Episode 267

All things considered, this is a pretty uptempo episode. Sure, we get a little quiet in the middle when the Spotlight falls on the erstwhile Matt Borghi and his ambient-and-otherwise guitar stylings, but we finish on a high note.


Start      Ghost Island, Your Fear, Assimilation
11.58     Leaving Richmond, Wanderlust, Moon Health
15.44     CAMERAOSCURA, Interitus, Quod Est Inferius
20.54     Mingo, Mirrors Of The Sleeping Mind, Above A Fractured Sky

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Matt Borghi
33.08     Matt Borghi, Overcoming, Formlessness
38.31     TheDetroit76, Building – Waiting, Premiere
42.38     Matt Borghi, Mission Point, Olagra
46.43     Matt Borghi & Michael Teager, Awaken the Electric Air, Awaken the Electric Air
56.15     Manitou, Keep the Lake Francis Light Burning for Me, Landscape, Histories and Sentiment

1.07.23  Surkid, Decay, Trees
1.12.11  Go Ask Alice, Circle, Ten Little Dreams (and One Bonus Nightmare)
1.17.33  TaeT, Half Guesses, Icer
1.22.54  Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis, Four Moons, The Stone House
1.28.06  Andrea Presciuttini, Oceano, Quartet Live

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