Episode 263

This one kicks off a little dark and odd, if I may. Then it’s into the Spotlight with the sensuous spices of Al Gromer Khan’s brand of world music. I’ll drop some beats on you before the show’s through. Dig in.


Start      Zeno van den Broek, Breach Two, Breach
7.36       The Nent, Veritas, Vulner
16.01     Robert Rich, Heat Island Effect, Tactile Ground
23.16     Elnath Project, 8WYP,  ~

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Al Gromer Khan
31.28     Verité est Beauté, Sky Worship
37.20     When Night Falls, Durga Avenue
41.26     I Walk Everywhere, Far Go
44.41     The Pilgrim and the Crow, Lalita
48.37     A Summer Tale, Chakra Noir
53.57     Procession for the Great Black Goddess, The God Perfume

1.02.33  Artette, Day Two, Ettetra
1.10.05  Studio Raushcenberg, Nimble, Tempelhof
1.15.05  Runar Blesvik, Tempest, Sedate
1.20.42  Symbion Project, Backscatter (Redux), Backscatter

4 thoughts on “Episode 263

  1. Hey John. Don’t fret about the lack of comments or responses to a question you may have, etc. The numbers will tell you if there’s a problem. If you’re current getting around 1k downloads per episode, that’s a good sign. As an aside, I do enjoy the half-hour spotlights. All the best!

    • Per month, really, not per episode… (Episodes individually top out a touch below 500 after about a month.) As long as folks are listening and enjoying, all’s good. Thanks for checking in, Mike!

  2. Hello John,
    I like every episode of your show for ages (Thanks for 23-140 on archive.org. I missed them). With the higher frequency I‘ve a little more stress, because my hearing time is limited, and there are several other podcasts in the list …
    But if you ever have the fun of producing I‘ll have the fun of listening: Hypnagogue Podcast has priority 1.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Roland! Sorry if more podcasts is stressing you out! Great thing about podcasts is that they sit there quietly until you’re ready for them. They’re really quite non-demanding. ;-) I do hope you’ll enjoy them as time permits, and I thank you very much for being a listener.

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