Episode 311


Start      Nova Casa, Awakening, Epsilon Crucis
4.17       Mansur, Pentatonic Ruins, Temple
9.06       Mäläskä, Dawn For The Pollution Eating Elves, First Day of Spring
17.35     Ancient Astronaut, Awakening of Memories, Spheres of Love
23.53     Carey Moore, Keep Marching, Make Justice a Wrecking Ball

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Jim Ottaway
32.58     Isolated Realms, When Eternity Touches Time
39.59     Beta Crucis, Southern Cross
48.20     Stars of Ice, Deep Space Blue
55.51    Lavender Moons, Beyond the Purple Sun

1.05.23  Blomma, Neon, Blomma
1.11.38  Neal Gardner, The Truth, Magnificent Upon Our Weary Shoulders, We Are Infinite
1.15.13  The Slows, Animals as Pillows, Nuvvles
1.18.59  Haiku Salut, Foreign Pollen, Etch and Etch Deep
1.23.23  Radium 88, Escape Tomorrow, Until the Last Leaf Falls


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