Episode 286

I make it a habit to keep track of tracks that give an “ooh” moment, either while I’m shuffling the Newish queue or when the library is picking out the music in the office. And sometimes, I refer back to those tracks I’ve tracked and I make a podcast out of them. A mix of new and library this time, with the tracks from the stacks up front.


Start      Lopside, A Thoughtful Goodbye, Junedecember
5.08       Ykymyr, Girl, City
8.25       metlay!, Fade to Purple, Fade
22.51     Cryobiosis, The Corridors Beneath, Within Ruins
26.39     Lucette Bourdin, Cathedral Jam, Drum-atic Atmospheres
37.29     Pavel Fedorov, Thermae, Fondness
41.54     David Norland, Thursday Optimism, Glam Tear Stain
46.04     FLOW, Blue Umbrella, Promise
50.10     Joe Frawley, Pink Elephant Suitcase, Haunt Not
55.26     Vivien Le Fay, Ecolalia, Ecolalia
1.00.56  MUUR, Bod (excerpt), Bod
1.16.15  Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or, To Die in a Decayed Country, Sex and Dead Cities
1.21.56  Gray Acres, Touchstones, Material Forces


2 thoughts on “Episode 286

  1. Thank you for sharing our new FLOW music. We appreciate it!

    Love your show😊!!

    Jeff Oster

    (510) 502-1035 – cell

    ” As you listen, imagine…”

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