All caught up on Hypnagogue Podcasts? Fill that yawning blank void between now and the next episode by listening to one of the excellent podcasts, streams and radio shows listed below. And tell them Hypnagogue sent you! And if you know of good podcast/radio show that I’m missing here, please drop me a line and tell me! (Or if a link is dead/not working…tell me that, too.)

List updates:
8/28/19 added Tormentor Radio
7/25/19 added Christos Dobros/Spacechill
7/22/19 added Around the Campfire

Ambient Art Sound

Ambient Atomic Orbitals

Ambient Sleeping Pill

Ambient Soundbath

Ambient Zone

Aquarian Moons  (must sign up for Spreaker)

Around the Campfire

At Water’s Edge

Audiobulb Radio (Soundcloud)

Aural Awakenings

Christos Dobros/Spacechill

Deep Colours

Digital Dreams

Dreamscape Radio (from Groove Unlimited)

Earwaves Radio


The Edges of Dreaming (live Saturdays, 12-3 pm PST at

Electro-Music Radio

Electronic Fusion with Brainvoyager

Galactic Travels  (also on Mixcloud here)

Hearts of Space

Hello Strange

Into the Deep (Monday 8 pm CST)

Instrumental Saturdays  (live 6-9 pm Saturdays on WMSE, archives available)


Low Light Mixes

Lucid Sounds (Saturday, 7-11 AM ET)


The Monday Graveyard

More Than Human

Music With Space

Musical Starstreams

Night At Sea

Night Tides w/Renee Blanche (Archived programs here.)

Peaceful Radio

Radio Q37 Many streams and podcasts to choose from

Radio Spiral

Sleep Radio


Spaceman’s Transmissions

Star’s End — archived shows now available



Tormentor Radio

Ultima Thule

World of Ambient

4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi John. Discovered your podcasts by accident last night while trawling the web. You have really opened up my ambient music world. Thank You!!!!!

  2. Wow! I see that my blog is listed here, and I’m EXTREMELY grateful that I’m in the mention. Thanks to Dave Michuda (Low Light Mixes) with helping me find this site (which is an absolute asset) and for getting me up and running in the world of ambient podcasting!!

    tonepoet (Spaceman’s Transmissions)

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