Episode 259

For one more show, we’ll focus on the Newish queue. But after this we’re going to need to give the library some love again. Between two new sets you’ve got the Half-hour Spotlight, featuring the ethereal, Faerie-inspired dreamscapes of Paulina Cassidy.


Start      36, Soul Boundary, Fade to Grey
5.32       Ambient Alchemy, Night Walk, Night Walk
12.24     Siddhartha Barnhoorn, Nascent, Out There Chronicles Ep 2
17.01     Bonini Bulga, By the Sigil of the Third, Sealed
24.57     Tim Story, Virga_9, Smudges 1: Virga

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Paulina Cassidy
33.22     Bluebird, Phantom Gardens
36.49     Through the Eyes of Orchids, Phantom Gardens
40.22     Rise of the Sirens, Sugar Wingshiver
45.35     Twigleaf Noir, Bloodroots
48.22     Blackbird Lagoon, Drawing Up a Storm
53.00     Vines, Drawing Up a Storm
57.18     Peppermint Fox Bats, Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak
1.00.25  Sugar Wingshiver, Sugar Wingshiver

1.06.02  Gavin Miller, feat. Aaron Martin, Upper Course III, Meander Scars
1.16.25  JH Guraj, Men, Steadfast on Our Sand
1.21.54  Time Rival & Running in Slow Motion, Vat Limier, Another Fire
1.25.30  Saso, The Cabin, Thresholds*

*I read my notes wrong. Saso is the duet of Jim Lawler and Ben Rawlins. They’re joined on this album by pianist Kevin Corcoran. Sorry for the oversight, lads—I was very excited to get this lovely album onto the show.

2 thoughts on “Episode 259

  1. We are VERY appreciative of your music and podcast. Keep them coming, Mike PS still going to pressure you to find all the early podcasts and make them available LOL

    • Going to be tough to do, since they don’t even exist at Hypnagogue HQ. (What can i say? I’m not sentimental!) But you can get as low as number 23 by using the archive.org link in the right-hand column.

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