Episode 300

Not much to say beyond thank you for being here. More to the point, thanks for being the reason I’m still being here. Let’s do this thing for the 300th time, shall we?


Start      Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman, Taking Flight, Trance Spirits
11.08     Spacecraft, De Profundis, The Gatherings Vol 2
21.24     Jeff Pearce, Snowfall, Follow the River Home
26.00     Dave Preston, Be Alive, Be
32.55     David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Edge Of Tomorrow, Found
39.51     Giles Reaves, A Veil of Tears, Nothing is Lost
47.36     Numina & Zero Ohms, A Day Without Time, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
1.01.37  Robert Rich, Soft Rains Fall, What We Left Behind
1.05.51  Igneous Flame, Vibraverb, Opaline
1.11.04  Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, Liquid Heaven, Toward the Horizon
1.15.32  Story Roedelius, Lazy Arc One, Lazy Arc
1.19.54  Mikronesia, III, Samatha
1.27.53  Praguedren, Big Speakers and Spray Paint, Painting Over Scenery
1.30.56  Cravagoide, Lost Cable, Empty Frame
1.35.30  Lopside, At the Old Place, 37
1.44.11  Boy is Fiction, For My Friend, Broadcasts in Colour
1.48.54  Northcore, Looking Glass, Desatero
1.53.08  Radium 88, Your Message Has Been Erased, Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth


4 thoughts on “Episode 300

    • Thank you, Pete. And thank you for being an integral part of so many of these flows. (I literally just received an email where someone mentioned the Opaline track on this episode!)

  1. NO Thank YOU for taking the time and effort to introduce us to such great music and artists. Here’s to another 300

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