Episode 247

Chris Russell stands in the Spotlight this episode, bringing five deep ambient cuts. On either side, three cuts from the Newish queue and three from deep in the stacks.


Start      Byron Metcalf, A Steadfast Path, Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II
9.56       The Green Kingdom, Cloud Wanderings, Seen and Unseen
17.15     Phillip Wilkerson, Motion of Spirit, Reveries

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Chris Russell
37.15     Radium, Echo
43.12     Orchid, Bloom
47.07     Axiom, Still
53.02     Tundra, Frozen
1.01.31  In the Maze, Labyrinth

1.08.35  Dino Pacifici, Warp, Hallowed Ground
1.14.51  Chronotope Project, Reflecting Pool, Chrysalis
1.21.40  Shambu, Days Like Falling Stars, Soothe

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