Episode 305

Let’s kick this one off kind of bright ‘n’ shiny, because in the middle we get lost in Endless Melancholy. In the last set, we welcome back some names who’ve been away…


Start     Nicholas Gunn, Chasing The Light, Pacific Blue
5.11      Paul Speer, Venus Rising, Sonoran Odyssey
10.36    King Moot, Kalm Heart, The Whitman Strategy (Part One)
15.10    Windspace, Aephivad, Zephyr
23.09    Dean De Benedictis, Blue Mesa, Salvaging The Present

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Endless Melancholy
33.00    Caught In A Memory, A Perception Of Everything
37.56    In Transition from Anxiety to Acceptance, Fragments Of Scattered Whispers
43.15    A Song For The Morning Star, Music for Quiet Mornings
47.52    Stillness Mixed with Stillness, The Vacation
53.16    Blossoms (feat. Lights Dim), Epilogue

1.1.03  Ben Cox, Just Begin Again, Consciousness and Other Tricks of the Light
1.07.00  Geoffrey Armes, December Dream, Embers
1.12.45  Drifting In Silence, Forward, Desolate
1.19.16  Dino Pacifici, Shadow Four, A Collection of Shadows


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