Episode 279

Settle in for a house concert in the comfort of your own home. Or car. Or something like that. A quiet start and a rather New Age sort of finish, and in between, making a return to the Spotlight, it’s a personal favorite: Igneous Flame.


Start       Alex Beckmann, Moon || Singing Bowls, The Sound Bath Suite
4.03        Broadcast Death, Dew, Walks
7.57        Glåsbird, Svalbarð, Austfonna
12.45     Blochemy, Frane, Rea
16.21     Old Amica, Strelka över Himlavalvet, Taiga
21.29     Samsuo, Reasons, The Other Gold Side

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Igneous Flame
30.10     Eve, Indigo
36.32     Electric Blue, Harmony Through Conflict
46.06     Deep Magic, Nyx
54.48     Shadowplay, Electra

1.02.29  Seigo Aoyama, Visible World, Visible World
1.06.37  Tim Story, Sanctus from Requiem (Faure), Collected
1.10.17  Michael Allison, Autumn Light, Remember the Sultana
1.18.10  Scott Cossu, Starlit Walk, Safe in Your Arms
1.22.08  Jeff Oster, Gardens of Varanasi, Next


6 thoughts on “Episode 279

  1. Good episode this week. I guess I’m a Glåsbird fan, now. Nice set from Igneous Flame. “Nyx” has always been one of my favorite albums and i’ve been listening to it today after a break. Tasty ear candy, indeed.

    • Nyx is very deep. I hadn’t listened for a while, either, When I do a Spotlight, I stuff all of an artist’s work into one folder then shuffle it to find the delicious bits. Stuff from Nyx definitely caught my ear again during that process. I’ve enjoyed the majority of Pete’s work from Oxana on. I’m very pleased that he insists on continuing to send new music my way.

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