Episode 254

I’ve gathered up all the ladies in the library, and present many of their fabulous and diverse talents here for your enjoyment.


Start      Ann Licater, Celtic Sun Salutation, Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations for Mindfulness and Relaxation
3.24       Monica Williams, On the Edge, Journey of Tears
6.48       Conni St Pierre, Greener Groves, Forest Spirit
10.05     Haiku Salut, You Dance A Particular Algorithm, Etch and Etch Deep
14.06     Elise Melinande, Hymne Hybride, Grey Hoodie
17.14     Madeleine Cocolas, Epimethus, Lunar
22.06     Shanna Sordahl, In the Body, Radiate Don’t Fear The Quietus
30.08     Elisa Luu, Maggio, The Time of Waiting
35.39     Madoka Ogitani, Explore, Taking A Walk
43.44     Michelle Qureshi, Lovely Light, Silver Chord
49.36     Genevieve Walker, Train North, Walking Home
53.56     Paulina Cassidy, Asleep in the Undercurrent, Drawing Up a Storm
58.25     Sara Ayers, Leaving the Land of Before, Leaving the Land of Before
1.02.52  Amy Faithe, Daybreak, The Ascent
1.09.33  Kerani, Aurora Sky, Arctic Sunrise
1.17.32  Zinovia, Entangled, The Gift of Affliction
1.23.21 Lena Natalia, Late Apologies, Second Youth

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