Episode 249

In the Spotlight this time, it’s the spacey sounds of Hollan Holmes. New tracks up front, deep library grooves at the tail.

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Start      Rest You Sleeping Giant, Left to Decay, Spirits
11.38     Unifony, Ghostly, Unifony
14.23     Swartz et, Saudade, A Living Thing
25.29     Anasia, Song 3, 5Mice

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Hollan Holmes*
36.19     Prayer to the Energy, Prayer to the Energy
42.16     Lost Memories, Phase Shift
46.58     The Sentinel, The Farthest Fringes
52.31     The Inevitability Of Change, Incandescent
1.00.31  Wellspring, A Distant Light

1.07.19  Elise Lebec, The Jam – Luxor, Egypt, Origin
1.12.01  Oh Hiroshima, Ruach, In Silence We Yearn
1.17.17  Luna Firma, Between Me and the Sea, Falling Towards Atlantis

*So it appears I was wrong about Hollan taking a workshop with Steve Roach. But here’s the story of the Holmes-Roach connection, in Hollan’s own words, which he shared on Facebook:

While I’ve never taken a workshop with Steve Roach, I must admit that he has been an influence, as well as an inspiration ever since I discovered his work in the late 80s. How he and I met is a bit of an interesting story. In 1990, while working as a baggage handler at American Airlines, I was loading baggage onto a flight bound for Tucson. I started pulling these big flight cases off the cart, when I noticed the name, Steve Roach. I’d discovered his music a couple of years earlier and had become a rabid fan. Like a giddy schoolgirl I ran up the jet bridge stairs and conned the ticket agent into giving me Steve’s seat number letting me onboard. Hands shaking, I asked him for his autograph. It was one of the first times any fan had asked him for one. I still have that autograph in my collection. Now, fast forward to 2004. I wrote Steve and told him this story, then asked him if he would be interested in letting me create an album cover (Lost Pieces, Vol.4) for him (my primary career is as an artist). He both remembered and obliged. I went on to do another album cover (immersion one), a tee shirt design (Circuit Mandala) and all the graphics for all four versions of his Immersion Station Apps. We’ve been friends for a long time and, while I make every effort to make music that is my own, Steve Roach does remain both an influence and an inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Episode 249

  1. A big thank you John for all the wonderful work you have done. I have listened for years to your podscasts . They are minivacations, explorations or plain relaxation moments for me to refresh the mind. Keep on making these i really appreciate it!

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