Episode 327


Heavy bass and a touch of funk get this episode started. We’ll cool our jets after a bit and wind our way down to a subtle finish.

Start      Schnellertollermeier, Before and After, 5
10.50     Becko, Cyberfriend, Inner Self
14.10     Stefania Avolio, Blizzard, Natural Element
18.03     Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds, Dream Creator, Phosphenes
26.09     Däcker, The Elephant, Pareidolia
39.21     Tyler Barber, eets cu_3-4_11, It_O
52.46     Diamond Gloss, Say Frankie, FLK
58.33     Ossemaan, Reverie, Dream
1.05.01  One Of Them, Vermont Fields, Sithabo
1.10.40  Hviledag, Ophold, Over, Mellem, Under
1.14.59  Russ Young, Phalo, Tunnels to Float Through
1.22.57  Whalthisney, Long, Hearthisutra


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