.

Episode 294

A big bolt of energy kicks off this episode. I’ll layer in some analog thrills, and tie it together with a touch or two of quiet. Variety is the spice of podcast life, I say!


Start      Altus, Hold Strong, Strength of Fate
5.34       Signal Void, Static Souls, This Liminal Reality
9.29       Only Now, Captivity, Captivity
16.28     Robert Jurjendal & Miguel Noya, Curiara A View Above Water, The Power of Distance
24.02     Lone Cosmonaut, Citrus, Zucker (compilation)
29.33     Al Jewer & Andy Mitan, Levels Of Peace, A Better Life (compilation)
39.00     Kyle Bobby Dunn, Statuit, Ways of Meaning
44.24     Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, Hidden, Toward the Horizon
55.15     Kryshe, Hauch, Hauch
1.00.44  Sensitive Chaos, Simon Stilites Dreams Of Rain, Seeker After Patterns
1.08.27  Paul Ellis, Lights of a Departing Train, Moth in Flames
1.16.04  Jason Sloan, Aleppo, Haven

Episode 293

Let’s start this one in the library as I continue to dig through those tasty tracks that caught my ear during some casual listening. We’ve set aside 30 minutes for a deep dive into the Mingosphere, then we’ll nab a a couple from the newer stuff to ease it all to a close.


Start      Diamat, I Can Only Love You If You Don’t Love Me, Being is the Sum of Appearing
7.20       John Sobocan,* Shiva Lights, 
12.29     Remanence, The Left Hand Path, Lamkhyer
17.49     åpne sinn, Worlds Apart, Worlds Apart
24.26     The Ambient Visitor, Toro, Eight

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Mingo
34.11     Dim Lit Daydream, Myristica
39.02     Surfaces Of Artificial Life, Above A Fractured Sky
42.53     Sapta, Kailasa
46.17     The Infinite Deep, The Once and Future World
53.10     Translation of Lost Consciousness, The Light That Bends
59.45     Omega Point, The Blue Star

1.10.08  Liquid Terrain, Watermoon Two, Tidal
1.17.28  Tom Moore & Mike Clay, Between Orbits, Beyond Our Orbit
1.23.34  Greyhawk David Gibney, Guardians Of Goddess Thieu Hau, Voice of the Ancestors

*Technically, John recording as Bubble. It got entered into the library incorrectly and your host is too lazy to fix it.

Episode 292

I get some pretty weird music around here sometimes, and it needs to be heard, too. So we start there and journey forth. If it’s not particular your cup of joy, stick around–we’ll pay a visit to our old friend analog around the middle part, and close off with some long drifts. No stops on this one.


Start      Aaron Oppenheim, Many More, Cumberland County
9.26       CLAVICVLA, Apocryphal Truth, Sepulchral Blessing
16.11     Jim Ottaway, Beautiful Desolation (Angels & Demons) – radio edit, Beautiful Desolation
22.11     Ryan Somerville & Ben McCarthy, ∞.6, Paranoia Is Appropriate
26.51     Pandorama, The New Scarcity, Aphantasia
30.25     Simon Grab, Neurochemical Behaviour, Posthuman-Species
33.43     Artificial Waves, Cutting a Mobius Strip, The Complexity of Simple
39.08     computerchemist, Time is a Great Healer (Parts III-IV), That Which Prevails
44.32     REMY, Into the Dream, Exhibition of Dreams
56.43     Hypocoristicon, Solar Lullaby, Sidereal Chrestomathy
1.08.22  Juta Takahashi, Faint Light, Pleochroism
1.19.07  Steve Roach, Deeper … still (excerpt), Stillpoint

Episode 291

How about if we start off a little quietly, then hop into the Spotlight to check out some music from Witnesses, then slip back to some pretty quite spaces? All in favor? Okay, then, let’s go.


Start      Forrest Fang, A Recursive Tale, Ancient Machines
6.11       Whalt Thisney, Immaterial, This Stillness
11.34     Sven Laux & Harry Towell, Before You Sleep, Until We Fall
20.19     Darshan Ambient, Shadow Lines, A Day Like Any Other
25.39     Darshan Ambient, The Republic of Dreams, A Day Like Any Other

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Witnesses
35.37     The Sixth Part, III
40.10     The Seventh Part, III
43.13     (Re)Birth, II
45.03     Post-Credits, II
50.53     Vast IV, II
54.05     That Was Yesterday, I  
55.34     The Fog Clears, I  
57.29     Delivered, I  

1.01.54  Perry Frank, Pleiades Star Cluster, Music to Disappear
1.10.17  Austere, deMote, Euterpe
1.13.52  Chris Russell & Erik Norman, Stillstream, Helix
1.23.37  Robert Rich, Elevations, Tactile Ground