Episode 281

It’s time to set the controls to shuffle and see what happens. We’ll take a half-hour break to get wrapped in sounds from Peter James. Then we spin the wheel for a couple more cuts.


Start      Chris Heron, Clockwork, Sanctuary
2.12       Petal, An Extra Seat, The Last Season
6.50       Bryan Carrigan, Catalyst, Focus
10.38     Dan Caine, Illusive World, Solace
14.44     Thought Guild, VCO vs DCO, Third Voyage
22.03     Larry Kucharz, Red Wash No. 3, Ambient Red Washes
27.36     Tsode, Amanecer, Brainstorming
31.39     Joe Frawley, Hive, or, The Maenads, Satyrinae

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Peter James
37.43     Lullaby for the Lost. Senessence
47.24     Breathing Space, Seven
58.55     Relocation, Landfall
1.05.46  Sometimes, We Forget, Memento

1.14.57  Janneh Hahnisuanto, Ptolemaios, Quiet Places
1.23.16  Outer Space Alliance, Loop 1, Outer Space Alliance
1.27.00  Ben Carroll, The Resonance of Kindness, Multidimensional Voice


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