Episode 271

I really enjoy the days when I unpack a batch of downloads for the show. I put them into the system and give each a preview listen as I start unzipping the next one. There are always these wonderful moments of discovery when a new album just hits me and I know I just have to share it with my listeners. There’s plenty of that in this episode, plus a half-hour’s cruise with Sverre Knut Johansen.


Start      Lionel Scardino, Jishui, Pollux Piano
3.14       Mis+ress, Moonglow, Dispellers
6.30       Causeyoufair, Reckless, In Blue on a Vapourless Sky
11.41     Static December, Snow Glint, Seedforms
18.25     Luke Sanger, Condiment, Ancient Pathways
23.44     Bear in Miniature, L’espirit de l’ange, Lettres a une rose

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Sverre Knut Johansen
30.11     Paleozoic Era (Transformation – Animals and Plants Emanate onto Land), Precambrian (with Robert Rich)
41.37     Contact, Contact
45.54     Found, Earth From Above
49.44     Space and Time, The Vast Expanse

1.01.53  Ethereal Ephemera A Place Where Strangers Gather to Watch the Sunrise, A Place of Peace and Beauty
1.20.39  Loneward, Hidden in Plain Sight, Home
1.27.37  Tom Eaton, The Fog and the Lifting, How It Happened

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