Episode 301

“John,” they said to me, “how will you possibly follow up your 300th show?” I gave them a sly smile, and as I turned to go said, over my shoulder, “With the 301st.” True story. Settle in. This 90’s got new and library tracks, and we settle in for 30 minutes with Michelle Qureshi.


Start      Andre Perim, Molecular Express, Side Effects
6.22       Radithor, Empezando A Descender, Al Aire
11.56     Nathan Moody, Lazulum Part 3, Lazulum
23.17     Rest You Sleeping Giant, The Winter Cold, The Winter Cold

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Michelle Qureshi
37.36     Take the Flowers, Sage
40.10     The Space Between Two Moments, Short Stories
43.41     Reason, Seventh Wave
48.44     Mercury Retrograde, Silver Chord
56.01     Light Years Away, Harmonic Dreams
1.04.07  Messengers, Sage*

1.07.38  Arrocata, The Gift, The Man in the Maze
1.12.32  Patrick O’Hearn, Beneath the Celestial Sphere, Glaciation
1.18.39  Michael Bruckner, Bem Betel, Muzikhala

*Yes, your clever host managed to miss this one by not writing it into his spreadsheet. Many thanks to Michelle Qureshi for catching that! Bonus track!


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