Episode 260

Into the library we go to pull up some older tracks for two smooth flows. That’s about all there is to say about that.


Start      Jeffrey Koepper, Apparition, MantraSequent
11.01     Guy Birkin, Bass Loop 3b, Symmetry-Breaking
15.55     Collective Acoustics, Affiliated Instruments, Edges
23.41     Cicely Irvine, Bow, Excavation
27.41     Mark Stephen Ortman, The Departure, Voices from the Sea
31.35     Hidden Rivers, In and Out of Days, Where Moss Grows
36.49     Id Submerged, The Confused Frog, The Answer
40.12     Slow Dancing Society, Gardens & Graves, Laterna Magica
45.47     Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, Lowlands, Lowlands
53.59     AeTopus, Burst, When
1.00.58  Owl and Tanager, A Day for Searching, Days
1.11.21  Peter DiPhillips, Soroya, Midnight Sun

3 thoughts on “Episode 260

  1. Regarding the possibility of more frequent shows: personally I would not mind at all. Bring em on!

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