Episode 298

Aw, damn it, these controls must be jammed…I can’t stop this thing. It’s just going to run for 90 minutes on its own. Oh, well, at least it’s packed with great stuff from the Newish queue. I’ll talk to you on the tail end.


Start      Ian Haygreen, C6H12O6, Zucker (compilation)
7.54       Blomma, Disco, Blomma
14.27     Monochromie, Solstice (Parts I & II), Beyond Frontiers
21.10     Phillip Wilkerson, The Way of Heaven, Absolute Fields
28.36     Glåsbird, Fjenfjord, Norskfjǫrðr
32.13     Chris Russell, Life Cycles, Destiny
38.22     Roy Mattson, Disappeared, Tone, Timbre & Texture
43.20     Krzysztof Kotlinski, The Boy In The Mirror, Black Rain
52.40     Jarguna & Seetyca, Bark, My Armor, Tales of Millennial Trees
1.00.54  Ralph Zurmühle, Nightwalk, As Time Passes
1.07.24  S.hel, Law and Market, Disconnect
1.12.58  Willebrant, Drift II, Drift
1.22.58  Amongst Myselves, Ikara, The Good Earth

Opening bit background music courtesy of purple-planet.com


4 thoughts on “Episode 298

      • Cant wait for 300 and thanks to archive have now gotten all but episodes 1-23, any places they might be lurking? Also really like episode 164 but no tracklist, any chance you might have an old tracklist hidden away? Thanks Mike

      • Hey, Mike, I actually don’t have those old shows. Not being terribly sentimental about the show, and having never figured at that time that anyone would care much about older eps, I didn’t hang onto those. However, I do keep a running spreadsheet of the playlists, so here’s the show log you were asking for.
        Dead Melodies, Sycamore Rain, Slowwave Perception
        Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel, Vleugels, Music for Viola & Electronics II
        Cravagoide, Vmap, Empty Frame
        East Forest, Carry Water, Orbits
        Peter Kater, Two of Us, Love
        Melinda Ligeti, How Could I Ask For More?, Belonging
        Joe Frawley, Wednesday (Memory Forms), A Week of Fevers
        Off Land, (Turnstone), (Drone Variations) Vol 1
        Nattefrost, Near UFO, E-Music Live 2010
        Astral Projection, Searching for UFOs, Another World
        Bob Holroyd, Crusts of Dust (remix), re:Ambient
        General Fuzz, Mincing Wor, Oughta See
        Spoke of Shadows, Pain Map, Spoke of Shadows
        Deiter Moebius, Meltaway, Blotch

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