How did we end up here? It’s, like, 500 weeks later and I’m still doing a podcast. Huh. Must be all the good music that’s sent to me. Let’s play some. Extra-long show this time. Enjoy, and as I will say several times throughout: thank you so very much.


Start       Giles Reaves, Joy, Wunjo
4.40        Steve Roach, Cloud Motion, Now/Traveler
9.48        Brannan Lane, Sonic Pillow, Sleep Cycle*
13.45     Numina, In Loneliness, the Landscape Fades, Sanctuary of Dreams
19.50     Igneous Flame, Lost at Sea, Oxana
23.39     Spacecraft, DeProfundis, The Gatherings Vol 2**
33.51     Robert Rich, Eulalia, Filaments
48.03     Cyberchump, That Nagging Feeling, The Construction of Things
56.11     John Lyell, Searching for a Moment, Planetary Artifacts
1.02.19  CH District, Conclusion, Conclusion
1.08.06  DeeperNET, Tiny Paper Squares, One
1.16.23  Dolmen, Calling Our Dead Ones Home, Incantations Verse One
1.19.52  Zero Ohms, The Poetics of Space, Sweven
1.26.48  Phillip Wilkerson, Endlessly Spiraling, The Stars and Afterward
1.34.46  Manitou, The snow dances under the lights of the Park Avenue Hotel, Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun
1.42.52  Dwight Ashley, Katalepsis, Discrete Carbon
1.48.54  Bruno Sanfilippo, A Door Opens Forever, Inside Life
1.55.49  Todd Boston, Blue Pearl, One

*As noted in the show, I had this from a Sampler. I found the actual album it came from for you. You’re welcome.
**I’ve added a link to the page for The Gatherings Vol 2, but I am not sure the album is commercially available. Instead, here’s a link to the track itself from Spacecraft’s Bandcamp page.

And yes, Wunjo remains a collector’s item for those who choose to search it out on the internet. And you should, because it’s magic. My policy here is to only provide artist-verifiable links where possible, and not links to random resellers.

9 thoughts on “EPISODE 250

  1. 500 more please!!!!

    Jeff Oster REACH: the new Jeff Oster album http://jeffoster.com (510) 502-1035 – cell

    ” As you listen, imagine…”

    http://jeffoster.com – Official Site

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  2. Hi John, Congratulations on #250! Your shows have enriched my life so much since I found them (via Warren Ellis, I believe), and I am an avid listener. In fact the last few have been on repeat a lot. 246-249 were gold!! Much like around #196, which is one of my all-time favourites. Thank you so much for all you do! You “rock” in a quiet, ambient, night sound-ish way. :-)

    • Many thanks, Chris, and thank you for your continued listening! I’m so lucky to have so much great music come my way, and it’s my pleasure and (you may have heard me say) my therapy to pull it all into flows. And now I need to go back and give 196 a fresh listen!

      • John, If you do listen, tell me where you got that little girl voice at the start. Most curious. I believe that’s the one that turned me on to Hennie Bekker. I will be a long time getting all the music shared in #250. It’s on repeat!! It’s therapy for me, too, John, and I am sure for others. So glad to be a subscriber. Cheers to #500 in the future!! :-)

      • Chris: I’m lucky enough to have a talented young voice actress hanging around my house…it’s my daughter! I just threw in some reverb and echo. She’s done a number of bits for me on the show (including on 244, “THE” episode). Back in the sub-100’s, my son, when he was younger, would also do some bits for me.

  3. Wow 250 I am just sorry I missed out on the earliest ones, since there is no way to retrieve and download them. Congrats and keep up the good work

    • You can find episodes 91-140 at archive.org. The links is at the bottom of the right-hand menu. Some day if I get inspired I’ll add more to that–but even I don’t have the first year of the show any more. Nixxed them to save drive space. (What can I say? I’m not that nostalgic…)

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