Episode 261

Here’s how this one runs: we throw open the throttle with a few Berlin School style tracks, we coast along for 30 on the drifting sounds of Carey Moore, then we close it all out with three more deep rides. All good? Get comfy.


Start      Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, Tidal Disruption, Toward the Horizon
13.34     Computerchemist, Volcan Plain, Volcan Dreams
25.35     Kevin Keller, Ice World 3, Ice Worlds

Hypnagogue Half-Hour Spotlight: Carey Moore
34.15     Anticipating Dawn, For the Messengers
38.53     The Freedom of Invisibility, For the Messengers
42.58     Partake Vicariously, Trout Ribs
49.06     Mending the Rain, John Donelson’s Ghost
56.00     For Those We Still Miss, 3
1.01.18  Of Course, Life Is Ugly. Make Pretty Art.

1.07.33  Mirror of Dreams, Sanctum, Land of Forgotten Destiny
1.14.16  Neostra, Explorations in Silence, Seven Colors
1.21.48  Dan Armstrong, Beta Wave, A Long Time Coming

3 thoughts on “Episode 261

  1. Yeeaah, I get that whale song comment a lot. Probably my least favorite – that and “this is kinda new agey, hippie vibes” *does a little dance and head bobbing*

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