Episode 251

Sure, you’ve heard a fair amount of Phillip Wilkerson in the last few episodes, but that’s because he’s good and I like his music. So much, in fact, that between two solid sets from the Newish queue, you get to drop into 30 deep minutes with him. Or, uh, I mean…his music. Either way.


Start      Active Dark Filament, Silent Lands, Beyond the Great Divide
12.16     Sunbane, Ashfall – Ruin, Soma
22.17     Eleon, Sandbox in the Rain, Dreams Beyond Terra
26.30     Amparo, Coastal Dusk, Palm House

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Phillip Wilkerson
33.41     Souvenir of Bliss, Reveries
42.22     Sanctuary, Sojourner
48.21     Asynchronous Maneuvers, Wondrous Encounters
55.57     Frontier, Interplay
1.02.05  Unseen Unnoticed, Swiftly the Sun

1.08.54  Christopher Sky, You’ve Been Gone Too Long, Vastness
1.14.13  Garo, Lisansky, Sea Songs
1.16.35  Joe Frawley, Lady of Shalott, Waterhouse
1.20.53  North Atlantic Drift, Glow, Departures
1.28.31  Steve Roach, Liminal, Mercurius

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