Episode 338

I took one more listen to this episode about a week before its release and to be honest I caught myself drifting away in its deeper stretches. Don’t let the quirky start fool you–that’s just there to lull you into auditory submission so these tracks can wrap around your head and take you elsewhere for a while. We’ll talk in 90.


Start       Intelligent Life, Over 30 Seconds, Everything is Always the Same
6.30       Cu Sithe, The Birthplace of Stars, The Shadow Behind the Sun
11.07      AOMusic, Makale, Kutumba
15.26     Curtis MacDonald, Home for the Harvest, Waiting for an Ordinary Spring
18.35     George Sarah, Vicissitudes Of Being, Vicissitudes
22.12     Sven Laux, Fragment 6, Scattered Fragments of Separation (the complete story)
27.03     Joseph Sannicandro & Stefan Christoff, Not Smooth Jazz, La Lumiere Du Soleil Dans Un Semi Sous-sol
35.33     Long the Night, The Myth of Now, Illusion
44.27     Natura Est, The Feast of May Eve, Real Seasons
49.35     Julian Ross, Death, Fadeaway
56.09     Thierry David, Divine Spark, Slow Motion
1.04.19  Parallel Worlds, Harmonic Deviation, MOA1202
1.10.23  Echo Us, And Acquiesce, The Windsong Spires
1.16.01  Earnest Woodall, Will o the Wisp, Ignis Fatuus
1.24.23  Gregg Karukas, Nascente, Serenata


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