Episode 293

Let’s start this one in the library as I continue to dig through those tasty tracks that caught my ear during some casual listening. We’ve set aside 30 minutes for a deep dive into the Mingosphere, then we’ll nab a a couple from the newer stuff to ease it all to a close.


Start      Diamat, I Can Only Love You If You Don’t Love Me, Being is the Sum of Appearing
7.20       John Sobocan,* Shiva Lights, 
12.29     Remanence, The Left Hand Path, Lamkhyer
17.49     åpne sinn, Worlds Apart, Worlds Apart
24.26     The Ambient Visitor, Toro, Eight

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Mingo
34.11     Dim Lit Daydream, Myristica
39.02     Surfaces Of Artificial Life, Above A Fractured Sky
42.53     Sapta, Kailasa
46.17     The Infinite Deep, The Once and Future World
53.10     Translation of Lost Consciousness, The Light That Bends
59.45     Omega Point, The Blue Star

1.10.08  Liquid Terrain, Watermoon Two, Tidal
1.17.28  Tom Moore & Mike Clay, Between Orbits, Beyond Our Orbit
1.23.34  Greyhawk David Gibney, Guardians Of Goddess Thieu Hau, Voice of the Ancestors

*Technically, John recording as Bubble. It got entered into the library incorrectly and your host is too lazy to fix it.


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