Episode 257

Good news, folks…the Half-hour Spotlight is back. And even better news: it’s shining on the music of Palancar. You’ll get that after a long, deep first set that kicks off with an album I’ve been waiting eight years to hear.


Start      Mark Seelig, Tribal Flute Meditation Part 3, Live at Soundquest Fest 2010*
12.15     Robert Rich, The Abiding Wheel, Tactile Ground
19.05     Jourdan Laik, Indestructible Objects, Year of Sleep
31.38     Caminauta, Almost Home, Fragments

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Palancar
43.37    Omeshicha, Yurushiiro
55.49    One Leaf From the Kiri Tree, Shallow River Flowing
1.04.18  Reawakening, Rebirth, Enlightenment

1.17.24  Umber, Grape And Grain, This Earth To Another
1.22.38  Aleksandr Tresorg, Adherence, Music Needs No Heroes
1.27.36  Chogori, Ace Roller, Heat Haze

*Naturally, well after the fact, I found the tanbura player’s name: Stefin Gordon.

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