Episode 291

How about if we start off a little quietly, then hop into the Spotlight to check out some music from Witnesses, then slip back to some pretty quite spaces? All in favor? Okay, then, let’s go.


Start      Forrest Fang, A Recursive Tale, Ancient Machines
6.11       Whalt Thisney, Immaterial, This Stillness
11.34     Sven Laux & Harry Towell, Before You Sleep, Until We Fall
20.19     Darshan Ambient, Shadow Lines, A Day Like Any Other
25.39     Darshan Ambient, The Republic of Dreams, A Day Like Any Other

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Witnesses
35.37     The Sixth Part, III
40.10     The Seventh Part, III
43.13     (Re)Birth, II
45.03     Post-Credits, II
50.53     Vast IV, II
54.05     That Was Yesterday, I  
55.34     The Fog Clears, I  
57.29     Delivered, I  

1.01.54  Perry Frank, Pleiades Star Cluster, Music to Disappear
1.10.17  Austere, deMote, Euterpe
1.13.52  Chris Russell & Erik Norman, Stillstream, Helix
1.23.37  Robert Rich, Elevations, Tactile Ground


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